Revenge – Recap & Review – Collusion

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week, Jack was released from jail after Conrad made a deal with the authorities. Padma received a call from Helen Crowley, confirming many of our suspicions about her. Nolan and Emily faked an attack on Aiden and Helen at Emily’s fundraiser, in order to help prove Aiden’s trust and loyalty to helping the Initiative out in order to get information about sister. Ashley came back to the Grayson’s, convincing Conrad to hire her back on. (See – I knew she wasn’t gone!)

This week starts with Emily having a dream that she and Daniel are making love. She wakes up to an empty bed. She later finds Aiden on the beach, and expresses her loneliness and how much she misses him. They are both having a hard time faking their failed relationship.

At breakfast, Conrad and Victoria argue about Jason Prosser and the purchase of Stonehaven United (the lead was given to Daniel by the Initiative). Victoria previously passed the information on to Jason to sabotage Daniel and, therefore, the Initiative. Victoria is far from pleased when Ashley shows up, having been hired as Conrad’s new Communications Director.

Nolan and Padma have been house hunting and may have finally found a home that Nolan likes. He is clearly smitten with her. It’s very disheartening to see him being used so readily, especially when he really seems to be searching for someone to love and to love him. There is a moment, though, when Padma makes a face that might indicate some remorse for what she is doing. We later find out that Helen Crowley is holding something big over Padma’s head. I wonder what it might be.

Aiden and Helen meet in a parking garage. She has her suspicions that he was behind the attack at the fundraiser and thinks that Aiden may be working with Victoria. He denies this, and agrees to kill Victoria, after being provided video showing that his sister is still alive. He has 24 hours to kill Victoria.

Daniel surprises Emily, telling her that he was going to take her to lunch. Instead, he is flying her to Los Angeles because he wants her help in acquiring Stonehaven. She agrees to go. When they arrive, they find Victoria has also made the trip to Los Angeles, presumably to help Prosser get control of Stonehaven. Aiden has also arrived, in order to fulfill his mandate to kill Victoria. Emily enlists his help in ensuring that Prosser will not get Stonehaven. Aiden has not told her that the Initiative wants Victoria dead, but Emily later figures it out and stops Aiden just moments before her murders Victoria.

After Amanda provides Conrad the name of the man who shot the Ryan’s father, Conrad goes to the Stowaway. He tells the Ryan’s that he knows Matthew Duncan murdered their father. He provides them with the confession of Duncan and offers them $50,000 to take it and go away. Ken Ryan agrees to this, without consulting his brother. For a brief moment, I had hope that this might be the end of the Ryan’s storyline. Turns out, I was wrong. UGH! Later, Nate Ryan meets with Conrad, offering to buy the Stowaway back. He wants to develop the site to build a casino. Nate tells Conrad that this will help Conrad’s public image because of how many jobs the development will create.

At dinner with the CEO of Stonehaven, Daniel uses information that Nolan provided him to tarnish Prosser’s image. Apparently, Prosser had inflated oil and gas prices just after 9/11. This appalls the CEO and she agrees to the Grayson Global offer.

After stopping Victoria’s assassination, Emily tells Aiden that he can’t let the Initiative turn him into their assassin. He must tell Helen that Daniel’s victory will distract them from their main purpose and that he realized this and, instead, helped seal Daniel’s victory. Emily tells Aiden that they will find his sister on their terms.

Nolan informs Emily that Padma had previously mentioned Carrion as a person. However, she now referred to it as a program. Nolan is devastated and knows that she is not on his side. Emily and Nolan conclude that the Initiative wants Carrion, because it has the ability to shut down all the power of a city the size of Manhattan. They do not know what they would do with it, but the thought frightens both Emily and Nolan. Emily suggests that Nolan play Padma the way she has been playing him. Nolan calls Padma, asking her to look for his credit card. She finds what she believes may be Carrion and steals it. Nolan watches her on camera as she does this.

The show ends with Emily arriving home to find Aiden on the porch. He does not care that the Grayson’s can see him. Helen Crowley has sent him a new video of his sister dying. The Initiative made it look like an overdose. Emily tells Aiden that he can’t believe that the video is real. He storms off, blaming her for the possible death, because she had manipulated him. Aiden is dead set on taking down the Initiative and finding out if his sister is really dead.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you also hoping the Ryan’s storyline was about to die out? Where do you think it will go now? What about Padma? Does she have any true feelings for Nolan, or is it all orchestrated at the request of the Initiative? What could they be holding over her head? How do you feel about Daniel and Emily being back together, even though it is just for show? Do you think Emily’s dream at the beginning is an indicator that she still has real feelings for Daniel? Please share your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Collusion

  1. Julia says:

    I was SO hoping that we had seen the last of the Ryan brothers. Ugh.

    As for Padma, I don’t know if her feelings for Nolan are real, but she does seem to dislike playing him like that. I wonder if she also has someone like Aiden she wants to protect? Still hoping for a happy end for poor Nolan, cause he is my favorite character.

    Now we finally have an idea what the Initiative wants, though. Not why they want it or who they are, but at least we know something.

  2. oirish44 says:

    Can’t imagine what Helen has to hold over Padma. Padma doesn’t have enough history in the show yet, to give us a clue to that. I don’t like her, didn’t from the beginning, but it is disappointing for Nolan, though he appears to be able to handle it. I think you may be right is suggesting that Emily may still have feelings for Daniel, because of the dream. Drat!! I don’t want the storyline to go in that direction. Did the sister have a fatal overdose… sure looked like it, but Aiden thinks it’s possible she’s still alive. I’m disappointed in the Ryan theme, I was thinking they may be done also, but apparently not. We still haven’t found out who is floating in the drink near the boat. Thought that was in last week’s preview?? But no sign of it in this past episode. Now we have to wait 3 weeks again?? What goes on with these shows on ABC… happens continuously!

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