Bones – Recap & Review – The Corpse On The Canopy

photo: fox

photo: fox

The Corpse on the Canopy

Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Oh boy, somebody is messing with the Hodgins family and they better watch out! As Jack and Angela are awaken from a drug induced sleep and the sound of baby Michael crying, they find a corpse dripping on them as it hangs above. The killer even got close to the baby as they find blood covered flower pedals in the crib.

The team feels that Pelant is back and they want to jump outside the system and kill him. But Booth says they have to stay within the system and do things by the book. We shall see, as the nerves are on edge and Jack is freaking out!

Yes, I am pleased with the grossness of the body, as we are treated to a skinned soldier-for-hire. I do enjoy when the gross-factor is close to a 10 and this was about an 8. So what is it that makes this freak tick? How does a guy go and just skin another human and display him in the House of Hodgins with a kid around? I can understand Jack’s heebie-jeebies knowing this crazy b was in his house and the need to find him is over-taking his thoughts.

The squints decide to go old school and not use computers so Pelant won’t know what they are doing. I like this! Lo-tech beats Hi-tech and SPAM rules, as the squints throw some spam at Pelant so they can track where he is as he tries to get rid of it. Smart thinking Angela! In the meantime, Booth and Flynn go find Pelant. But if my memory serves me right, I didn’t trust this Flynn agent either.

As Pelant is frantic in doing his hacking so he can try to get away, Booth and Flynn are on the hunt in the halls of Serberus. As they follow him, an assault gun fires upon and hits Flynn, and Booth pulls him out. Never leave a man behind…right? While Pelant is speeding out of the parking garage, Booth takes steady aim and hones in on his sniper skills and hits Pelant but he gets away.

Next we find out Pelant set up a drone strike on a children’s school and is also draining Hodgins bank account. He has to pick which one to save and the kids are saved! Hodgins is now broke, but I feel they will be just fine.

In the end we see Pelant in a Veterinary clinic sewing up his own face. Seems our monster has truly become a monster! He is just pure evil on the inside and now his mangled face will surely put Booth in his sights the next time.

What did you think? I loved the suspense level of the show and wish more were like it. I do wonder if P will now go after Booth like he aimed this one at Hodgins. We will have to wait and see. Let me know your thoughts on the episode.

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3 Responses to Bones – Recap & Review – The Corpse On The Canopy

  1. Arianna says:

    I really loved this Bones episode. I’m so pleased that after 8 seasons, they still care enough about the show to keep producing such high quality episodes. I hope they have more like this one!

  2. Laura Leydes says:

    Why did that hallway exit have guns? That confused me.

  3. trishpip says:

    I know I felt there was something fishy with Agent Flynn after he took the marigold that Pelant had offered Brennan in the last episode featuring those characters. So when he showed up again this week, just randomly popping into Booth’s office to see what they’re working on – I think he must have some sort of connection with P, to be his eyes and ears on the FBI investigations. Either that or he’s obsessed with Pelant and wants in on whatever it takes to bring him down. I still think the former, though – it’s too weird how he just knew to pop in on that day. So now is he dead? He took some pretty bad hits in the armed exit room, though I suspect he and Booth were both wearing armor, how good is that against a GSW to the neck or the head?

    I’m a little worried about how the Hodgins financial drain will play out. They made a point of reminding us that the Cantilever Group is responsible for more than half the funding for the Jeffersonian. Will future episodes show severe budget cutbacks?

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