The Carrie Diaries – Recap & Review – Lie With Me

photo: cw

photo: cw

The Carrie Diaries
Lie With Me

Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Carrie learns a lot about when to lie and when to tell the truth. Carrie runs around Manhattan juggling between her New York persona and her after school internship. Meanwhile, Donna is getting closer to Sebastian, which causes Carrie’s friends to advise her to wake a move on him soon.

Also, Maggie and Walt are having a lot of trouble, and by the end of the episode, their relationship status is crystal clear. Read on for this week’s recap!

Carrie is still grounded, so she & Sebastian’s meetings haven’t been lasting longer than a minute lately. Sebastian asks Carrie to sneak out and go to a dinner with his dad at a country club, but Carrie’s too afraid she’ll get caught so she says no. While Sebastian’s at dinner, Donna shows up coincidentally and has dinner with him & his family. The two later take a tour of the country club, which involves them talking and smoking pot on a bench. Mouse also happens to be there, so she calls Carrie to tell her about Sebastian. Carrie thinks that if Sebastian is stupid enough to fall for Donna, then he’s not worth it. The next Monday at school, Carrie asks Sebastian about that night and he calls it uneventful. Donna then shows up and gives him his jacket back.

Sebastian apologizes to Carrie for lying/getting caught and says that nothing happened. We even see Sebastian turn away from a kiss with Donna. Maggie says to invite Sebastian to the swim club tomorrow, where Carrie & Dorrit are hanging out. Later, Carrie’s boss, Barbara, tells her she missed 3 calls from Larissa. Carrie calls her and Larissa tells her that since one of the Corey’s won’t get out of bed, the photoshoot with her purse is today in Brooklyn. After that, Carrie gets a call from Sebastian, asking if she wants to go to a Blue Oyster Cult concert. Barbara sees she’s on a personal call and warns her that if she doesn’t finish her work, she won’t sign her sheet for her school credit.

Carrie decides to juggle work and the shoot, so she ditches the office for Brooklyn. Carrie holds a zebra and watches her purse get photographed for Interview magazine. She suddenly realizes the time and has to leave, but not before Larissa gives her a Dior scarf. Carrie thinks she juggled this perfectly, until she sees Barbara standing in her office. Carrie lies and says she got most of her work done, and even gives Barbara her Dior scarf, saying she bought it for her. Barbara says not to do this again, or her internship is over. Later, Mouse comes over and says that Carrie should make a go at Sebastian. Mouse saw Donna talking with Sebastian and called her an evil genius. The next day, Carrie asks Sebastian to hang out at the swim club.

Dorrit only showed up the swim club because she felt bad for Carrie and didn’t disappoint her. Little did Dorrit know that she would be the one ending up being disappointed. Carrie tells her about Sebastian and says she’s fine with it. Dorrit comes home angry, which causes her dad to go check on her. While Sebastian and Carrie are making out in the pool, Carrie’s dad shows up.

Sebastian apologizes to Tom and formally introduces himself. Carrie’s dad doesn’t ground her, but tells her she has to prove to him that she’s the daughter he thinks she is. So no more screw ups, basically. Also, Carrie’s dad bans her from going out with Sebastian and gives her the #1 parent reason (because I said so), while also giving a vague one. It seems that he knows something about Sebastian’s family and doesn’t want Carrie to hang out with him. Guess we’ll find out what this secret is next week. Later, Sebastian comes over to take her to the concert. Carrie tells him things have been tense at home, so it’s better that she doesn’t go. The two also start calling each other Kydd and Bradshaw.

While Maggie is, um, orally pleasuring Walt, Walt looks like he’s not into it at all and stops her. He tries to say that he doesn’t want to have sex with his parents in the house, but Maggie’s not buying it. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to have sex, and asks if he’s even attracted to her. Walt says he wants their first time to be special and she deserves better. When Carrie sees that something’s going on between them and asks Maggie about it, Maggie admits that she & Walt haven’t had sex and that it’s not because she doesn’t want to. After a kiss in the hallway, Walt tells Maggie he feels like she’s smothering him. Maggie says she feels all alone In the relationship, so Walt tells her not to try so hard because it makes her seem desperate.

Later, Walt convinces himself that he’s ready to have sex with Maggie, so he’ll surprise her after school the next day. The next day, Walt waits outside her house for 4 hours before Maggie shows up. Where was Maggie? Having sex with her cop hookup in the back of his car. Her cop guy thinks they’re just having sex, but after Maggie asks him to lie with her, it’s clear that she wants an emotional connection as well. When Maggie finally shows up, Walt breaks up with her. He realizes that he loved her, but not in “that way”.

This is such a cute, fun show. The highlights of the episode were definitely Carrie and Sebastian’s scenes. The two have such fantastic chemistry and I find myself completely rooting for this wayward teenage relationship. The lowlights of the episode were Maggie’s scenes. The writers are expanding the supporting characters and making them more interesting, but I think they have to work a little bit more on Maggie in particular. What did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Read Before Use

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