Fringe – Recap & Review – Liberty/An Enemy of Fate – Series Finale

photo: fox

photo: fox

Liberty/An Enemy of Fate

Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2013

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Michael wouldn’t have gotten off the train if he didn’t have a plan, right? Well the team doesn’t seem to take this into account as they snap to action, devising a strategy to get Michael back. But maybe he’s right where he needs to be: being interrogated by Windmark and slowing causing poor, hateful Windmark’s brain to implode. You keep that up, little Michael.

With a little help from “The Dove” Broyles, they learn that The Observers are holding Michael in a high-security facility on Liberty Island (sans statue). The place is heavily guarded with 5 layers of additional defense. There is no getting in or getting out. Unless…

Well, there is that other universe. If Olivia can get some Cortexiphan back into her system, she can go Over There, get to their Liberty Island, cross back to our universe, grab Michael, cross back Over There, get off their Liberty island, and cross back here. Guh. They head to a safe house where resistance fighters get set up to do an accelerated Cortexiphan Trial on Olivia.

Back at Harvard, a tardy September shows up with more pieces of “the plan.” Finding the place empty, he gets to work building the time machine that will transport Michael forward to 2167, stopping the evolution of Observers. After some very science-heavy stuff that I don’t understand, September realizes that one of the components is too old and won’t hold a charge. He needs to think of something fast.

At the safe house, Walter shoots Olivia up with three huge doses of Cortexiphan smack in the brain stem. It doesn’t look like she’ll survive the process and Peter begs Walter to stop… but she needs enough Cortexiphan in her system so she doesn’t get stuck somewhere along her universe-shifting way. The fourth dose knocks her out, but she awakens an hour later, ready for action. They take her to the site of Fringe Division headquarters Over There, and she shifts.

Luckily for all involved, there seems to have been no Observer invasion Over There (they did check into this possibility before Olivia crossed over with the Universe Window). Fauxlivia and Lincoln are shocked but happy to see Olivia. In the twenty-some years since The Bridge was destroyed, they fell in love, got married, had a family, and really lucked-out in the happiness department. They are more than willing to help Olivia get to Liberty Island and execute her plan.

On Liberty Island, The Observes discover that Michael is way more advanced, both intellectually and emotionally, than they are. Windmark briefs the Commander in 2609 of this discovery. Like most Observers, he has no emotional reaction to this news and simply tells Windmark that it doesn’t matter and to have Michael “disassembled” for further study.

Unlike most Observers, Windmark has a different reaction. He confesses to the Commander that he has begun to feel things he does not understand. He thinks it is “hate.” He wants permission to completely destroy Peter and Olivia and all dissenters, but the Commander tells him no.

Meanwhile, Olivia is having trouble sticking to one timeline. She is also hallucinating. Walter warned her about this, telling her that once that started, she didn’t have much time and needed to get home. He stumbles around Liberty Island, finds Michael and phases back to Over There. Unfortunately, The Observers follow, but Fauxlivia and Lincoln take care of them. Fauxlivia takes Michael and Olivia to Battery Park. Lincoln stays behind, in case other Observers cross over. Olivia and Michael cross back to where Peter, Walter, and Astrid are waiting.

After some well-placed mind-reading, Windmark concludes that Broyles is “The Dove.” He sets in motion a plan to have Broyles lead him right to the group, but Broyles is no dummy. He calls Olivia and tells her that he has been compromised. She wants to rescue him, but he doesn’t want that. He’ll lead them around a bit, buying the group some time.

Looking for another power source, September visits December, one of the original twelve Observers. He asks for help locating some tech and December goes forward to retrieve it. Back at Harvard, September tells the group that there is one final piece they need to get, but that the machine is ready. He sends Astrid and Olivia to get the last piece from December, but other Observers get there first. Windmark had put all of the original twelve on a tracking system, and he is now in possession of the final piece of the puzzle. He realizes that the group is trying to reset time.

Back at Harvard, Peter finds a tape addressed to him. He pops it into the VCR and listens to a taped Walter tell him that he should have received a strange letter and that he (Walter) will disappear. Both the taped Walter and the real one explain to Peter that once they succeed with the plan, both he and Michael will become a paradox, that they will be deleted at the time of the original Observer invasion in 2015. In order to maintain a future without the Observers, Walter and Michael have to live out the rest of their lives in the future. Walter knows tat this is what he has to do to right all the wrongs he has caused. He is the required sacrifice.

But the plan won’t work if they don’t get that extra boost of energy. Astrid has the great idea of hijacking an Observer shipping lane, so they get to it. They need to break into an Observer hub and get one of those cube things that directs the shipping land wormholes. They set loose a Greatest Hits of Fringe events on the building via the air intake system and snag a cube (as well as Broyles, who had been captured).

With all the components, they hijack the lane and set the wheels in motion. Windmark shows up but when faced with a hopped-up-on-Cortexiphan Olivia and a far superior Michael (who had already weakened Windmark during the interrogations), Windmark meets his end sandwiched between two trucks. September, who had told Walter that he would take Michael forward, gets shot in the back and Walter knows what he has to do. He takes Michael’s hand, and with one look back at Peter, walks through the wormhole.

Back to 2015, Olivia, Peter, and Etta are playing in the park the day of the Observer invasion. We’ve seen this so many times before. But this time, Etta gets to Peter and they continue to play, no invasion in sight. At their home, Peter goes through the mail and finds a letter from Walter: a single white tulip.

What do YOU think? I’m still processing, and to be quite honest, I’m pretty blue it’s over. It was a good ride, and I feel some sense of closure. But how do you feel about it? The only thing I really missed was a final one-on-one moment between Walter and Olivia. Walter got one with Peter and Astrid (and Gene!), which were great, but not a moment Olivia. But all-around, I felt good about it all. And I think I’ll start over with Season One next week. Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

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6 Responses to Fringe – Recap & Review – Liberty/An Enemy of Fate – Series Finale

  1. Interesting. I’ve never watched Fringe, but I liked this review.

  2. Cait says:

    I was so glad he finally caught Etta! Sad to see the series end but the white tulip and Peters look lead to believe they left the door open for something….

    • Rachel says:

      At first I was afraid it would reset time all the way back to the beginning and Peter would’ve drowned as a boy (because September wasn’t there to save him). Thank goodness Walter cleared that up for me. I also was SO glad to see little Etta finally make it to her father’s arms. Very sweet.

  3. Rachel, thanks for helping me in my grief process. You make a good point about missing some moments for key characters. I am also unsure why they went back and forth about Walter or September going forward with Michael. Overall, I thought it was a pretty satisfying end to the series.

    • Rachel says:

      Grief process, indeed. I’m still processing.

      As for the back and forth with Walter & September, here is my take: I think September only needed to experience the power that is the parent/child bond, but Walter needed to demonstrate it. September had to come to the realization that he would be willing to do anything for his child. Walter had already learned that, so his next step was action. Does that make any sense? Woah, my brain hurts.

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