Parenthood – Recap & Review – Because You’re My Sister

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Because You’re My Sister

Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2013

Jules – News Editor

It’s hard to believe we have reached the end of season four. I haven’t said it yet this season, but I can’t imagine a week without the Bravermans and will be sad to see this show not return. Please let NBC know you want more of the amazing drama, especially what we saw this season.

Even though this season finale felt a little too final of sorts, seemingly wrapping up many of the season’s stories so well, it did leave room to grow. Most all the characters had a moment to shine and we were treated to one emotional ending for all, so let’s get started.

Sarah: Since the season began it seemed like Hank was a good match for Sarah, but maybe in another time since she was with Mark. But now she’s with Hank and Mark wants her back. When he professes his love for her hoping he’ll choose her, I just broke down and I think Sarah did too a bit. And with that Sarah goes back to Mark to say she has chosen…Hank. What?! She thinks she can make things work with him. This whole scene seemed to lack so much emotion, but I’ll go with it until Hank says he’s chosen his daughter in Minnesota. He doesn’t want to be an absent parent and if anyone would understand not wanting to be that, it would be Sarah. Before leaving Hank stops by to say that he think may love her, and Sarah says it back! So just when I thought Sarah would have no one, she’s still got Hank. He even wants her to move with him to Minnesota so then he’d have the two people he cares about near him. I’m doing a little awww only because I still love Ray Romano. He sells it.

Kristina : We know how strong Kristina is and all season long she’s been a warrior. She’s nearing the end of her chemo treatment and the doctor wants to do a final PET scan to make sure her body is clear. At Kristina’s last chemo session is when I start for the tissues. Her pals for the past few months seem OK, until she sees Gwen (who she first met) who’s had a relapse. Later that night, Adam and Kristina toast to her last treatment and Adam surprises her with a vacation to Hawaii. I think Adam should know by now not to surprise his wife like this because she freaks out because they don’t know if she’s in the clear yet. And Kristina should know by now not to freak out so much because she does apologize the next day with brownies and a pink wig. Kristina has the scan (to some creepy music) and after she’s told she’s cancer free!

Amber/Ryan: After some time apart, Ryan feels it’s time to get Amber back. Flowers in hand with news that working for Joel is great and being back in therapy, Ryan professes his love for Amber. After some thought and realization, Amber goes to Ryan to tell him of her dark moment – the drunk driving accident from two seasons ago – when she realizes you can’t let people you love slip by you. Amber says she doesn’t want to waste another second without Ryan. So he loves her and she loves him back! Oh how Amber has grown this past year. Got to love this couple.

Drew: After all his drama two weeks ago, Drew gets to be happy with news that he got into his dream school, Berkeley. Happy smiles and hugs around. It even prompts a bittersweet goodbye with Amy (she’s still here!), herself also having gotten into one of her top schools Tufts. They have one last hug goodbye and promise to never forget one another.

Jasmine/Crosby: Crosby organizes an amazing anniversary gift and tells Jasmine the same night Renee decides she’s going to move in with her son instead, somewhere where she is wanted. Burn! While at their anniversary dinner, Jasmine’s torn over her mom leaving because she raised both her kids on her own, while Crosby tries to understand. The moment of somber is soon forgotten when Jasmine spills the beans that she’s pregnant! And with that, Crosby decides to make peace with Renee. Happiness all around here, but I doubt a baby will solve all their familial problems, but at least they can be happy for now.

Julia/Joel/Victor: After a season of ups and downs, Victor’s adoption is near and Sydney decides to throw a wrench in it. She doesn’t want to go to the ceremony because Victor will never really be a part of their family. Harsh, but she’s just a kid. Hearing this, Victor’s torn a little. After picking out the most obnoxious tie, he purposely breaks a vase to see if Julia and Joel change their mind, but Julia says with full confidence that she doesn’t and wants him to stick around. With new found confidence, Victor goes to Sydney to say he wants her at his adoption ceremony. Why? “Because you’re my sister.” Aww! And with that, Syd can’t refuse.

The entire Braverman clan, and we do mean everyone (It’s like Christmas all over again, but in a judge’s chambers) shows up to Victor’s adoption ceremony. You really wouldn’t want it any other way, right? I love the moment after the judge asks if there are any objections and instead almost each Braverman speaks up to say that they promise to be the best (FILL IN THE BLANK) to Victor and help in what they do best. Doesn’t this make you wish you were a Braverman?

The ending montage playing to Eddie Vedder’s You’re True was just perfection (by the way, this show never fails in amazing musical selections). Seeing everything from Adam and Kristina on the beach, Kristina giving Gwen the cancer blanket, Jasmine getting an ultrasound (too young for Jabbar to be there?) and Graham family movie night made it just extra sweet.

So there is it. Yes, felt a bit too final, but this can’t be the end. We’re just getting so good! Where do you want to see everyone go from here? Will Sarah move? Do you think Amber and Ryan can last? Share your TwoCents on the finale and season four below!

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2 Responses to Parenthood – Recap & Review – Because You’re My Sister

  1. Laura Leydes says:

    I think Sarah should stay in CA and get her life together.

    I loved seeing Kristina and Adam on the beach in Hawaii. That made me tear up.

    • jules says:

      Lauren Graham is a series regular, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let a series regular go. So I’m sure Sarah won’t be going anywhere any time soon. She just needs to be by herself.

      Adam and Kristina on the beach and happy was just perfection. Love them so much.

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