30 Rock – Recap & Review – A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

30 Rock
A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

Well, we’re officially in the homestretch. Come this time next week, one of the most hilarious and daring sitcoms to grace the small screen will have come and gone. 30 Rock has been good to us during these seven wonderful seasons, and tonight’s episode was up there with the greats, hitting every joke out of the park and packing quite the emotional punch at the end.

With TGS canceled at the moment, Jack tells Liz she has one final chance to prove to the suits why TGS deserves to stay on-air. Liz has more important things to worry about, like the imminent arrival of her adopted twins, but gets held up with work. Tracy and Jenna are their classic, crazy selves but end up giving Liz the best gift they could ever give her.

As Liz tries to juggle work and family, Jack enlists Kenneth and his page jacket to host a tour for the final candidates for his former position. It’s sort of a Willy Wonka deal, but his choice for the next President of NBC may shock you (and maybe warm your heart).

Liz is gunning for this second chance at TGS and teams up with Pete to slash the budget, which means more green screen and more slimy sponsors. She approaches Bro Body Douche who agrees to sponsor the show, as long as she’s credited as Todd because he doesn’t want a woman as the creator. While she deals with this, Tracy and Jenna start panicking because they don’t have anything lined up after TGS ends. During an interview meant to rally up TGS fans, they instead plug a movie about Siamese presidents starring…yup, you guessed it.

Meanwhile, Jack returns Kenneth to his page duties and explains the final stage of the job interview. The tour will reveal their true selves, and Kenneth believes Jack will select the person who is purest of heart. Nope, he needs someone ruthless; a “graverobber.” He relieves Kenneth of his duties almost immediately, when Kenneth starts making strange comments to the tour group (brilliantly costumed and casted to resemble the original group from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – they weren’t the actual actors, right?). Wrong move, Jack!

Liz, however, is losing her mind since she’s unable to leave work and get things ready for the kids with Criss. The writers are goofing off, as always, and she finally snaps, telling them to step up and help. She slams her office door, and the Girlie Show sign comes tumbling down while she’s on the verge of tears.

Kenneth manages to corner Charlie, the candidate he called “pure of heart” earlier and tries to trick him as Mr. CBSlington, telling him to sneak into Jack’s office and steal an amazing script for a show about a catering company (a subtle-yet-fantastic reference to my dearly departed Party Down!), and bring it back to him for a hefty sum. Charlie refuses, and Kenneth tells Jack he passes the test. Unfortunately, Charlie isn’t what he seems, and tells them he plans to gut NBC for parts and turn the building into a Forever 21. Kenneth tells Jack he’s not right for the job, and Jack tells him, “You just described me – are you saying I wasn’t right for the job?” It’s hard, but Kenneth tells him he wasn’t and walks off.

While gearing up for the presentation of Mancave (formerly TGS), Liz receives a phone call from Criss who tells her there’s been a mixup- the twins are arriving in an hour and he’s at the airport. She can’t tear herself away from work and tells him she won’t be there. Tracy and Jenna realize how upset Liz is, and decide to give her the greatest gift they could ever give her. The two take the stage together and announce they quit. In what was a surprisingly touching scene, the rest of the TGS staff quits on the spot, one by one, leaving Liz free to go to her new family.

In Jack’s office, Kenneth turns in his page pin and Jack tells him that in seven years, he never once got it right. Every show failed, and network television is a totally irrational industry. Because of this, he has to appoint someone who loves television and the network itself. He tells Kenneth he’s making him the president of NBC, and Kenneth thanks him with a huge smile and wrap around hug. In a stretch, Jack sort of foreshadowed this waaaaay back in Season 1, Episode 3 when he look at Kenneth and said, “In 5 years, we will either all be working for him or dead by his hand.” I’m going to miss this writing.

Finally, Liz and Criss hold a “Welcome Terry and Janet!” sign at the airport and see their twins. One is the spitting image of Tracy, excuses and all, while the other is blonde, wears a “DIVA” top, and packs a Jenna-esque attitude. Liz smiles, says it all seems about right, and hugs her new kids.

What did you think of this episode? It was a perfect mix of hilarious and sentimental, especially with that great ending. Making Liz’s kids a mini-Tracy and a mini-Jenna was just genius. Remember to tune in next week for a one-hour series finale! Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: SERIES FINALE-Hogcock! and Last Lunch

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