Modern Family – Recap & Review – Party Crasher

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
Party Crasher

Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

A new member has arrived into the funny family! Is it a boy or girl? Let’s get crackin’ and see how the big day went down, shall we?

It’s Manny’s birthday and Jay/Gloria is preparing a surprise party. The poor boy is feeling slightly neglected so this should make him feel special. While running errands for the party, Jay and Gloria embark on a misdemeanor crime spree – stealing a birthday cake and driving through a garage barrier (is that what you call those sticks?). They sure know how to have fun!!

Manny comes home – with a girl. They kiss but when she turns on the lights, she sees a mob of freaky voyeurs and runs. Party = fail. Greater fail comes when Gloria realizes the baby is coming!! That means Manny and his sibling will share the same birthday…talk about sibling rivalry.

At the hospital, Gloria apologizes for ruining Manny’s birthday and tells him she’s preventing giving birth – he doesn’t have to share his birthday. Manny is touched – she’s holding the baby hostage just for him = love.

Gloria is a little freaked; Jay may leave her because the baby will make her crazy (crazier, really). He assures her; today was the most fun he had in a while – they are going to have this adventure together…ahhh…

Phil is hard on Haley – making her pay rent – responsibility after getting kicked out of college is such a drag!! As payback, Haley starts dating a sleazy New Age-y 38(ish) y/o jeans designer. Claire sees through the ruse and tells Phil not to react – Claire’s done this before to Jay (like mother like daughter). It’s hard on Phil but he tries his best.

Haley pushes it too far and when no one stops her, she mistakenly thinks Phil is disappointed in her and considers her a failure. Phil reveals how much he loves his little girl and thinks the world of her – no man will be good enough for Haley. Haley gives Phil the biggest hug evah!!! I wanted to hug him too!!

Mitchell thinks Cam is down because work isn’t going so well. To exacerbate the situation, Lily is “marrying” Mitchell and not Cam (apparently, it’s a faze kids go through but still…ick). Cam is upset that Lily married Mitchell so he overcompensates. Every time he tries, Lily gets hurt – her eye is scratched, she crashes her new Barbie toy car injuring her neck, then Cam pushes her into the pool.

Cam confesses he’s upset because he had so much fun at school he forgot about Lily. All is fine when reviewing Lily’s pool dunk – she screamed out for daddy and not dad; Cam and not Mitchell. God, Cam is petty.

Oh, Gloria gave birth….to a boy!!!

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) did grow up to be a beautiful woman. Still, Phil, ick!!!

2. Would you let pervvy Kenny touch you just to piss your parents off? (No)

3. It was sweet that Gloria tried to keep the baby from being born for Manny. Now that’s love. Also, Gloria’s skinny again. That bitch!!

4. Loved Luke’s commentary when filming the day’s events. He may be a documentary film maker in the making.

5. Quote of the episode:
“We always knew there was a strong possibility she’d be a terrible driver.”
~ Cam, on Lily’s potential driving ability based on her Asian genes. I take offense to that; though true – I perpetuate that damn stereotype!!! I’ve hit a parked car, pressed gas thinking it was the brakes…all on my first solo drive after getting my license. Just know, I take public transportation – feeling safer?

6. Family moment(s) of the episode:
– Jay’s declaration of love and anticipation of future adventures with Gloria.
– Phil’s declaration of love for his daughter.
– Jay talking about family moments while holding his new baby boy.

I thought this episode killed it. I loved the touching moments and the funny ones. It was well balanced. Gloria gave birth but instead of making it the “main” event, it was just an event for the family – like in real life. Did you enjoy this one as much as I did? Do you hate Gloria for being skinny again? (No, I want to see sexy Gloria). Was Phil the cutest angry father ever?!! Do you believe Asian women can’t drive? (As a prime example of said label, I am a reluctant believer) Is Cam too petty?!! Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Modern Family – Recap & Review – Party Crasher

  1. So hilarious when Jay and Gloria steal the birthday cake from the unsuspecting young mother with a small child. Hi-LARIOUS! (whatever)

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