American Idol — Recap & Review — Baton Rouge, LA Auditions

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Baton Rouge, LA Auditions

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Thank goodness for a much calmer day in Baton Rouge. After Wednesday’s fireworks, this episode seemed much more calm and easy to watch.

With no drama, the focus stayed mostly on the contestants.

Contestant: Megan Miller, 22, Miss Greater Baton Rouge
Backstory: She’s the current Miss Greater Baton Rouge and has used winnings from beauty pageants to fund her singing career. She had an accident right before the audition and leaves hospital to sing on crutches. She’s set to have surgery the next day.
Song: “Something’s Got a Hold On Me”
Impression: She’s confident and even uses her crutches as a prop. Very nice voice.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Charlie Askew, 17, student
Backstory: He’s a redhead that looks about 12 and has problems communicating. Music is his outlet. Too cool that he whistles to a bird and it answers back!
Song: “Break Through” and “There was Boy”
Impression: He screams and it isn’t pretty. But he’s really good on the second song. Go figure?
Verdict: 4 yeses. (Dad said he never had a doubt and gets “Dad of the Night” Award.)

Contestant: Maddie Assel, 17, student
Backstory: She was nominated by her grandmother.
Song: “Oh Darlin’”
Impression: She does something different with this Beatles’ tune, not sure if it’s good, but it’s different and she has the chops. And she’s terribly cute.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

MONTAGE ALERT: Really bad singers interspersed with bayou animals.

Contestant: Paul Jolley, 22, retail sales
Backstory: His grandfather recently died.
Song: “I Won’t Let Go”
Impression: He’s trying too hard, but it still sounds good. He has nice self-confidence, Doesn’t hurt that he’s kind of cute. I wonder if he has a guitar (WGWG)? If so, he may be a winner.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Chris Barthel, 24, lawn care services
Backstory: Wants an alter ego and Nicki suggests the name Mushroom because of his haircut. He’s a ball of fun energy.
Song: “If I Had You”
Impression: He cannot sing. Keith: “I like the keys that songs was in” and suggested that Fun Guy should be renamed Fungi (just stay it out loud).
Verdict: 4 nos.

Contestant: Dr. Calvin Peters, 27, physician
Backstory: He’s in the third year of his residency at a VA hospital.
Song: “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever”
Impression: He sings in a fair falsetto, but is better in his normal voice. He’s Hollywood Week fodder.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

MONTAGE ALERT: Michelle Montezeri, 19, Breanna Steer, 18, and Brandy Hotard, 26, all proved to be excellent belters and they all got through.

Contestant: Dustin Watts, 27, firefighter
Backstory: He’s a fireman (cue video of fire truck with siren on).
Song: “She’s Everyone”
Impression: He’s got a good, solid country voice. He’s very unassuming, but lacks stage presence.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

Contestant: Burnell Taylor, 19, unemployed
Backstory: Realized that he could really sing after Katrina, which destroyed his house. Grandfather was in a band.
Song: “I’m Here” from “The Color Purple”
Impression: He gets a standing ovation from Keith, Randy and Mariah. He made Mariah cry. Nicki said that he was what they’re flying around the country looking for. Keith said that somewhere there’s a spotlight waiting for him.
Verdict: 4 yeses.

All in all, 34 singers are moving on to Hollywood. Next week, the show stops in San Antonio.

Did you like the gentler Idol? Are you sick of the crazies yet? Did you see someone special? Give us your TwoCents…

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