Arrow – Recap & Review – Trust But Verify



Trust but Verify

Original Air Date; Jan 23, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Trust is the running theme of the night as Oli trusts his father’s list, and the name Ted Gaynor is on it. Gaynor was Digs commanding officer in the military and he trusts him to be a good guy. Thea is having a hard time trusting mommy dearest and believes she is having an affair with Malcolm. Tommy is having trust issues with daddy but taking Laurel’s advice he gives him a chance at dinner.

A series of armored car heists are taking place and Oli points out that they are done in the same manner as a military ambush. Oli feels it is being led by a man by the name of Ted Gaynor, and Digs is not happy in his theory. Seems that Ted saved Digs life and he is giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Digs sets out to prove Ted’s innocence and joins the Black Hawk team. We get the impression that Ted doesn’t have anything to do with the heist. When they go to lunch, we learn that Diggle’s sister in law, Carly is no longer married to his brother. I am guessing he is dead? Is that what you got from that encounter?

Meanwhile; Malcolm wants to still be close to Tommy and invites him to dinner and tells him to bring Laurel along. This dinner had to be the most awkward dinner I ever witnessed. In the end, Mac announces that he wants to shut down his mother’s free clinic. This is the one thing Tommy felt his mother really wanted before she died and now dad wants him to just sign the papers and be rid of it. Cold hearted bastard!

When Oli (as Arrow) breaks into the Black Hawk office he takes a fob and brings it to Felicity (our favorite geek-girl-Friday). I just love this girl and wish she had more air time. I would love for them to make her Arrow’s Miss Moneypenny. She hacks into the firewall and finds out about the planned heist and where they will hit next. Oli sets out and stops the heist. Sure hope he gave her that bottle of wine.

Thea’s birthday day of shopping with mom gets cut short after Mac calls and she lies about it being a work thing. Thea follows her and witnesses Mac getting a bit touchy-feely with mom and thinks they are having an affair. She tells Oli, who then confronts mom, and she denies any wrong doing. But at Thea’s 18th birthday party she sees Mac pat mom’s tush and storms out in a fury along with a bag of drugs her friends gave her as a present. Gotta love those friends..huh? What is it with the way the rich are portrayed in TV? Always so spoiled, brats and taking drugs to get over their so-called rough life they have. I am getting a bit tired of that scenario.

Oli places a bug on Digs and sends him off to see if there is blood in the van of Ted’s team. It is here that we learn the truth of Ted as he is the ring leader of the group and wants Digs to work the next heist or he will kill Carly. Digs fails the mission of stopping the truck but the stupid idiots forget he has the grenade launcher and fires it at them. Carly runs, Ted runs after Carly, Digs runs after Ted and Arrow shows up to save the day. Ted didn’t think Digs had it in him to kill, but Arrow does!

Digs gives him the bug back and tells him to trust him more. Oli tells him he has a hard time trusting because of the Island…but he does trust Digs.

An interesting piece of info comes to light as Tommy tells Laurel how his dad completely shut him out when his mom died and he was 8. Seems daddy went away for a year or two. Could this be when he became the Archer?

The end comes with Thea racing down the road in her new sports car, high as a kite and getting in a wreck. They find the drug in her blood and she is arrested. Boo hoo.

What did you think of the episode? Is Thea getting on your last nerve? Where was Malcolm for 2 years? Why did Oli’s friend on the Island betray him? Or did he?

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2 Responses to Arrow – Recap & Review – Trust But Verify

  1. I agree when Malcolm went away for a year or two he learned to become an Archer. I also think that Yei Fao still had more surprises coming. Great review!

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