Bones – Recap & Review – The Twist In The Plot



The Twist in the Plot

Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

What better way to start an episode than vacationers on Segway’s! I mean come on…who doesn’t want to have one of their own and go zooming around on? But the fun is brought to a halt when the lady takes a nose dive into the carcass of a dead body. But the gross factor was only about a 4 for me.

Daisy is back and Sweets is dealing with how he is going to talk to her. The death of our victim has Booth and Bones talking about their wills and how they want to be buried.

Daisy is back and is acting like a mini-me of Dr. Brennan…or shall I say, she is acting a bit more than usual. Sweets finally approaches her to find out how she is. Of course she says everything is fine, and he says the same. It seemed a very cold but cordial first meeting.

Poor Sweets wants to talk with Booth but he wants no part of it. This is the one thing I don’t like about Booth. After all these years he has talked with Sweets, became a working partner with him, and now has him living at his house…he can’t give him some “man time” and just talk to him like a friend?

Sweets meets Daisy at the diner and they chat. She says she is seeing someone (I think it’s a lie). He says he is seeing someone (I know it’s a lie). But my heart broke for him when he talked about their relationship being a mistake and she said yes. But what was he going to say? No? Try to get back together? Will we ever know?

As for Booth and Bones: They talk about how they want their death to be handled. Bones says she has a 312 page will about how she wants everything handled, while Booth says it all on a sticky note: Everything goes to Bones. When you think about it, his is the most endearing. He is leaving it all to her and he trusts her to be fair to Parker.

Bones then says she wants a Celestial funeral- ewe! Vultures and hammers are your last message to Booth? Really?

Then comes the best heartwarming part of the night: Booth with a video camera and is talking to Christine. He tells her he loves her and wants her to be all that she can be. If they were fighting, it’s done and forgiven. God is important to him. He asks her to help mom be happy. Bones is in the corner of the background getting quite emotional and jumps on him while hugging. Don’t you dare change that video tape Booth!

Later, Bones shaved 6 pages off her will and asked for her ashes to be spread over a volcano. Um, ok.

Were you glad to see Daisy back? What did you think of her and Sweets talk?

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