Emily Owens, M.D. – Recap & Review – Emily and…the Teapot

photo: cw

photo: cw

Emily Owens, M.D.
Emily and…the Teapot

Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Emily decides to be patient with Will and makes a final decision about him. Meanwhile, the main interns are all chosen as candidates for Gina’s research assistant and put up a scrappy fight to get the position.

The cases of the week deal with a daredevil who came in with a sky injury but comes out with some life changing news, and a boy whose chest pains make his mother reveal a shocking secret about her past. Read on for the recap!

The first case deals with a kid named Ethan. Ethan comes in for chest pain after a kid kicked him in the chest with a soccer ball. When they do an x-ray, the doctors find a bullet lodged in Ethan’s lung. Emily looks on his chest and back and sees no scars, so the doctors think that Ethan is lying about being shot or it somehow migrated there. The docs think that he might have breathed in the bullet. The soccer ball might have dislodged it and cause pneumothorax, so it’s safer to keep the bullet where it is.

Emily notices something on Ethan’s mom’s (Natalia) side. Natalia reveals that Ethan’s dad used to be in a gang and what Natalia thought was a grazes bullet actually shot her. Natalia asks Emily not to tell Ethan. Natalia eventually tells Ethan everything, including that his dad is really in jail, not in the army. Ethan’s lung starts collapsing, so they do surgery and remove the bullet from his lung. When Natalia tells Emily that Ethan won’t talk to her, Emily tells Ethan that his mom made mistakes but she loves and chose him.

The next case deals with a 28 year old daredevil named Jared. Jared jumped a 15ft cliff and is also dealing with retinal detachment after a ski injury. Jared’s best friend, Sean, tells the docs that Ethan has numbness in his legs and has been more tired than he used to be, so the doctors run some tests. When Emily goes over his noticeably blank questionnaire, Jared tells Emily that he hasn’t been in touch with his family since he came out. When Jared gets on his feet to go to his neuro exam, Emily notices he has leg pain and orders an MRI to make sure there’s nothing wrong with his spinal cord.

Later, Cassandra notices that Jared has heart palpitations and heart murmurs, which leads her to a diagnosis of Marfan’s. It’s an extremely hard disease to diagnose and they’ll need to check him out every 6 months. Because of the disease, Jared has to make some lifestyle changes, including stopping any strenuous exercise. Jared also has some troubles of the heart. He knows that Sean is straight, but he is very much in love with him. At the end of the episode, Sean reveals that he knows how Jared feels and he’s ok with it. Jared, however, is not OK with it and wants to be someone’s choice.

Now that Emily knows that Will has feelings for her, she’s decided to not make a move and patiently wait until he’s done with Cassandra. Cassandra informs Emily that she has to say something on video about Gina for the fundraiser for her V-cuff device. Micah says that Gina will be picking her research assistant soon, so Emily should keep her message simple. Gina later tells Emily, Cassandra, & Will that they scored the highest test scores and are the top 3 finalist for her assistant position. After she makes them give a speech about why they deserve the spot, Gina makes each of them say why the other 2 don’t deserve the position. Because of Cassandra’s criticism of Will, he gets kicked out of the running. The criticism causes a further rift in their relationship.

Later, Micah’s mom is rushed to surgery. Emily decides to ditch the fundraiser to stay with Micah. After they find out Joyce is okay, Micah tells Emily to go to the fundraiser. Gina tells Emily that she’s chosen her to be her assistant, because she gets her patients to reveal info they wouldn’t have known otherwise. Cassandra is PRESSED and leaves, so Will chases after her. With that, Emily says she’s done with Will. She doesn’t want to wait; she wants to be chosen and to be with someone who knows she’s great. Emily and Micah toast on the roof to her being done with Will. When Micah tells Emily he wants to ask her something, he gets interrupted by Tyra.

Speaking of Tyra, she had a little storyline this episode as well. Tyra broke up with Molly because she was too clingy. Emily tells her that she thinks that she’s afraid of putting herself out there and committing to things, namely Molly. Emily’s decision about Will leads Tyra to apologize to Molly. She apologizes for blowing her off, and says she pushes things away. She says she likes Molly and asks if they can go out again. Molly says no, because she’s not interested in being Tyra’s practice relationship.

I actually liked this week’s episode. Emily’s character progression over the past couple weeks has been really great, and her decision to stop waiting for Will to make up his mind has been long awaited and is very much welcomed. What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Are you glad Emily is over Will? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Emily and…the Perfect Storm

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