Arrow – Recap & Review – Burned




Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Our favorite green hooded hero is finally back…but not like he was before getting his butt kicked by the Archer (Barrowman). It seems that our Arrow has lost his fighting mojo, though I must say that he is keeping himself in tip-top shape and I appreciate that.

Our story revolves around a firefighter that died in a blaze, but not like you would think as we seem to have someone posing as a fireman and setting the other fireman on fire. Our latest victim was married to Jo, a friend of Laurel’s. She in turn takes the phone her father got off Arrow and calls him for help.

Arrow is a bit slow on getting back to fighting crime. Seems like he lost his mojo, as he fails to take on and beat the rogue firefighter in the next blaze. As Arrow is knocked to the ground he just sits and watches Sparky walk away! Why didn’t he go after him?

Digs wants Oli to snap out of his funk and get crackin on crime. But we learn that Oli has something to lose if he dies. All the people he let into his life are important and he doesn’t want them to go thru losing him again. Sweet…but c’mon Oli, we need our hero back!

Nice to see our Tommy actually grow up and taking some responsibility, as he suggests a fundraiser for the fallen firefighters. Oli is pleased. But when ol Sparky shows up at the fundraiser I am not surprised to find out it is a firefighter that the chief left in the building a couple of years ago and refused to let any other fighters go in to help him. Arrow stops Sparky from killing the chief, but he then ends his own life. I thought that was such a sad ending.

After Thea’s talk with mom claiming that she needs her mother back, Moira snaps out of her funk about missing Walter and gets back to running the company. Oli also seems to have found his mojo and is happy to report to Digs that he is ready to hunt again!

Not much revealed in our flashbacks. After Yao (his friend) is taken by the masked man, Oli is left on his own to survive. He is cold and hungry and soon is stalked by one of the men. After a tussle, the man is dead and Oli takes the warmer, dryer clothes and discovers keys and a map of the island.

I wish we were able to view more of his island life in these episodes. I am starting to like Tommy a lot more now that he is maturing and I don’t have a problem with him and Laurel being together either. I do have a problem with daddy baiting his daughter though. Where is Walter? Leave me your twocents.

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2 Responses to Arrow – Recap & Review – Burned

  1. mariatv101 says:

    My TwoCents are pretty scrambled due to seeing Diggle all sweaty and topless and *melts* That’s mostly what I have to say. I love this show, but mostly for Diggle.

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