Parenthood – Recap & Review – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2013

Jules – News Editor

It’s only January and we are at the season four penultimate episode for Parenthood. Yes, that means there’s only one episode left of the season and I’m not ready to not have my weekly Braverman fix after next week. With that said, this was the perfect episode to drive us into the finale next week.

We get closure (and victories!) on some of the lingering stories, while others continue to linger, with hopes that the finale next week will wrap them up.

Kristina/Max: The vending machine issue is back and Max is freaking out, even wanting to go to a new school because of it. So Kristina makes it her new mission to get them back, since this is something she actually has control over and let’s face it, Kristina needs a good distraction. She first approaches the mom’s that fought to take the vending machines out to try to get them to reconsider bringing them back, but alas, the PTA moms won’t budge. But this is Kristina and she doesn’t let it deter her and gets into fighting mode. At the PTA meeting, she puts on a great case for the machines, like putting healthier alternatives and how the extra money funded an art class and it does the trick! Take that meanie PTA moms! Go Kristina! Max’s excitement when he sees the vending machine back is pure joy, even though he didn’t do all the hard work, but who cares. I love seeing Kristina in a story where there’s a happy ending. Also, the kids wasted all that candy…

Ryan: Matt Lauria’s back! Ryan continues to doubt himself, but luckily he has Zeek to talk too, who puts some confidence in him to go back and talk to Joel to get his job back. Even after some convincing and offering to work for free, Joel says no. Later, Amber stops by and gives him props for going back to Joel, but that he should try a little harder if getting the job back is what he truly wants. Armed with new pointers from Amber, Ryan goes back to Joel, not asking for his job back, but thanking him for giving him a chance and brings donuts, Joel’s apparent weakness and it works! Ryan gets to come back, hopefully not costing Joel a thousand dollars a day.

Jasmine/Crosby/Renee: Living with Renee hits another speed bump this week with her criticizing how Crosby and Jasmine on what they feed Jabbar. Crosby, like last week, feels offended and wants to talk to her about it, but Jasmine, ever the one to avoid confrontation, doesn’t want a fight to start. They all have a talk anyway and just as Jasmine suspected, Renee and Crosby end up fighting over their parenting skills. While they argue, Jasmine tries to be the mediator, but ends up taking her mom’s side and Crosby feels like he’s fighting his own fight, even though they were on the same side at one point. Jasmine goes back to Crosby later and he thinks she’s apologizing, but really, she hopes he’ll apologize to Renee. Crosby can’t believe it and pulls out a “Jasmine needs the guts to confront her mom” and she definitely does. The episode ends with Renee deciding to eat dinner in her room, which I’m guessing was her gesture at keeping her distance from them and their parenting skills.

Julia/Joel/Victor: Julia’s still wavering about the adoption, but Joel thinks that they should take the leap and finalize things to solidify to Victor that he’s a part of this family, but will it work? It was heartbreaking to see Julia put Victor to bed, say I love you, and nothing in response from him. Julia and Joel meet with the adoption lawyer to work on the finalizing and it results in the two arguing again over how Victor’s doing. At this point I’m worried for them as a couple and where this Victor adoption will go, especially when Julia learns that Joel called the adoption lawyer by himself to basically apologize for their behavior in the meeting. Oh Joel! Julia eventually gets a moment of confidence courtesy of Crosby. He says that when he had to become a parent immediately because of Jabbar, the person he looked up to was Julia and how “I can only aspire to be as good as you.” What a sweet and touching moment. These are the Braverman moments I love. With that new found courage, Julia tells Victor that they are going to finalize the adoption and he’s OK with it. Julia’s still not sure about the adoption, but you got to take the plunge.

Sarah: And then there’s Sarah. She runs into Mark at school and it’s awkward, but he wants to have coffee and she agrees. She even tells Hank about it, even though he’s not too happy about it, but it’s just coffee! Sarah and Hank’s coffee meet up is very tame until Sarah mentions when Hank kissed her months ago. Mark has a reaction to it, not too obvious, but it does get him to confront Hank about it later and say that Hank’s moves toward Sarah were manipulated and calculated. Mark also takes this opportunity to profess his love for Sarah and wanting to take her back. Hank tells Sarah what happened and then they argue (because there wasn’t enough arguing in this episode already) about the whole thing and just like last week, this story ends with the hopes that the finale will resolve this and that we don’t have to deal with it anymore. Sarah, make up your mind and it’ll make everyone happy – or at least know where they stand with you.

Another solid episode. Glad we got some resolutions before the finale, only wish the Sarah one was resolved, too, but I guess we’ve dragged it out this long already. Happy to see Max happy, but only wish we got to see Kristina seeing Max happy. Also, a bit bummed we didn’t get to see the aftermath of Drew crying into his mom’s arms, but I guess Sarah as other stuff going on, too. There’s my thoughts, share your TwoCents below and I’ll see you all for the season finale next week!

Next week: Because You’re My Sister

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4 Responses to Parenthood – Recap & Review – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. karenb says:

    I am totally on Crosby’s side… Renee nitpicks everything the two of them do, but Jasmine is so accustomed to it, that she doesn’t even see it. Yes, Renee was there to help with Jabbar during the pre-Crosby years, but it’s so frustrating to see her try and override the parents, in their own home, and worse, in front of Jabbar. And Renee probably doesn’t even see she does it, but I view the eating in her room as a passive aggressive retaliation, not a compromise.

    • jules says:

      You’re right about Renee. She wasn’t giving in, she was just making her point known and I thought she might have given in when Jabbar asked why his grandma wasn’t eating with them, but alas, she didn’t. I hope she soon realizes what she’s doing.

  2. Maggie C says:

    I hope Sarah goes back to Mark. Hank is manipulative and will smother Sarah, and that isn’t love.

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