Last Resort – Recap & Review – The Pointy End of the Spear

photo: abc

photo: abc

Last Resort
The Pointy End of the Spear

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week, we left off wondering whether the coup in DC would succeed and whether the mutiny against Captain Marcus Chaplin would take place.

Admiral Arthur Shepard is able to get a communications link to Chaplin, with some help from the CIA. Shepard tells Chaplin about the planned coup in DC and tells him to be prepared to make a statement on tv. Cortez helped get the communications link. When Chaplin tells her he wants to speak with Sam, Cortez wonders whether Sam can be trusted. She also tells Chaplin that the CIA wanted the Colorado to be a symbol of resistance against the current president, but wanted Sam to be in charge instead of Chaplin. So, it turns out Booth’s offer to Sam was real.

A second Chinese supply ship explodes offshore before reaching the island. COB’s men caused the explosion. COB goes to Julian to get more weapons for his men. (picture on left)

Chaplin has a spy in COB’s merry band of mutineers. It is Brannan, the petty officer who almost destroyed the sub with a grenade during one of the earlier episodes. He reports to Chaplin about the planned mutiny, and also that XO Sam had walked in on a meeting and was chased into the woods. Meanwhile, Sam wants COB to give him more time, but COB says the mutiny happens in 4 hours. Sam sees COB’s men unload Julian’s weapons from a jeep.

Sam talks to Grace and tries to convince her to join his side. However, she appears to side with the captain, reluctant to go along with the mutiny.

Chaplin tells Sam about the planned coup against the president. Chaplin also tells Sam he knows about COB’s mutiny plans. Chaplin asks for a few hours. Sam once again goes to COB to ask for more time, but COB won’t; the mutiny goes down in 2 hours.

Sam asks James for help. Sam gives James a list of names. If something happens to Sam and Chaplin, James must make sure that the people of the list do not take control of the Colorado. COB is at the top of the list. At the beginning of the episode, Tani told James that she was leaving for Australia and he told her he wanted to leave with her. Now that James has this new responsibility given to him by Sam, he can’t leave the island. Poor James. I think he would’ve been happier with Tani than possibly with Grace, but he has proven multiple times that he tries to be a responsible person. Tani offers to stay on the island, but James breaks up with her, seemingly in an effort to protect her.

On the sub, James tells Grace about the list and tells her she might need to take charge if the Captain and XO go down. James will support her in that event.

In DC, Kylie hands her flash drive to Speaker Conrad Buell. He seems nervous but says things will be okay. It was a little hard to tell if he was going to flip. It would be natural for him to be nervous.

Chaplin practices his speech for after the coup. Sam joins Chaplin at the island bar to watch the tv news of the Speaker’s speech. As the Speaker is in mid-speech, an aide walks over and whispers something in his ear. (A possible threat to his family?) The Speaker confesses to the coup attempt and then commits suicide live on tv. Kylie is abducted while everyone is running out of the Capitol Building. Her dad’s men grabbed her. The coup conspirators have been outed. Kylie’s dad walks off to board Air Force One.

Chaplin is shocked and Sam turns off the tv. Sam tells Chaplin that he can’t hold off COB’s men any longer. Sam tells Chaplin that he has COB’s men on the ground and Grace on the Colorado. Chaplin picks up his radio and asks Grace to fire 1 flare if she is with Chaplin and 2 flares if she is with the XO. One flare is fired. At first. But a few seconds later, we see that there are two flares in the sky. This came as an incredible surprise to me. It seemed Grace would be loyal to Chaplin no matter what.

On the Colorado, former engineer Chief Anders is holding Grace at gunpoint. It is possible COB also has other men onboard. I kind of wondered what happened to Anders. Thought maybe a few of his buddies would try to protect him from being killed by the islanders. So it appears that COB may have protected Anders on the island. Hard to understand how he got on the sub though; perhaps there are more of COB’s men involved.

So that’s that. The coup in DC fails. They mutiny appears ongoing. I’m not really happy with the development of Sam betraying Chaplin but we’ll see how this plays out next week. The producers supposedly reshot parts of the next episode (series finale) when they found out the show wasn’t being extended. There is supposedly somewhat of a resolution. Do you guys think it will be mildly satisfactory? Will Chaplin just remain the de facto king of Sainte Marina? What will happen with Chaplin’s relationship with Sam?


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4 Responses to Last Resort – Recap & Review – The Pointy End of the Spear

  1. JJ says:

    your wrong he says one flare if ur with the XO due flares if ur with me

  2. Jim says:

    Just watched the episode and JJ is correct, two flares was for Chaplin.

    I’m puzzled at how Speaker Buell got a gun into the chamber, and also Anders’ appearance on the sub. I kind of assumed he’d be worm food by now because the islanders’ fury would have caught up with him. That he is the one confronting Grace is, well, maddening given we’ll not have time to wrap this up in any way.

    Thank you so much for these recaps as they’ve helped me follow along during some gaps (going back, I think I missed at least half an episode). While the premise was interesting, I was doubtful they’d be able to maintain the interest level, but dang, that they did (and then some). The primary characters are interesting and nuanced. As much as I despise Julian, the character’s nuance and portrayal by Sahr Ngaujah has kept me interested.

    As far as resolutions go, pure rampant speculation:
    * During the mutiny attempt, a third-party (neither the Chinese nor the Russians) tries to acquire the sub. The sub is damaged enough that it’s not deep-seaworthy, but not enough that the missiles are entirely neutralized.
    * Though the coup in DC failed, there will be some other intervention, perhaps Kylie’s dad pulling a few strings for these unprofitable activities and the president “slipping on a banana peel.” The vice president assumes office.
    * Sam and Marcus reconcile before Marcus Chaplin is brought back for trial.

    • vinchi2c says:

      Thanks Jim! I like your theories.

      For Buell sneaking a weapon into the House Chamber, I’m thinking it’s because he was such a “high and important” person that security may have let him just walk through. I’ve heard of judges bypassing metal detectors into court buildings because security kind of just lets it happen.

      I think there possibly will be another coup attempt. Though, I think the first coup attempt bypassed the vice president and went to the House Speaker because it was presumed that the vice president was in lockstep with the prez.

      I also believe Sam and Marcus will reconcile, though I don’t know if there’s any time to do anything the brings them off the island.

      Thanks again!

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