The Simpsons – Recap and Review – Changing of the Guardian

photo: fox

photo: fox

The Simpsons
Changing of the Guardian

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

In recent years, Simpsons episodes haven’t always been as funny as in their heyday. Tonight’s so-so episode involved Homer and Marge attempting to find guardians for their children in case they perish.

We start off with a rainstorm in Springfield. The Simpson family is playing a board game called “Byzantium” since they can’t go outside. A tornado appears and whisks away the family dog “old what’s his name” (according to Homer). This tornado provides us with the inciting incident leading Homer and Marge to look for guardians for their children.

Lenny and Carl have become amateur storm chasers and offer to help Homer chase after Santa’s Little Helper. As they spot the tornado, Marge imagines it as “God’s vacuum cleaner.” Everyone survives the tornado, but a part of a bank building falls on top of Homer and Marge and the two of them are stuck inside a revolving door.

Chief Wiggum tries to free the Simpson parents by shooting the glass. The bullet bounces off the bulletproof glass. They call in a glass cutter who eventually manages to get the class.

Marge wants to choose guardians for the children in case Homer and Marge perish. There are a few references to past episodes. Homer calls his brother Herb, thinking Herb is rich. However, Herb is once again poor. Marge suggests her twin sisters Selma and Patty, who are raising an adopted daughter Ling from China. They are taking the “tiger mother” route and pressuring the child to excel in music and gymnastics. Homer and Marge also consider the Van Houtens, although Kirk and Luann bicker almost instantly.

Eventually, Homer and Marge give up their search. The Simpson family is having fun on the beach when Bart meets a professional surfer named Mav. Mav’s wife Portia is an environmental lawyer. This couple is perfect for Bart and Lisa. They live in a fancy house and Mav has already made a few million dollars from his pro surfing career. Marge is surprised he has made so much money for “standing on a thingy.”

Mav and Portia agree to be the kid’s guardians and take the kids for a weekend at their ski lodge. Homer and Marge are spending their free weekend together. (the song “Just the two of us” plays in the background) Marge sees a picture of Mav, Portia, and the kids in a storefront as a “family photo” and she flips out. Homer and Marge go to get their kids back.

Mav comments to Homer that it seemed like Homer and Marge didn’t really want their kids. Lisa tells Portia that although Portia is the person Lisa wants to be when she grows up, Marge is her mother. The kids choose Homer and Marge as their parents. Mav and Portia will fill the void in their lives with foreign travel, sleeping in late, and gourmet food.

What did you guys think about this episode? Would Mav and Portia (pictured) have been good godparents?


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