90210 – Recap & Review – We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore

photo: cw

photo: cw

We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore

Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

I thought that this would have happened sooner, but 90210 have finally done an AU episode. After Annie got shot by Vanessa, she ends up in the hospital and is in stable condition. While Annie’s in surgery, the anesthesia goes straight to her head and she dreams up a world where she didn’t move to Beverly Hills.

How much did the characters change in Annie’s not-so-dreamland? Read on for this week’s character breakdown.

Naomi– In Annie’s dream, Naomi is a real estate agent/gold digger. After her sister took all her trust fund money in a con, Naomi decided to take business classes at CU so she can maximize her future husband’s business potential. She thinks she’s found her future husband there at CU: Teddy. In this universe, Teddy is a huge tennis star and a huge ladies man. He’s also still in the closet. Naomi sets her sights on Teddy and she lands him. Teddy admits that he knows that she’s a gold digger and tells her he’s gay. He asks her to be his PR girlfriend and promises her everything under the sun. She agrees. When Naomi mentions to Annie that she hasn’t thrown a party since her sweet 16, Annie gets Naomi to throw her a going away party at the beach. At the party, Naomi and Teddy decide their arrangement isn’t a good idea. Back in the real world, Naomi calls Max’s hotel and finds out that he never checked in. She goes over to his parents place and is surprised to see Max there.

Silver– Remember those few episodes in season 1 where Silver was a blogger? Well in Annie’s dream, Silver is now a huge Perez Hilton-type blogger who is not above outing Teddy or destroying Adrianna’s career to get her own TV show. Silver is notorious on the internet for being mean spirited, and completely friendless. At Annie’s going away, she decides to be closer to who she really is. In the real world, Teddy & Silver still aren’t speaking. Silver again apologizes to Teddy, and says that she was desperate and trying to protect herself. After Annie tells her about her dream, and says that Silver would never hurt her friends, Silver decides to go back to the clinic and get the forms back. When she arrives, someone tells her that she left a signature on one of the forms blank, so they had to call Teddy. Teddy is shocked that Silver forged his signature and storms out.

Liam– In season 2, Liam had a fairly rough relationship with his almost stepfather, and that’s a nice way of putting it. In Annie’s dream, his almost stepfather is now his actual stepfather. He’s also a part owner of a club with Dixon. Liam’s also been spending too much betting on sports and owns some money to Ty. Ty was Annie’s obnoxiously rich boyfriend in season 1.Since Liam doesn’t want to ask his rich stepdad for money to pay Ty, Ty asks Liam to get him some Oxycodone for Dixon. Navid gets notice of police looking for drug dealers in the club, so he brushes off Liam when he comes over with the pills. After Liam decides to ask his dad for money, the cops find the drugs on him and arrest him. Teddy bails him out so he can go to Annie’s goodbye party. BTW, the party invitations were just randomly handed to the core group so they could meet up. Back in the real world, Liam blames himself for the shooting, and Annie says it was her fault since she introduced Vanessa to him. After the surgery, Annie tells Liam she can’t imagine what he’s been through. Liam tells her he’ll be OK, but him busting some guys headlight right after he says this says otherwise.

Dixon/Adrianna– In AU land, Dixon had a huge falling out with his family in high school and decided to move to LA. He is now a fading rapper, who desperately needs a #1 album to stay relevant. Meanwhile, Adrianna took her role in Spring Awakening and made it work in Hollywod…for a while. Ade is now, basically, Lindsay Lohan. She’s washed up & is looking for her last shot at a comeback. Dixon and Adrianna used to date, but Dixon became too concerned about his image and they broke up. Adrianna is hoping Silver won’t publish a video of her drunk at a club, since she signed a contract with her studio promising she’ll be sober, and promises to give her a huge story. After she stumbles out of a limo, Annie proves that she’s Dixon’s sister by showing her a picture of her & Dixon. Silver uses the picture and puts Dixon on blast for lying about being from Kansas. She also publishes the video of Adrianna. With both of their careers in the toilet, Ade & Dixon get closer at the going away party. In the real world, Ade tells Navid that she blames herself for Annie being shot because she told Ashley that Vanessa was back In town. Dixon is shocked to overhear this, and Ade leaves. After Annie’s surgery, Dixon is surprised to see that Ade’s still there.

Annie– In her own dream land, Annie never moved to Beverly Hills. In fact, she decided to stay in Kansas and wakes up on the floor during a performance at the Wichita Playhouse. She’s awoken by her fiancé, Jason. I don’t really remember Jason (I think he was in 1 or 2 episodes in season 1), but I think that he was her friend from Kansas. Anyways, Annie wakes up in her farmhouse and finds out she’s getting married in less than a week, which leads to her finding out about Dixon ad going to Beverly Hills. After she wakes up and tells everyone about her dream, she tells Liam that this wasn’t his fault and they’ll get through this together.

I thought this was a fairly blah and predictable episode. What did you guys think? Do you which any of the dream storylines were real? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Here Comes Honey Bye Bye

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  1. what was Annieblog page call

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