Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – In the Name of the Brother

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time
In the Name of the Brother

Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Our insecurities stem from something – most of the times, it’s the adults in our childhood. That would statistically point the fingers to our parents. We strive to erase the self-doubts throughout our lives. It’s hard but sometimes those nagging voices resurface to wreak havoc on our psyche at the most inopportune times.

In Fairytale-ish (pre-curse), Victor Frankenstein is daddy’s least favorite amongst the two sons – going as far as defunding the doctor’s research. At least Victor has an understanding brother, Gerhardt, who offers the family heirloom to the elder Frankenstein. Victor doesn’t want the watch – he wants his father’s love.

This is the time when opportunist Rumpel pays Victor a visit (in color!!) with monies – the research will continue. Later, when Frankenstein is grave robbing (the body, not the gold), Gerhardt arrive to voice how appalled he is of Victor. They argue but start running when the security guard shoots at them – killing Gerhardt. Father is ever so upset at the sight of the “good” one dead.

This is when Victor goes with Rumpel’s plan of conning Regina into thinking Daniel cannot be revived in exchange for a Fairytale heart. Frankenstein revives his brother but it’s the shell that lives, not Gerhardt. When Victor presents Gerhardt to his father, more for finding the elusive fatherly acceptance than having his brother back, Victor’s father is appalled to learn this is Gerhardt in body only.

Father is killed by Gerhardt when the monster overreacts. Victor doesn’t stop the beating until it’s too late – probably knowing his father will never love him. Victor locks Gerhardt up and finds his brother cowering – confused at his existence. When Victor brandishes a gun, Gerhardt wants death. Victor walks away, intending to fix it. He still wants to prove his father wrong – he can be a success.

In Storybrooke, Belle is memory-less, an outsider has crashed into town, and Rumpel is intent on killing Hook. Emma, Snow and Charming arrive to prevent further carnage. They take the outsider and Belle to the hospital – outsider is unconscious while Belle, healed by Rumpel, is hysterical. At the hospital, the outsider has internal bleeding and needs surgery.

The gang (Emma, Snow, Charming, Ruby, and Grumpy) debate on whether to let the outsider die – securing Storybrooke’s secret. They want to put the town first, especially when someone is calling the outsider’s phone. The gang decides it’s against humanity to let someone die to protect themselves. Save the man, and then protect the town.

To save the man, they need Whale – who is as drunk as a skunk. He prolongs the surgery by asking Rumpel to heal the outsider (no), planting the thought of letting the man die so Rumpel’s magic trick would stay a secret (no), and finally performing a disappearing act. Ruby finds him and Archie’s him.

Whale thinks he destroys everything he touches – he F-ed up Gerhardt, screwed up Gerhardt’s resurrection; he doesn’t bring things to life, he destroys them. Ruby tells him this is his chance to save someone…and he does (in your face crappy father!!). The outsider lives and when questioned by Emma, tells her he was texting when the accident happened and saw nothing. Whew! Crisis diverted.

In other Storybrooke news, Hook is hidden away so Rumpel can’t kill him (good idea Emma). Rumpel gets a visit from Cora and they declare a truce – sealed with a kiss (I threw up a little in my mouth). As a peace offering, Cora brings Rumpel a magic globe that will display Baelfire’s whereabouts.

Belle doesn’t remember Rumpel who tries everything to get her memory back. He kisses her (no go) and he enchants the teacup. In a fit of rage, Belle smashes the teacup – she is scared to death of Rumpel and doesn’t want him near her. Rumpel is disheartened and uses the globe to find Baelfire. He uses the favor Emma owes him to demand she take him to find his son. Road trip!!!

Cora uses Regina’s love for Henry to trick the daughter into revealing her location – Cora disguised herself as Henry. Regina isn’t hearing any of Cora’s convoluted crazy bag lady reasoning – she wants her name cleared. Cora agrees to clear Regina’s name because she wants her daughter back – just like Regina wants Henry back.

While driving to see Henry, Emma, and the two idiots, Cora does some master manipulation crap. She uses a Henry memento to get Regina into rationalizing forgiveness and acceptance of the townspeople is not the goal – the goal is Henry. Regina wonders how she can get Henry back – well, Cora has a plan or two. Mothers has a way to F-up your mind into doing some shady sh*t – especially when preying on your insecurities.

By the way, we end with the outsider calling someone and excitedly say he saw something unbelievable. There are liars even in the outside world – actually more liars and worse opportunists (politicians, here’s looking at you!).

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Wasn’t it adorable to see Rumpel kiss Belle in hope “true love” can bring her memory back? I felt so bad for Rumpel when Belle destroyed the teacup. It was a symbol of their love and it’s gone. The way Rumpel was slumped over – so sad. It was nice to see Rumpel make sure Belle is safe in his absence. Of course, his method was in a form of a threat but it’s the thought that counts, no?

2. My geography sucks – where is Baelfire? It’s in the northeast but what state?

3. “Let’s seal it like we use to.”
~ Cora, before planting a kiss on Rumpel. Does that mean they were lovers at one point? Ew!!

4. Wasn’t it cool that Fairytale is in color while Frankenstein-world is all in black and white? Nice to hear Henry say there are other worlds that was included in the curse besides Fairytale.

5. I didn’t believe one word that came out of Cora’s mouth. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop – it was a clunker!! Regina – please refrain from reverting to your former self!!!

6. “It’s not weird. We’re past it, we were cursed.”
~ Snow, on “knowing” Whale. Dude, it’s weird. You’re discussing this in front of your same-age daughter and your grandson – it’s beyond weird.

7. “So glad I don’t give a damn”
~ Rumpel, reasoning why he refuses to save the outsider. Also, my motto in life.

Were you as disgusted at the Cora/Rumpel kiss? Were you sad that Belle destroyed the teacup? Will she regain her memory? Will Rumpel fight for her like how she fought for him? Where is Baelfire? Who did the outsider call? Will there be tour buses parading down Maine Street soon? Will Regina fall prey to Cora’s craziness? Discuss away!!!!

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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – In the Name of the Brother

  1. Daniel says:

    For a moment I hoped that Greg would be Baelfire. Anyway, I think that the real Bael is somewhere between south carolina and virginia.

    • ttcwyner says:

      Thanks for the geography lesson. As you can tell from last week’s snafu – state locations escape this simple mind!!

      The road trip is going to be fun to watch!!

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