Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – The End is the Beginning is the End

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
The End is the Beginning is the End

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Grey’s Anatomy exists in a fascinating time line. The first three seasons were one calendar year. The post-holidays episode resumed exactly where the show had left off. And now we’re one month further down the road. I wonder if anyone has ever calculated exactly what year it is in Grey’s-land?

It’s an eclectic episode, with emotions running the gamut from lovelorn to grieving, with Callie trying to shoehorn in a celebration amongst some of the most morose millionaires ever. Because tonight, the plane crash lawsuit came to fruition and it was… fruitful!

The Lawsuit: The judge comes back with a summary judgment for the survivors to the tune of fifteen million dollars… each. I wonder if Thatcher gets Lexie’s share as her next of kin? We know Callie gets Mark’s money for Sofia, but shouldn’t his daughter Sloan get half? What about Jerry the pilot? Such questions aren’t addressed, but it’s found out at the end of the hour that the hospital’s insurance has managed to get off the hook due to a loophole. It seems that only two attendings (Mark, Derek) were allowed on the medi-plane, and when Arizona took Karev’s place, it put them over the limit. Therefore, the hospital would have to pay the settlement, which would put it into bankruptcy and force it to close its doors. So… how long until our good doctors agree to trade their money for seats on the board?

Derek: Callie has a new method for testing the recovery of Derek’s hand/wrist… ping pong. She instructs him and Shane to play for eight hours. Shane initially lets Derek win, until Derek calls him out on it. So Shane goes all Monica Bing on him, talking smack, but then quickly cowering to his mentor. The match goes on for a while, with Shane eventually besting him.

Meredith: Meredith is at the last day of her first trimester, but still hasn’t told Cristina she is pregnant. But this is the episode that pays homage to Friends, as Cristina informs Derek that not only does she know (Meredith’s boobs are apparently huge), but she knows that Meredith knows that she knows. But Meredith is too distracted by teaching Heather to put the patient’s needs first. They have a teen patient, with an overbearing mother, who it turns out has a huge Bezoar of hair. The patient suffers from Tricophagia, but, with Heather’s encouragement, stands up to her Mom-zilla (played by Julie Warner) and demands therapy. Meredith has become such an awesome teacher.

Richard: Guilt-ridden after not being by Adele’s side, Richard is giving Catherine the brush-off. He’s also cataloging all of his surgical trophies, as they remind him off all the opportunities he missed to spend time with Adele. Meredith thinks he’s suffered enough and points it out to him, so he reluctantly joins Catherine for dinner, where she sweetly offers to literally hold his hand through the grieving process.

Alex/Jo: Jo is completely embarrassed when Owen gropes her pantsless body in Alex’s kitchen. He thought she was Cristina (and is equally mortified), and viewers assume that Jo and Alex must be doing it. But wait! We’re actually wrong, as they are now beer buddies with no benefits. They hang out, she crashes on the living room floor when drunk, and they make friendly wagers regarding ping pong matches. And then she takes her Shane-winnings and buys him a couch. Karev laments it as a girlfriend move, but she calls him a brother and a douche in the same breath. Instead of being the new Alex-Izzie, could they be the new Meredith-George? Oh wait… they slept together too. Yeah, I’m not buying it, Karev and Jo are still going to end up in bed eventually.

Avery: Avery is more than taking on Sloan’s old patients; he’s also taking on his ego. He inherits an old case, James who is 16 and has Crouzon’s Syndrome. It’s James’s sixth surgery, and Avery announces he’s veering from Sloan’s plan to do a riskier operation with larger benefits. Arizona tries to get him to follow Mark’s plan, but he’s fairly arrogant in his rebuttal. She gets Derek involved, who also tries to get the Mark course of action followed. Avery is ready to change his mind, but when he sees James has his own moves that got him a hot girlfriend, Avery decides following his own plan is the best method. He’s also still sleeping with Stephanie, but they’re trying to keep it on the down low. Yeah, that happens at this hospital. Leah clues in pretty quickly, so Avery fesses up to April so she doesn’t hear it elsewhere. Still stuck on her former paramour, she accepts the news, but admits that’s she not ready to be “just friends” yet.

Cristina/Owen: The divorced twosome are having tons of ex-sex. They’re also not really discussing anything more significant than when they will be doing it next. But when Cristina is clued into to how awkward it still is between him and Derek, she steps in makes a move for peace between the two, encouraging Derek to forgive Owen, since as former chief, he knows that Owen’s oversight with the charter company wasn’t intentional, but solely budget oriented.

Bailey: Bailey has the silly patient story of the week, with a wife who injured her husband while trying to perform he sexy flex-y on a home stripper pole for their forty-fifth anniversary. The husband is mortified, but it turns out that the wife was just trying to keep the spark alive, with stripper moves and vajazzling. Callie coaxes out of Bailey that she’s a bit moody over wild sex, because it turns out that her Bermuda honeymoon only had one occurrence of sexy time. Apparently, sex on the beach isn’t allit’s cracked up to be when sand in one’s va-jay-jay gives one an infection and flea bites. Ick. Callie can’t control her laughter.

Dinner: Callie pushes all of the other plaintiffs into a celebratory dinner. Which struck me as EXTREMELY (yes, caps lock) insensitive since she was the only one NOT on the actual plane. They all reluctantly agree, and Callie toasts to mourning Mark and Lexie, but the encouraging accomplishments of Derek playing ping pong for hours with no pain and Arizona standing for five hours in the O/R. And when Meredith passes on champagne, she announces to the table that she is pregnant. This lightens the mood and they all get their drink and party on, of course, not knowing that they’re about to bankrupt the hospital.

Does it feel as though they’re cramming more and more in these episodes or is it just me? I think they could’ve taken half these stories and parsed them out over two episodes and allowed for more intimate scenes. The cast is beginning to feel really overstuffed at this point, and with Avery and Karev being so intern-focused, the show is a bit fragmented. It was a bad episode, just a tad frenetic in its pacing. What did you think?

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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – The End is the Beginning is the End

  1. Danny says:

    OK, I just watched the episode. I am so utterly disappointed. I was not sure what I expected, but it was not that. Being a person with Crouzons Syndrome and undergoing so many surgeries though my life, this was pretty damn insulting, and to all the other people with Crouzons Syndrome. My favorite was the Crouzons Syndrome patient was with a super hot model chick and she leaned in to kiss him and the doctor walked in and she left. While he was talking to the doctor he asked, I bet you wonder how I do it, The doctor sez, do what? The patient replies, get super hot chicks when I am so funny looking. Well I knew that having a disfigured face I would have to develop women skills, so I blind them with my personality so they never see how funny looking I am ???? Call me a cynic, negative, or whatever, I call myself a realest. Nothing else matters as long as you have a great personality, I call bulls**t. Our society is built on the illusion of beauty and wealth. If you are funny looking and poor with a great personality, well you are just that nice person to hang around with. It just amazes me at the level our society is at when dealing with these issues. I look at the little kids with Crouzons Syndrome and I pray that their future will be more accepting than it is now and for my generation. I do find it truly disgusting that our society tells these little kids LITTLE KIDS that they will never be accepted and they will need to go though life threatening surgeries, over and over and over again and MIGHT be able to fit in to what our society feels is appropriate. Everybody should be accepted for who they are . It is not just the misrepresentation that bothers me. I have issues with everything that surrounded it. I do realize it is just a TV show but if they are going to deal with a very rare and sensitive topic then it should have been a little more respectful and not just some random filler to plug the gaps. The sad part of it all is that nobody probably even noticed because it was out shadowed by all the drama of who is having sex with who. I do not think writing the show will help any and that id not why people watch the show, truly I got the impression that the medical part only adds to the drama of the show and is not a part of the show. I just needed to vent.

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