Happy Endings – Recap & Review – The Ex Factor

photo: abc

photo: abc

Happy Endings
The Ex Factor

Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

On this week’s episode, Jane invites her ex, Ryan, to come to dinner and Brad is in for a surprise when they show up. Meanwhile, Max has a mysterious new roommate and when he goes missing, Max, Alex, and Dave team up to find him.

Also, Pete tries to get Penny to hang out with his friends and it doesn’t go so well. Read on for the recap!

Jane’s ex Ryan is coming into town, and they have a deal that If an ex comes to town, they’re allowed one dinner and the spouse can choose not to attend. Brad tells Jane he’ll go to a Lady Smith Black Mambazo concert instead. Jane wants to tell Brad something before the dinner starts, but the door rings and it’s too late. Ryan’s not a guy, they’re a girl. Jane apologizes for not telling Brad sooner, but Brad is anything but mad. In fact, he says that they should all stay for dinner. During the dinner, Brad tries to get Jane to talk about having sex with Ryan, but Jane is not giving him the satisfaction. Ryan tells a story and says it was the first time they ever told each other they loved each other. Brad stops the dinner and asks Ryan to leave.

The next day, Brad shows Jane & Ryan a powerpoint presentation showing that Jane loves Brad more than anyone. After Ryan leaves, Jane tells Brad that she & Ryan are just friends now, and that they should be able to be grown up around each other’s exes. Brad says he’ll have a make up dinner that night. At the make up dinner, Jane tells Brad she appreciates him being so adult about Ryan. Brad then reveals that he invited his ex, Melissa, to dinner. During the dinner, Melissa says her & Brad’s relationship was mostly physical and a lot has changed since then for her. The dinner talk starts to rev up, so Melissa & Ryan go to the deck. While Brad & Jane are fighting, they look over and see Melissa & Ryan making out (which explains why she said she’s changed a lot). Brad tells Jane he shouldn’t have gotten upset, but he wanted to be the only person she ever loved. Jane tells him he’s the person she loves the most.

Max has a new roommate, Chase, and decides to live completely separate lives from him. When Max, Alex, & Dave go back to Max’s place, they find that Chase has completely renovated the apartment. They only see Chase for 5 seconds, on his way to the gym, and that’s all that Max needs to realize he regrets living separately. The gang plans on waiting until Chase comes back from the gym to show him how cool they are. The next morning, Alex tells them she was up all night and Chase never came back. Dave says they should get in touch with him, so they call his phone and are shocked to hear it in the apartment.

The gang thinks Chase might be in trouble, so they come up with a think session to find out where he is. The session is mostly Dave coming up with ideas. Dave checks Chase’s phone and sees the most recent text is from a woman named Veronica, so he texts her to come over. Veronica comes and goes, with no info on Chase. They find a briefcase of old bills, so Dave calls the credit card company to see the last place the card was used. They go to a restaurant and find Chase eating dinner with his wife. Chase’s wife accuses Chase of renting another sex shack in the city, so she throws a drink in his face and leaves. Chase tells the gang he lost his job, since he worked for his wife’s dad, and is taking all his stuff back. He also swears to Max that he’ll ruin his life in the near future.

Penny asks Pete what they should do this weekend, and Pete says he thought they’d hang out with the friends he hung out with before they met. Penny is kind of lost, but hangs out with them anyways. When the couple goes to hang out with Pete’s friends, Penny realizes she doesn’t fit in at all. Penny doesn’t know how to respond to their serious talks about the debt ceiling and such. When she gets a text from the group about their crazy adventures, Pete says she put a great effort in to hanging out with his friends and they leave. After the awkward dinner of Brad & Jane’s, they meet up with the rest of the gang at the restaurant and learn about Max’s ex-roommate. Pete admits Penny’s friends are a lot of fun and they’ll sporadically hang out with his friends.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. The MVP of the season continues to be Alex. Her scene with the cards and thinking Chase was possible eaten by a bear were hysterical. What did you guys think? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Favorite Lines:

MAX: “You’ll get those cats when you get those cats, Jane”

MAX: “Someone’s scoring our life”

PENNY: “Have a little cheese with that wine, you stupid clumsy bitch!”

JANE: “What? Portia’s a lesbian?”

MAX: “He looks like Rachel Maddow with a goatee”

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