Justified – Recap & Review – Truth and Consequences

photo: fx

photo: fx

Truth and Consequences

Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to week three of Justified. Here is me hoping and praying that they do not continue the way that they have throwing us into five different stories at once. This season has become pretty difficult to keep track of where they are attempting to go. everything seems to all be connected in some way, but nothing is really that clear to us viewers as of yet.

Raylan is going through a lot at the moment. Winona is gone with his kid and as of last week he just found out that his current girlfriend is married to a guy that looks like he could beat up a Mack truck without any hesitation. Boyd is attempting to figure out what he is going to need to do in order to get the Heroin business from affecting his Oxy business. Lets see where the crazy train takes us this week.

Raylan: He talks to Lindsey about what is going on with the man that was there. They are talking about what happened between the two of them and about why he had gone to prison and why he was back. Raylan goes to talk to her husband about what is going on with him. He is currently not able to leave the state of Florida and yet he is in Kentucky. He knows that there is something that is going on with the FBI guy that wanted to take the case from him. He ended up following Raylan to the gym thinking that it was related to the case and when Raylan figured it out, he got him to confess and within a minute of telling him he turned his gun on himself and shot himself in the head. Raylan later comes home to the bar and Rachel is there and just wants to chat with him. As he is looking for Lindsey, the other bartender tells him where he could possibly find her. When he goes up to his room it has been trashed and his money has been taken.

Boyd: He seems to know that Billy’s sister is the one that is calling all of the shots. He knows that there has got to be a way to get them off of his back. Boyd is attempting to help out his guy that was bit by snakes. Boyd seems to know what is going on with Johnny. Boyd seems to be a lot stronger than the sister thought. He managed to figure out that the rattle snakes are not deadly and brings a poisonous one to the church.

Johnny: He has decided to turn his back on Boyd. He goes to Wynn Duffy and talks to him about becoming partners. He even offers to hand Boyd over so that they can kill him and that he can take his place. Johnny seems to have taken everything that Boyd has been doing very personally. He plans on taking him out and then attempting to take his seat at the top of the Crowder chain.

Art: Art seems to be having a lot of fun with making fun of Rachel for everything that she is doing. She seems to be pulling a lot of the same things that Raylan has lately and Art knows that he still has hope with him. Art is making fun of the guys for losing the psychic. She was told to go into the bathroom and then decided to leave. When Art and the guys catch up to her, she tells them that she knew that her husband was going to disappear and that he had planned on being declared dead.

Colton: He seems to be Boyd’s go to guy about everything. After Boyd talked to the sister he sends him and one of his guys over to the church. The church had been covered in rattle snakes and the other guy is attacked and bit by snakes.

Billy St. Cyr: He seems to be to be doing very well. Billy seems to think that he is stronger than he thinks. His sister has been draining the poison from all of the snakes that he has been handling. Boyd tries to leave and tell him that he does not need to keep going with it. That it is not worth it to get himself killed. He insisted that he could do anything. He ended up getting bit by the poisonous one that Boyd had brought him and falling down to the ground.

Another week and again there were a lot of jumps that had made no sense. There was a lot of questions that were yet again left unanswered and I don’t think that a lot of people were prepared for the issues that they brought up today. I think that there is a long road that they are creating and it continues to confuse me. What did you think of this week?

Next Week: The Bird has Flown

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One Response to Justified – Recap & Review – Truth and Consequences

  1. Dan says:

    Tim doesn’t even merit a mention?

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