Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Dressing For The Charade

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
Dressing For The Charade

Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Has so much of this show ever taken place in a single evening before? And have we ever had a completely Emmett-less hour before?

There was no Carlton drama, no food truck deliveries, and no Nikki. However, there was a lot of emotion, subterfuge, signing, and awkward conversations. And does anybody else have a taste for ribs now?

Pre-Dinner: Toby lies to everyone to get them on board with meeting Lana. He tells all parties that the other is looking forward to this forced social interaction. Only Bay truly gets on board, but that’s just so she can tell Lana how awful Angelo is.

Daphne is determined to help Travis, or as Bay calls him “Deaf Matt Damon”, with his awful living situation, so like Bay did with Melody, she pays his mother a visit. Travis’s mother isn’t portrayed as overly grotesque, like her made her out to be, but she isn’t invested in learning to sign, and she is at her wits end with Travis fighting with his fighting ways and threats to leave. Daphne debates asking John and Kathryn if Travis can live with them, but Travis seems uninterested in her help. Bay helps Daphne to realize she might like Travis

Kathryn’s immigration comments have been turned into an anti-John campaign ad, so his team plans to release some college debate tapes of his opponent being in favor of marijuana legalization. She’s fed up with his tactics, so she and Regina hit up a jazz club, where Regina runs into an old acquaintance, Zane, who’s more than ready to resume his flirtatious ways.

Dinner Follies: Bay badmouths Angelo as an absentee father to Lana, who fesses up about her adoption plans. And with that turn, Toby’s shenanigans are quickly unraveled. To diffuse the situation, Toby takes Lana on a (lengthy) tour of the house. At that moment, the evening takes a different turn (for the near farcical) when an immigration investigator arrives to do a check-up on the (not currently present) Regina and Angelo’s marriage.

Kathryn and John humorously stall the man with hidden sign language and baseball chatter. At the same time, Kathryn texts Daphne to hide Regina’s possessions so it will look like she has moved out. Luckily for Daphne, Travis is there to confront her about talking to his mother. He makes his point pretty quickly (his mom isn’t like her mom and he can’t deal with being the invisible child any longer), so he is able to help her gather Regina’s items up. But they don’t move quickly enough, as Kathryn and the immigration inspector show up at the guest house. They stall, again with the signing (good thing he’s not fluent in ASL), and when they reach Regina’s old room, Travis answers the door in a towel. With everything Regina owns crammed behind the door, and out of sight, Travis’s claim to live there seems to convince the case worker.

By this time, Regina and Angelo are both present, and the case worker seems appeased. Until Toby and Lana emerge, and Lana spills the beans that she is carrying Angelo’s baby. Regina scrambles, and actually goes with the kinda- truth about Angelo’s affair (they weren’t actually together), and the case worker thinks any marriage with this many problems has to be real.

Post-Dinner: OK, so nobody really ate (except for John). Angelo tells Lana he’ll be there for her and the baby, but Bay rails at him about abandoning Daphne and being a disappointment to her. But Angelo doesn’t take Bay’s harsh words, he points out that he could’ve stayed in Chicago, he spent four months in immigration detention, and stayed in Kansas for her. He derides her for daring to think he hasn’t tried. Bay doesn’t say anything, but instead of selling her Frida letter, rehangs it on her wall.

Regina returns to the jazz club, garnering a smile from Zane. John admits to Kathryn that he doesn’t like the dirty politics and that she was right. And Daphne, grateful for all of his help with the immigration mess, plants a kiss on a surprised Travis.

So… again we have a lot of set-up. Will Bay mend her relationship with Angelo? Where will Travis live? Will Lana keep the baby? Will Angelo and Regina end up back together before or after she hooks up with Zane? How clean can John keep his nose in a political race?

After last week’s stellar outing with the deaf retreat, this episode didn’t quite match up. The immigration story, perhaps due to Gilles Marini’s dance schedule, has been quiet for so long, that it just doesn’t seem to have the gravitas of some of the other plots. What do you think?

And what is Daphne and Travis’s mash-up? #TraPhne? #DaVis? You decide!

Episode Title Art: Dressing for the Charade The Children of Patrick Allan Fraser by Robert Herdman

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About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for TwoCentsTV.com [twitter:karenb0716]
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9 Responses to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Dressing For The Charade

  1. G says:

    are you a Traphne fan?

    • karenb says:

      I’m not entirely sold yet. Part of me feels like Daphne is settling for Travis. He liked her when she liked Chef Jeff and she wasn’t interested. Now that she’s single again, he’s still there, so it sort of feels like she’s just going for what’s available. What do you think?

  2. Annette says:

    I wish they would find something for Daphne to do other than have boyfriends. She was so in love with Chef Jeff and now all of sudden she’s interested in Travis? I find that to be just very poor writing. Plus, I haven’t really found Travis to be very desirable – too moody.

    I found the antics of the dinner pretty entertaining, and liked how everybody was working together. Somebody should have probably clued in Toby though.

  3. “Will Lana keep the baby?”

    I really wish SAB would be as groundbreaking in this area as it is in others, and say, “You know what, we had the character answer that question already, and it is the final answer. But more than final, it is OKAY TO SHOW ADOPTION ON AMERICAN PRIMETIME! To mention it and follow through with doing it. Adoption is okay — the best thing for a child in a LOT of situations, such as when the mother is pursuing an MD and the dad won’t be in the picture, and above all, when the woman CHOOSES IT.”

    “Will Lana keep the baby?” is so ’90s, folks. Let’s remember it’s 2013, okay?

    • karenb says:

      …and if Lana were the main focus, we could delve into what it means for a woman to give up her child for adoption.

      But since she is a periphery character, at best, the story is really about how the baby affects Angelo, Regina, Daphne, and Bay in the future. If the baby is given up for adoption, then there’s not much story left to be told.

      So the question remains… what do you think she will do?

      On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM, TheTwoCents

      • Obviously, she’s peripheral, which is the more basic reason why I think the question of what she will do is silly — she HAS made a decision, and there isn’t narrative space to give her fake angst and second thoughts just because VIEWERS WHO LIVE IN 1958 will be uncomfortable because of it.

        I already thought there were too many plotlines up in the air on the show, so I am not bothered by the implication that this courageous follow-through will close off one of them, the way some (apparently!) are.

        There will be implications for Angelo’s relationships with all the central characters regardless, simply by virtue of the little character’s introduction. None of that changes if ABCFamily does the brave thing.

        • karenb says:

          I had a family friend change their mind about adoption right after birth. I also knew someone who was poised to adopt a baby when the birth mother changed her mind. Both were within the past decade.

          I guess I don’t consider it a final decision until the mother actually gives the baby up/signs the papers.

    • Dee says:

      The woman does not have the final choice! That is ridiculous. And completely unfair to the man. While the woman is not forced to keep her baby, should the man want him/her in his life, why not? I think it’s very uncool for a pregnant woman to decide on her own what she would like to do with the baby. She didn’t create this life on her own!

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