Last Resort – Recap & Review – Controlled Flight Into Terrain (Series Finale)

photo: abc

photo: abc

Last Resort
Controlled Flight Into Terrain

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

The last episode of Last Resort gave us a resolution to the entire series, although it was a somewhat bittersweet ending. Not all of the main characters make it to the end alive.

After the events of the previous episode, Sam is locked up in the makeshift brig on the island. He and Chaplin debate, with Sam wondering if Chaplin considers the island his own little kingdom of “Marcus-stan.” Clever nickname. Three Chinese warships are approaching the island. Chaplin takes the Colorado out to sea. Sam is handcuffed in the sub’s dining area. When Chaplin arrives at the conn, a couple of pistols are pointed at him. (pictured above). COB has taken over and puts Chaplin in plastic flexi-cuffs. COB takes Chaplin’s missile launch key, and also Sam’s key that Chaplin had taken.

Julian’s men arrive at the NATO station. The Chinese envoy Zheng (“Jung”) is with Julian. It is his intent to acquire the Colorado for the Chinese government. Previously, I didn’t sense that this was Zheng’s goal. Either it was a good ploy, or the producers had to make an abrupt change in personality after having to tweak this episode as the series finale.

Sophie crashes the station’s computers.

On the conn, Hawkes is harassing Grace. COB comes in to subdue Hawkes. Anders arrives and tells COB to back down. COB didn’t know Anders was on the submarine. We now get a mini-mutiny inside COB’s mutiny. Hawkes stabs COB, and while everyone is distracted, Grace fires an automatic rifle at the computers in the conn. COB and Grace flee to the torpedo room. COB is bleeding out while Grace tries to save him.

In DC, Kylie’s dad calls her and tells her to shoot her boyfriend in order to prove her loyalty to the president. She doesn’t want to do it, but her boyfriend wants her to. He knows that they’re both dead if she doesn’t. He wants her to earn the president’s trust and exact revenge. Later in the episode, they kiss for the last time and the boyfriend shoots himself with both his hand and Kylie’s on the pistol.

Anders has taken control of the sub. He has seven crewmembers with him. Seems a bit small of a skeleton crew to operate a submarine, but I’ll run with it. His intention is to deliver the sub to the Chinese. Meanwhile, in the dining area, Sam attacks his guard and escapes. Sam reaches engineering and locks himself in there. He deactivates the Perseus stealth equipment. Brannan attacks one of Anders’ men and saves Chaplin. As Brannan and Chaplin are trying to make it to engineering, Brannan is caught in the crossfire and is killed. Anders is sad that Brannan died and is angry at Chaplin. “How many more?!” screams Anders. It was a little weird to me that Anders cared so much about this death, but I guess in the past Anders had shown some desire to get everyone home back in one piece.

Chaplin reaches engineering and Sam lets him in. It’s just the two of them. Sam has control over some of the submarine’s systems. Chaplin plans to scuttle the sub instead of letting it fall into Chinese hands. The two of them bond a little and Chaplin tells a story of one of his previous commands, when he received an electric shock and was dead for over 60 seconds. As he saw parts of his life flash before him, he had no regrets about how he lived his life.

Sophie has re-routed the station’s communications to her own personal laptop. Sam opens a communications link to Sophie and asks her to get a message to DC to sink Colorado. Sophie doesn’t want Sam to sacrifice his life, but she reluctantly sends the message while crying. DC confirms the airstrike.

Anders threatens to launch nuclear missiles if the airstrike isn’t called off. Chaplin and Sam have dive control from engineering. They surface the submarine. It’s a sitting duck for the airstrike.

Zheng had promised his superiors a submarine but will return in disgrace.

Julian is mad at Sophie.

As Chaplin makes his way back to the conn, he confronts Anders and shoots Anders multiple times.

At the conn, Sam reports that the hull is compromised. They need to abandon the sub. Chaplin insists he will stay onboard to ensure the sub sinks and doesn’t somehow fall into enemy hands. The sub is where he belongs. Sam wants to stay onboard with Chaplin, but Chaplin asks Sam as a friend to leave the sub. Sam salutes his captain one last time and promises that the world will understand their story.

In the end, the airstrike sinks the Colorado. Sam, Grace, COB, and what appears to be most of the crew are able to make it to shore on rubber zodiacs. They are eventually flown back stateside. Sam is interviewed by reporters and praises Captain Marcus Chaplin.

Earlier in the episode, Hopper retrieved Christine from the Philippines, and Christine is delivered to Kylie. Kylie gives Christine a flash drive with the information the coup was going to use against the president. Christine will give the information to the reporters. (not sure why Kylie herself couldn’t give the information).

Kylie arrives at her father’s place and shoots the president in revenge.

Sophie watches Sam’s press conference on a giant screen and touches the screen where Sam’s face is. She will miss him.

James and Tani appear to be happily living on the island.

Sam and Christine reunite after Sam’s press interview.

Last scene: a piece of the Colorado hits the bottom of the ocean.

So what did you guys think? Was this last episode at least mildly satisfactory? I thought it was a decent ending considering it had to be rushed. It wrapped up better than expected.


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7 Responses to Last Resort – Recap & Review – Controlled Flight Into Terrain (Series Finale)

  1. Jim says:

    Given the number of things going on, I think they did a commendable job with what they had to work with. I agree the change in Zheng’s personality seemed to facilitate the denouement. I’d completely forgotten about the Perseus equipment. It is appropriate that Chaplin goes down with the ship.

    There were some good characters in the show.

  2. faye says:

    I’m tried of networks not given enough time for shows to catch on. However, i suppose I am happy at least they gave us a wrap up story. I think I may stick with shows like survivor and amazing race. I watched Surface, Invasion, Threshold, V, Flashforward, The Event and others, given the ax. I am fed up.

  3. the last 6 minutes were great. i loved every episode except one…if they had just killed the psychopath that ran the island they wouldn’t have had 90% of the problems they had…so very sorry that it ended…
    i don’t understand how christine was still alive.sam didn’t know….maybe i missed something.

  4. vinchi2c says:

    Jim, thanks for your comments and for reading the recaps!

    Faye, I’m tempted to also give up on the networks and the serial shows, but I know I’ll be suckered in if a new one comes and I think it has a good plot. If anything, if a show is cancelled before a proper ending, I’ll probably wind up writing my own “fanfiction” and creating an ending myself. Ha! I remember Threshold was one of the earliest shows in which I was really annoyed with the cancellation.

    Errin, I totally agree! If Julian were out of the picture, things would have ran more smoothly. I almost kind of thought they kept him around as “filler” to create problems so that the show was more eventful. Christine was alive because ex-SEAL Wes faked the van explosion so he could deliver her to I guess the president’s men. But Wes changed his mind and delivered her to Hopper.

    To everyone: Thanks for reading these recaps!! Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did

  5. Hi, kinda new to this blog thing, hope I’m doing this correctly. Lol. Anyway, I was intrigued by the show’s premise. I watched the pilot aaaaaaand I was IMMEDIATELY addicted. I followed the show religiously, each week watching and waiting. I just assumed it would be renewed because I had heard pretty much mostly positive things.

    Imagine my surprise to see the low ratings and the announcement it was cancelled. After that, I stopped watching for a few weeks. I didn’t want to get to invested into a show that was going to end so soon, but I heard that the writers had enough time to change and tweak the final episode, so I caught up, and let me tell you, I am so glad I did not give up on this show. I’ve never gotten SO emotionally invested to fictional characters in such a short time. I went into the finale not knowing what to expect. And I was very happy with the result. Obviously, due to last minute changes, I knew we would not have a FULL finale, and not everything would be resolved, but dang, they sure did a good job with what they were given.

    As sad as I was to see Marcus go down, it felt incredibly appropriate, and I feel, had the show gone on for years, it still would have ended with him dieing in the sub. There was just no other way for it to go. Sam and Christine ending up together, although expected, still moved me. I feel bad for Sophie though who I genuinely liked. Serrat is still out there running around, causing trouble, which is dissapointing but oh well. Again, they could not wrap up every loose end. I LOVED seeing Prosser kiss American soil, got a sweet, sentimental smile out of me. Cortez actually became one of my favorite characters, and seeing her get a fairly happy ending was great. and Grace, oh Grace, i love you more than I probably should for a fictional character lol. As for Tani and King, I’m glad they got a happy ending. Tani I didn’t care about a whole lot, just cause we didn’t get to know her that well, but King was awesome. Really disapointed he had about 3 minutes of screen time in the finale, and even when he was on screen, it was kinda nonessential. And FINALLY, Kylie. Dang. On top of being so hot (seriously, Autumn Reeser has ruined like every other celebrity woman for me) she officially became so awesome. Taking down the corrupt leader of the nation, who also happened the be #1, now thats tough. I’m trying to create a scenario in my head where she somehow gets a happy ending, instead of just getting gunned down right then and there. haha.

    Overall, it was fantastic, and like I said, considering how little time the writers had to change this, it was even better. I was holding out hope that some network would pick up the show, or ABC would come to its senses and renew the show, but this ending seems to pretty much indicate that this is all we will get for Last Resort. I’m really pretty amazed at how emotional I felt in the last 10 minutes. Well, Last Resort, thanks for keeping the tv exciting these past few months. It’s been one hell of a ride.

  6. Sunshine says:

    I was pretty much hooked on Last Resort from it’s first episode. It took Project Runways slot in my DVR. I didn’t even care that I was missing it lol. I will be missing Last Resort however. I hate that they decided to cancel it, but I’m glad they attempted to give them a decent sendoff. The triple mutiny was an interesting twist lol.

  7. vinchi2c says:

    Ryan, yea, King was a bit of an afterthought in this ep but at least he seemed happy in the last few seconds. I think it’s possible Kylie could still be okay, though it’s also possible she was immediately gunned down.

    Sunshine, the multiple mutinies were almost too much to handle! ha.

    Thanks again everyone for reading and for the comments. 🙂

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