30 Rock – Recap & Review – Florida

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

30 Rock

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

The end: we’re almost there!

It’s fitting that with just a few weeks to go, Liz decides to make a big life change after Tracy lets her in on a little secret- she’s not very fun, and she’s never done anything spontaneous. She decides to shake things up and jumps at the chance when Jack invites her on a midweek trip to Florida, where he’ll gather the rest of Colleen’s belongings. Before he can celebrate becoming CEO, he needs to gather her belongings from her live-in nurse, Martha. How will he react when he discovers Colleen’s little secret?

With Liz gone, Tracy and Jenna are in charge over at TGS and the results are disastrous, as usual. When TGS’s lawyer, Martin Lutherking (Tim Meadows) has them take care of a legal problem plaguing the show, it’s up to Kenneth to make it go away.

Turns out, Hazel (remember her?) is launching a harassment suit against TGS, but they’ve already deemed it a frivolous lawsuit. Hazel has a history of suing her former employers, and it can all go away as long as they can get everyone on staff to sign an affidavit. Soon enough, everyone signs off on it except Kenneth- the lone holdout. He admits it’s not because Hazel is his ex-girlfriend, but because he can clearly recall all the abuse he’s suffered over the years. Signing the affidavit would make him a liar and, as he explains, he’s lost a lot this year, but he still has his integrity. Tracy and Jenna don’t hear a word of it and ask him to sign it anyway, which he does.

In Florida, Jack’s going through his mother’s heirlooms as Martha recalls what a happy woman Colleen was. She describes a lady who brought the big laughs so often that they called her “Mrs. Silly.” This is definitely not the Colleen he knew, and he immediately assumes Martha is trying to scam him. Suddenly, it’s a “caper” (Liz’s word) and her snooping leads her to discover that Martha and Colleen were actually lovers. Jack totally rejects this notion and says that two friends can share a bed platonically.

Just in time, because that’s exactly what Liz and Jack end up doing. Liz asks him why nothing ever happened between them, a question that I’m sure has been on the mind of many viewers (for the record, I’ve always been in the “they’re platonic friends” camp!) She worries that it’s because she’s not fun. What follows is a great deconstruction of their relationship, with Jack concluding that their unique mentor-mentee relationship is far more interesting than any romantic relationship would ever be between them. Liz brings up Martha and Colleen again, prompting Jack to leave the room and sleep in the car.

The next morning at TGS, Jenna and Tracy are feeling guilty for the first time in their lives and these feelings are even worse when they see what’s become of Kenneth. He’s wearing a leather jacket and has his hair slicked back, Greaser style. They can’t take it anymore, so they allow him to tell Hank about all the abuse and inappropriate situations he’s witnessed while working for TGS.

In Florida, Liz calls from “Harry Potter jail” needing to be bailed out because she tried to be spontaneous and cut a line, but Jack says goodbye to Martha first. She gives him a picture of his mother dressed as Sandy in a seniors’ production of Grease. She looks happy, and Jack finally realizes that his problem is that he doesn’t know how to make himself happy because he’s always pursued money and status.

Back in New York, Liz receives a phone call from Bev at the adoption agency telling her she has a child for adoption, but there’s a catch: it’s a brother and sister, and the agency wants to keep them together. Without a second thought, Liz agrees to the adoption and looks ecstatic, yet this only lasts a few seconds. Hank and his big smile come see her in her office to let her know he’s canceling TGS due to Kenneth’s report.

And with only mere weeks to go, Liz’s whole world comes crashing down.

What did you think of this episode? It looks like 30 Rock is pulling out all the stops during these last few episodes, because huge things keep happening. Can Liz handle two kids? Is TGS really canceled, or is there hope yet? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World

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