CSI:NY – Recap & Review – Nine Thirteen

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Nine Thirteen
Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2013
Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Today’s episode begins with the legend of the Nine Thirteen building. The legend began in 1929 when a banker called Wentworth jumped from the building after the market crash. Since then, there have been 36 suspicious deaths at building. The current John Doe makes that 37.

It’s Jo Danville’s day off, but it takes a turn for the unexpected when she realizes that a handsome younger man is following her.

Sid Hammerback wasn’t called to Nine Thirteen, but still Creepy Sid (and that is my affectionate nickname for him) couldn’t resist seeing this victim. John Doe is dressed as Wentworth and was known around the area for getting tourists to take pictures with him dressed as legendary man. A sequin is found on Doe’s body. At first, it looks like Doe copied Wentworth’s suicide, but Sid points out that the man was stabbed in the neck, leaving a very strange black trace.

Adam is able to identify the victim when he realizes the man was using the photo opportunities to pick-pocket tourists, as evidenced by the numerous phones and wallets he had. After each phone was returned to its rightful owner, only one remained and that belonged to John Doe: Alex Henley.

Danny questions one of Henley’s theft victims, Calvin George, a man whom CCTV footage puts him in the area of Nine Thirteen around the time of the murder. I don’t think it’s him. It’s hardly ever the first person they suspect, and it doesn’t answer the sequin or the strange black trace found in the Henley’s wound.

Sid pulled a page from an old newspaper from Henley’s mouth at the crime scene, and Lindsay has been working to uncover its significance. Mac says that if the date on the newspaper doesn’t relate to Hensley, it could relate to the killer. The sequin would suggest a woman, so Lindsay limits the search to women. Danny is walking past (fortuitously) and he recognizes a woman who was wearing a sequined scarf in the surveillance footage he showed Calvin: Macy Sullivan.

Macy Sullivan was arrested on the date of the newspaper. If she was in prison, this explains the trace as the murder weapon was man made using melted crisp packets and plastic sharpened to a point. When our Detectives catch up with her, she confesses to the murder with little remorse as she was dating Henley but oblivious to his pick-pocketing. She trusted him, but she was caught with stolen goods and convicted. Henley never came clean, so Macy spent her time in prison plotting her revenge. At least this time she’s going back to prison for a crime that she did commit.

Whilst the crime lab has been solving Alex Henley’s death, Jo has been having an emotional roller-coaster ride on her day off. It started with a handsome, younger man following her, but not for the reason you’d think. Grant Holliston received the transplant of Jo’s sister’s heart. Jo is overwhelmed by the news, and walks out.

They meet up later, because Jo left her bag behind. She’s had a little time to digest the news, but it’s still a shock. It’s amazing to see the journey she makes. I love Jo, she plays her emotions on her sleeve and Sela gives a subtle but powerful performance as she bonds with Grant over the course of the day. Really beautiful. It made me cry.

Still, at the end of the day Jo returns to the crime lab where Lindsay finally tells Danny that she’s pregnant. Apparently Danny is the last to know, as Sid has been placing bets on it, and Mac phones his girlfriend Christine and tells her that she was right. Cute.

Were you interested in today’s case or did you prefer following Jo’s journey on her day off? Did you guess that Lindsay was pregnant, and how do you think the writers will handle that? How awesome was it to see lab tech Adam out in the field? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.


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