90210 – Recap & Review – Misery Loves Company

photo: cw

photo: cw

Misery Loves Company

Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

It’s been a month and a half since the last new episode of 90210. So if you forgot what happened on the last episode, like I have, here’s a quick refresher: Max went to Iceland and left his marriage with Naomi in limbo, Liam was kidnapped by his bodyguard & is now trapped In a basement, Teddy told Silver he wants to be a father to their future child and will take her to court if necessary, and Dixon told Megan the truth about the car accident.

In this week’s episode, Adrianna & Naomi take a drive along the coast, Annie & Vanessa team up to find Liam, Dixon makes a big decision regarding his relationship with Adrianna, and Silver‘s quest to become a mother takes some interesting turns. Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– Max is still at his conference in Iceland and Naomi doesn’t know if he’ll be coming back. When Adrianna comes over to talk about Dixon treating her like a puppet, Naomi suggests that the two go on a Thelma & Louise (without the cliff suicide thing) type drive along the coast. While the two are driving along, they see a sign for a hot spring and decide to swing over. After their spring, the girls go back to their car to see that their clothes are missing. Naomi also had her engagement ring with her clothes. Luckily for them, a couple of hippies come over and tell them that they saw some bikers around their car. They also happen to know where these bikers frequent, so (after they get some clothes from the hippies) the girls drive over to the bar.

They ask around to see if anyone’s seen them, and the bartender tells them that the group will be by later, so the girls decide to hang around. After a half disgusting/half enlightening talk with a biker named Bear, Naomi sees a woman wearing her parents. The woman, who’s a pediatrician on weekdays and a biker on weekends, tells Naomi she bought them off a random guy, and when Naomi searches the pockets for her ring, she finds nothing. Naomi decides to leave and go see someone she hasn’t seen in a while, her mother. They don’t seem to have the best relationship, since Naomi’s mom picks up info from her life in the newspaper. It mostly has to do with Naomi blaming her mom for her parent’s divorce, and Naomi now finds herself in the same boat. Naomi’s mom gives her her grandmother’s wedding ring, and tells Naomi she needs to decide if she’ll fight for Max, or let go of him.

Dixon/Adrianna– Before Ade decided to go on her trip with Naomi, she accidentally walked in on Megan & Dixon. Adrianna came over to discuss the material he wanted her to perform at the label launch, including the weirdly named, “Scarlett A-drianna”. Dixon tells her she has no choice in the matter, so Adrianna leaves. After that, Megan leaves. Dixon wonders why Megan left so abruptly and deduces that Megan thought that he was using her, so he leaves his launch set up to talk with her. Megan admits that she thinks that Dixon still has feelings for Ade and that she wanted to walk away. While Rita Ora performs at the Unfaithful Records launch party, Teddy tells Dixon that he needs to get rid of his hatred for Ade and move on. While Ade was at the biker bar, she met a guy named Billy. Coincidentally, the actor who plays Billy was on another show I recap (Emily Owens) last week. Oh, CW synergy. Anyways, after Billy shows Ade his hog (aka motorcycle), Ade asks him to ride her to the launch party and be her date. After Ade shows up to the launch, Dixon tells her he’s not only going to stop torturing her; he’s going to stop feeling anything for her at all.

Liam/Annie– First of all, Liam isn’t actually in a basement, he’s in an empty shop underneath his bar. We find out this information after Annie & Vanessa break into Ashley’s apartment to see if they could find some info that would lead to Liam. Vanessa also calls the studio and finds out that Ashley is not employed by the studio. They also find a creepy wall in filled with pictures of Liam. Meanwhile, Liam manages to break free from a pipe while Ashley’s out, but Ashley stun guns his chance of freedom away from him. When he wakes up, he finds that he’s handcuff free. After Ashley tells him that she was suspended from her job months ago for erratic behavior, she props open a huge box and informs Liam that he’ll be shipped in a crate to Southern Mexico for his safety. Vanessa plans on luring Ashley out so Annie can call 911, thus ensuring her arrest. She’s fine with this because she loves Liam and she owes him. When Ashley gets finished soundproofing the crate, Liam lures her over and tries to romance himself out of the situation. Vanessa shows up on the camera feed, so that plan stops and Ashley leaves to confront Vanessa. When Annie comes to rescue Liam, Liam insists that they don’t leave Vanessa. Liam interrupts Vanessa & Ashley’s fight to stun gun Ashley. Ashley is shocked that Liam chose to save Vanessa, so she grabs a gun and prepares to shoot. Annie sees this and fights Ashley over the gun. A shot goes off. The police come by and we see that Annie was the one who was shot.

Silver/Teddy– Teddy goes over to Silver to tell her that while Shane was out of line, he was also right. He also tells her that it’s best that they only speak through lawyers until they reach a compromise. When Silver asks Dixon to be a character witness for her, Dixon initially says he doesn’t want to choose sides, and then admits that he doesn’t think that Silver’s ready to be a mom. Silver decides to use a last resort and talks to Teddy’s uncle. She talks to him about the pregnancy drama and asks him to convince Teddy that she should raise the child alone. Even though Silver had good intentions, those intentions come back to bite her. She shows up to the label launch with Teddy’s uncle, who later launches into a homophobic tirade, saying that Teddy will never have a family with his “friend” Shane. He then says he’s going to file a motion to either keep Silver’s embryos frozen indefinitely, or destroy them. Teddy tells Silver that she’s not having his baby, he’s not signing the form, and they’re no longer friends. Silver then fakes Teddy’s signature on the form and calls her doctor to get the procedure done as quickly as possible.

I would say that I’m so glad the Liam stalker storyline(s) is over, but will it ever really be over? The Silver/Teddy saga is just…messy and I’d rather the writers wrap it up quickly then drag it out until the end of the season. What did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: We’re Not Not In Kansas Anymore

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