How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Ring Up

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
Ring Up

Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

For two people who once cringed at commitment, Barney and Robin have had a very happy engagement. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems. After so many of Barney being, well- Barney, that’s actually a bit reassuring.

Ted greets his friends at MacLarens and informs them that he just hurt his wrist saving an old lady who was pinned again a wall by a runaway cab. Never mind that, though- it’s far more important that he has a date with a 20-year old girl!

It’s both intriguing and as cringe-worthy as you’d think, especially considering the girl thinks he’s even older than he actually is. Meanwhile, Robin is realizing the effects of an engagement ring that seems to cause men to, you know, not sing elaborate songs in her presence. She’s happy to be engaged, of course, and so is Barney. But then, Barney also wants Ted to pursue his awkward relationship in order to live vicariously though him.

Ted objects at first, but it’s not exactly difficult to persuade him to have sex with a girl a decade younger than him. It’s even more discomforting, though, that she has nothing in common with him. Except the fact she likes Star Wars. That’s enough, and Barney greets Ted the next day with great enthusiasm. Said enthusiasm dies off considerably when he realizes the girl is Carly, his half-sister through his father, Jerry.

Considering the kinds of relationships he’s had prior to proposing to Robin, he shouldn’t have much room to complain, but try telling him that. He does seem to get over it pretty quickly, but it’s actually a ruse to try and get Carly and Ted married. Because that totally makes things less weird. Ted smooths everything over by pointing out that Barney has finally gotten over his old, womanizing self. Despite temptation and consequences of the ring, both he and Robin only have eyes for each other.

Marvin doesn’t make an appearance in this episode, and so Marshall and Lily spent the whole time using a cuff that causes Marshall’s wrist to swell up as an excuse to have wild sex. I suppose that, with Lily’s art-related past, her seeing him as a starving artist is an understandable fetish, even if he almost lost his hand for it. His being turned on by her mommy jeans is slightly less understandable, but they make it work.

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