Take a Walk Down SouthLAnd Memory Lane

ready for season five?

ready for season five?

Hey SouthLAnd fans! It’s been a while since we’ve had our favorite cop drama on the air. In that time, I’ve taken a break from being a full-time writer here at TTC and work in the field of watching cars go left, writing about the them, editing other’s writings about them, putting pictures together of them, and keeping up with all that matters in that world. If you need a sort of lesson about what I do, watch Talladega Nights. Or Cars.

But with that being said, I recently had the chance to watch seasons 2-4 of SouthLAnd as we prepare for season five, coming soon on TNT. Can you believe we’re at season five already? I’m not sure how to recap this, so I jotted down some notes of my favorite memories from each episode. Join in with your favorite moments and what you’re looking forward to in the comments.

The first thing we opened to in S2E1 was Russ in the hospital after the dramatic season one shootout. Dewey was in rehab after Cooper made Brown turn him in and Sherman was still a phase two rookie. As the season progressed, Lydia was still calling Russ “partner” and keeping up to date with cases and Nate was still alive, partnered with Sammy, who was still married to Tammi (or if you’ve been around these parts for a while, CrazyT). Feels like a million years ago, right? Let’s keep going down memory lane (which is short in season two – it was a trial run for TNT with only six episodes). Puente comes in, guns a blazing (oh man, he was GREAT). And if you’re a Drop Dead Diva fan (RIP..we’ll miss you), you’ll notice Owen in the form of Detective Andy Williams (yes, I had to look up his name), who was partnered with Sammy in one of the most chilling scenes of the show (“What Makes Sammy Run?”). Still gets to me.

The death of Nate is still touchy with me. It was a pivotal moment in SouthLAnd’s existence and changed the dynamics of the show. Was it the actor’s choice because #SaveSouthLAnd might not have worked? Or did they need more drama? Who knows. But it changed everything. Sammy became a completely different cop. He went back on the streets – with Sherman. Cooper, after going to rehab for his back (and the addiction to pills he had to stay on the job) – and tried to get revenge on everyone involved in Nate’s death. Yet somehow, when Sherman was getting revenge on his mother’s rapist, Sammy had an issue. Ultimately, their partnership went south over a trust issue later on. (Good thing Chad Michael Murray is heading over to partner with Sherman for the beginning of the season. Lucas and Ben from the hood should get along just swimmingly…only a select few will understand that reference.)

U-Boat was a pivotal episode. Cooper pairs with Brown to toughen her up and tells her she’s a bad cop. Russ comes back only to leave quickly before he can get his desk decorated. Sherman begins to find out John’s secret and in the end, Brown proves she’s still got it by catching the fake cop who was terrorizing women. “You think you’re a cop?! You’re not a cop. I’m the cop!!!” Still one of the best scenes of the show. I still believe Brown and Sherman should’ve hooked up and believe somewhere on a cutting floor there is a deleted scene of it happening. But we’ll never know what could have been since Brown left the station and change her position in the force.

Season three had the return of Dewey and the entrance of Ochoa, one of my least favorite characters. Well, until Lydia started dating her son, which was some of the best material Regina King had outside of her cases. In one of my favorite cases for no other reason besides the “Who’s on First” back-and-forth … “Nobody” killed someone.” ‘Nobody killed Frosty.” “No, somebody killed him.” “No, Nobody killed Frosty. We have to find him.” “Yes, find the killer.” “Nobody is the killer!” It was still great two years later.

When the man who raped Ben’s mom gets out of jail, we all knew what would happen. That followed by Nate’s death and Cooper’s father’s hearing? It’s all so intense. And the reason the fans saved this show. Russ comes back as an assistant to some top Chief only to leak material to TMZ and not only lose his job, but his best friend. Can’t forget he’s getting divorced and his wife is writing a tell-all. Man, must suck to be him.

One of the turning points for the show was when John left Ben for dead (essentially) when his back couldn’t keep up and Ben shouted to him, “Look sharp. Act sharp. Be sharp. Do you remember who taught me that??” Was it sad to watch? Sure. But it HAD to happen. He goes to rehab finally.

Then we get Tang and Ferguson. While Tang stuck around and got on our nerves, Ferguson was shot in one of his first shifts and came back at the end to annoy Sherman. Talking about Benny boy, he was having a party in season four, until he punched a teenage girl and the video went viral. By season’s end, he put his bachelorhood behind him and got a house – and a Costco membership. Sammy and Tammi were divorced and shared custody of baby Nate. Lydia discovered she was pregnant and not by Ochoa’s son (whom she dated briefly). She wasn’t sure she was going to keep the baby, but in the end it appeared she was choosing to keep it after having to work the streets as a cop instead of a detective. After two trips to the hospital, she had to make a decision and she did.

As the season ended, we were given a reality show episode (most shows do that now), where Cooper was viciously attacked. I understood it needed to happen, but it brought chills down my spine again. After saving his life, Tang messed it up by lying about a shooting. No more trust. I was fine with her becoming a sergeant and leaving. The best part of the attack and Tang’s lying was that Cooper never went back to drugs. He kept himself clean and confided in his sponsor. Cooper was new and improved.

Sorry if I skipped around, but sometimes one thought leads me off the course. Great shows will sometimes do that to you.

Here is what I would like to see in season five (which is, yet again, 10 episodes):
 Lydia having a happy, healthy baby. Maybe she’s dating someone (not the baby’s daddy, he was scummy). I’ll take Morales (Ochoa’s son). He really liked her and she liked him. It could work.
 While Cooper is most likely training a new rookie, there has to be a reason CMM is only coming on for a few episodes. Will he put training behind him and partner with Sherman?
 I’d love to see the return of Puente and, despite just being a “who was that?” kind of character, Williams should come back since DDD was canceled. He was pretty good and maybe his fans will come check him out.
 I’d like to see Sammy happy. Not with Tammi – she’s still crazy. I was always hoping he’d get with Nate’s wife, but we all know that would have been bad news.

So that’s it from me. Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite memories from SouthLAnd? What are you looking forward to the most in season five? Also, don’t forget to pick up your copy of seasons 2-4 on a six-disc DVD set on February 5th. And check back here once the season starts to discuss the show!

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FK – Senior Editor

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