Suits – Recap & Review – Blood in the Water

photo: usa

photo: usa

Blood in the Water

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Actions have consequences. You sleep with someone’s wife – you get your ass kicked. You try to screw over your colleagues – you get ostracized. Your firm just survived a civil war – other firms will be circling like vultures, waiting to pick at the carcass. That’s life, folks.

Pearson Hardman just endured a civil war – word on the street is: they’re sinking and they’re sinking fast. Top notch associates are being poached and clients are following the Pied Piper out of town. What’s a firm to do?

If you’re Harvey Specter, you re-close each of your clients – no one leaves Harvey Specter. Unless you’re Zoe but she has a dying brother so she gets a pass. The only client he can’t close is Trent Devon – a social media entrepreneur. Harvey wants Trent to take his company public but Trent is having second thoughts – about going public and about Pearson Hardman representing his company (ouch).

With Mike’s help, Harvey realizes another firm is offering a better deal – the other firm’s client, a hedge fund, is going to buy majority stakes in a tech company that’s willing to buy Trent’s company and put Trent in charge. I think I got the logic correct – let’s just say the deal is too good to be true. Trent thinks he’ll be able to compete with the evil Google (if you’re reading this Google, my tech-lord, I do not believe in such blasphemy – just covering all my bases).

Specter knows lawyers are vultures by nature – if the deal is too good to be true, then it is. He knows Trent trusts him – so he tells techie to take the deal and not go public…if it is as good as it appears. Harvey wants Trent to give him the contract to look over – what’s the harm? If the deal is good, take it but if the deal is bogus, Trent will know.

Good thing tech-nerd listened to Harvey – the deal isn’t a dream, it’s a freaking nightmare. After buying Trent’s company, it’ll be taken it apart – they only want Trent. Well, Harvey does look pretty gloating – not only is Trent still with Pearson Hardman and taking his company public but the hedge fund was proudly closed by the Specter. He’s so pretty when he’s pleased.

In other Pearson Hardman news, Mike got his shit together. Albeit being late and taking a beating along the way. Still, he helped Harvey close Trent, used his favor from Jimmy to get a recently fired Harold a job at an opposing firm, and rehabilitate the Specter/Litt relationship. Not bad for a recovering-quasi-Rastafarian.

Speaking of the great Litt, Nothing, and Nobody – he’s getting his own program called the Louis Litt Rehabilitation Program. Jessica and her quips. She’s trying to put the past behind them – enough civil war; they’re being attacked by outsiders; they need to stick together. She wants to slowly start trusting Louis and wants him to start trusting her. The program seems to be working until top associates are poached.

Harvey thinks Louis is giving out information to the enemy. Specter rushes into Louis’ office and demolishes the office and Louis. You see, Harvey is done with Litt – the Toothy-one is now invisible to Harvey. The Beaver backstabbed Harvey and Jessica and it doesn’t seem beneath Toothy to sell out the firm. It seems harsh but if you hear Harvey’s argument, you’ll understand.

Hardman wanted Harvey out but it was Louis that put the gun in Daniel’s hand and pointed it at Harvey – it was Louis that changed the rules for drug testing Senior Partners so Harvey could be fired. It went down in Harvey’s favor but if it didn’t, Harvey would be jobless. No matter how much Harvey showed Louis disdain, he never gunned for Louis’ job – never. Once you hear Harvey’s argument, you kind of hate Louis too. You sort of believe Louis would betray the firm.

Until you see Louis’ reaction to Harvey’s words and accusation. Louis is adamant he’s loyal to the firm – it’s his life. The way Louis’s lips puckered and quivered; his eyes welling with suppressed tears – I wanted to hug him and tell him the bully Harvey is mean (but still pretty) and it’ll be okay. I felt bad for Louis!!! Except I shouldn’t because he deserves this!! Testament to Rick Hoffman’s fine layered acting.

Louis, feeling unwanted, approaches the opposing firm for a job. He’s even willing to take a downgraded position – no more Senior Partner, just Partner. He lets Jessica know – he understands why Harvey and Jessica want him out. You can see Louis wants to stay and he’s still loyal to Pearson Hardman.

Jessica tells him she doesn’t want him to leave – she was once under Daniel’s spell too, she understands. She created the Louis Litt Rehabilitation Program because she believes in Louis – he deserves Senior Partner.

As Louis is leaving, he bumps into Mike and they have a heart-to-heart. You see, Harvey and Louis never really hated each other – they’re not Bugs and Elmer; they’re Ralph and Sam. They may fight but deep inside, they’re friends. Now, it’s personal – they’re just going to fight. It was heart breaking.

Mike tells Louis to repair the relationship – with actions; actions have consequences. It was only with Louis’ financial expertise that Mike finds out the contract for Trent Devon is a bad deal. Harvey seems to not care for Louis, but The Slick-one has a heart. At episode’s end, Harvey takes Louis’ resignation letter and silently tears it up in front of his frenemy. No words were exchanged but the action spoke volumes. Underground bromances are so sweet!!!

Do you know what’s not sweet? Harvey asking to be an equal to Jessica – he wants a ring on it. No, he wants to have his name next to Pearson. Jessica tells him “not now.” I wanted to give Harvey a hug.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Rick Hoffman killed it this episode. He brings so many layers to Louis – a lesser actor would have made Louis a caricature but Rick Hoffman humanizes Louis. I am impressed and, to tell you the truth, love Louis. Absolutely love the character and it’s the great writing and the great acting. Can I gush some more? Of course but I need to sleep so I’ll stop.

2. When Harvey told Louis that he’s invisible to the Slick-one, I knew it killed Louis inside. Litt had told his parents Harvey was his best friend!! Louis, deep down, cares for Harvey so when Harvey came crashing and bashing Louis, it hurt. I get why Harvey did it – Louis’ ambition and jealousy towards Harvey can get the better of him. Actions have consequences but when Louis muttered “Pearson Hardman is my life” my heart went out to Toothy. That was such a GREAT scene. Gabriel Macht and Rick Hoffman together = great scene…always.

3. The Mike/Louis heart-to-heart was great. Great writing, great acting, great dialogue. Also, anti-bacterial anything, by definition, is clean – even the communal anti-bacterial xxx. Louis is such a weirdo!! Still love him, though.

4. I get Mike sleeping with a married woman is wrong but for the husband to beat Mike up? Really? Are we in high school? I don’t care what Mike did – laying your hands on someone is wrong, wrong, wrong. I am a pacifist (no matter what you’ve read from me).

5. I think Mike didn’t vouch for Harold because he knew Harold wouldn’t thrive in Louis’ drill sergeant system. Still, I was sort of appalled. I get it but I was let down a little. Especially since he was judging people willy-nilly last episode.

6. Rachel doesn’t care Mike is no longer banging married Tess. You know what I don’t care about? Rachel and her thoughts.

7. Loved that Donna can tell how Harvey’s weekend with Zoe went down by the time he arrived to work. Love Donna. Also, love that Harvey and Mike seem to be getting back to “normal”. About time – without their bromance, this show is lacking.

8. Loved the basketball references. Especially using Michael Jordan’s win record as a player vs front office. Dude, I get Jessica saying Harvey’s not a leader but in my opinion, Harvey just leads differently. Mike is loyal to Harvey not only because of the non-lawyer status but because Harvey is loyal. That’s one thing people look for in their leader – loyalty. Loyalty begets loyalty. It’s nice to see Mike acknowledging how much Harvey has done for him.

9. “Just one thing, I don’t think kicking a dog is going to help.”
~ Donna, um, kicking a dog can NEVER help – she meant Harvey unloading on Mike for his tardiness but dogs have a spot in my heart.

10. Jimmy is such a gossip. Never hire him – never.

11. Love Mike and Harvey together. Harvey was so protective of Mike and his obvious beatdown – like an older brother about to exact revenge on the punk that kicked his little bro’s butt. Then Mike being protective of Harvey – not wanting to elicit bad memories of Harvey’s mom because of him. Loves. Great acting by the way.

12. Best exchange(s):
Harvey: If you’re here to give me your letter of resignation, I’ll accept it in the morning.
Mike: Oh, that’s ironic. I was offered a job tonight.
H: Congratulations.
M: I passed.
H: You want credit for that?
M: No, I want to do the job I already have.
H: Apology accepted.
~ The bromance recommence. Love the non-apology apology.

Donna: Cats closed over a decade ago.
Harvey: What took them so long?
~ I didn’t get that scary musical. Humanoid-cats whining about life? Really?

Do you think the show is setting up for Harvey vs Jessica soon? Should Harvey have his name next to Jessica’s name? Did Jessica make the right decision? Wasn’t this a great episode after last week’s frustrating one? Wasn’t the acting superb? It’s all about the relationships and characters – loves. Did you feel for Louis? Did you want to give Louis a hug? Did you want to give Harvey a hug? (Always, I’ll hug him always) Discuss away!!

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