Private Practice – Recap & Review – Full Release

photo: abc

photo: abc

Private Practice
Full Release

Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Next we say goodbye to our doctors, but before that happens we have to get through the very powerful penultimate episode. We did say goodbye to one thing though… This was no one-character episode. All of our characters had, at least, a moment this week. And what’s most important is… babies!

Before we get to the recap/review portion, I’d like to ask you all to take a moment and share your wish list. What would you like to see happen next week? And, after next week’s finale, I’ll ask you to share what your dreams are for the characters. Yes, we all know they’re not real, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine their happily-ever-afters, does it?

Charlotte/Cooper: We’re back at the end of the pre-holiday episode, and Charlotte is in full-fledged labor. Of course, since we have an hour to fill, she’s not quite dilated enough to push, so she sends Cooper off to pick Mason up from school. As he’s doing so, he gets the call that the house he put a bid in has a competing offer and the seller wants to meet both families. While he and Mason are trying to give the hard sell over the pretentious other buyers, Charlotte is finally at ten centimeters. So he leaves the seller with an impassioned family values pitch and takes leave. Without the aid of painkillers (which I think we can safely assume Charlotte didn’t want), labor is a fairly torturous ordeal for Mama King. Baby number one comes quickly, but baby number two is transverse (sideways) and Addison has to painfully manipulate her into breech position. Both babies are healthy (and quite sizeable for preemies). Mason names one girl Caroline and Cooper picks Rachel. And then Cooper lets Charlotte, who’s surprisingly not mad, that he got the house! And the King-Freedman family is set for their new beginning.

Violet: Violet is buying books for the babies, when the shop owner (Charles, played by Faran Tahir) recognizes her from her book jacket. He flirts a little, but his inquiry about her marital status sends her into tears. Violet balls to a contracting Charlotte, who shows great restraint in not yelling at Violet. But she finds a more available ear in Sam. She depressingly states that she knows she’s not going to have more children or get married again, sighing that her life is done and painful, as she’s trying to work on accepting it. But Sam turns it around, that she is unfinished, and her book of life is a work in progress. And while Violet still turns downs Charles date offer, she is inspired to write a new book, and they agree to be friends.

Sheldon: He only had brief scenes, first introducing Miranda to Violet, but fudging on the details of how they truly got to know each other. Miranda, unsure of how much time she has left, encourages Sheldon to share what he’s going through, in detail, with one of his friends. The friend he chooses is Sam, coming clean about his eight weeks of radiation and uncertain future.

Amelia: Amelia is there for Charlotte during labor, which surprises James, based on her own history. Amelia is stoic, insisting she is fine. James asks her if she wants more babies, which sends her into a bit of a panic. She confides in Baby Georgia that love isn’t enough to prevent bad things, and she doesn’t want more babies. But after helping Charlotte through a bad contraction with a technique she learned from Jake during her own delivery, she has a change of heart. She tells James, that yes, she does want babies… someday.

Addison/Jake: Addison and Jake are excited for Henry’s official adoption day and plan an afternoon of celebrating. Jake stays at the hospital with Charlotte, while Addison attends the hearing. She is stunned when a letter from Mildred (her case worker) causes the judge to put a pause on the adoption, pending further investigation. Mildred tells her that Jake’s history (beating up the drug dealer, threatening Angela’s professor boyfriend) have given her pause. Addison is beside herself, afraid of losing Henry. She tells Jake what’s going on, and doesn’t have to say which man she would choose to keep in her life if the decision had to be made. So Jake goes to see the judge, who allows him thirty seconds to tell his story. Jake says he’s a parent, one who knows that you never finish protecting your children. And then he offers to take himself out of the equation, if it means Addison keeps Henry. And that’s enough, as Jake surprises Addison with the judge’s papers, making Henry’s adoption official. And then asks when she wants to get married!

As we head into next week… I’ve thought about what I want to see. I want Charlotte to embrace motherhood, showing her true soft side. Sam and Stephanie can agree to move in together, but not next door to his ex-girlfriend. Amelia can decide to move to Seattle and work alongside her brother (yes, I want Caterina Scorsone to go to Grey’s Anatomy). Violet can be single and focus on Lucas, putting him above all her own needs. Sheldon should be in remission, ideally with a miracle recovery for Miranda. And Addison and Jake can get married, with Addison finding out she’s having her own miracle baby, giving Henry a sibling… And that’s my wish list! What’s yours?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, feedback, and wish list below!


About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for [twitter:karenb0716]
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11 Responses to Private Practice – Recap & Review – Full Release

  1. I can not believe they(ABC) are doing this to us AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! They did this with Brothers & Sisters!!!!!!!! I DO NOT want to watch another stupid reality, American Idol, or Murder/Mystery/CSI type show!!!!!!!!! As of now… even though I love Grey’s Anatomy… I am boycotting ABC!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure Grey’s is to be next anyway!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • karenb says:

      Although I love both shows, I do understand that ABC is a business and the shows have to make money. By my estimation, they do seem to have the fewest reality shows. Sadly, Private Practice (and B&S) have both dwindled in the ratings. At least Shonda had time to (hopefully) craft a worthy finale since they announced the cancellation several months ago.

      On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 11:45 PM, TheTwoCents

    • karenb says:

      Oh… and I believe Grey’s may end after next year (opinion, not fact), but that will be because the main actors will want to move on. Patrick,Ellen, and Sandra only resigned for this season and next.

  2. Nicole says:

    I wanted one of the babies to be called Erica! That would have been so thoughtful and the best!

    • karenb says:

      Although it would’ve been a good tribute to Mason’s mother for Mason, it might be a little awkward in the long run to explain to the baby that she is named after a one night stand that kept Mason from Cooper for the first nine (?) years of his life. I think a lot of couples do the whole “no names of people I slept with/dated” rule when naming their kids 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    The babies were cute and all but it was unrealistic that just two weeks ago Georgia was fighting for her life and suddenly she’s 7 pounds and healthy? Not likely! And the nurse comes to take the babies at the end and tells them they need to be monitered yet they were not hooked up to any heart monitors or anything? No. Georgia was also 2 months premature and yet she was cooing and gurgling tonight like a normal 2 month old! I get they had to speed things up but come on.

    As for Grey’s? Who says it can’t go on without the main cast? ER did it an it went on for years. It can happen here too. Not that i think it will or should but it’s been done before.

    • karenb says:

      I just don’t see Grey’s continuing without a character named Grey… so when Ellen is out for good, that’s when I think the show would end…

    • karenb says:

      Not that the babies weren’t too large for preemies, but Georgia was born at 26 weeks, the twins were 34 weeks. They still should’ve been much smaller though and needed more treatment, as I was born at 35 weeks (and a twin) and was only 3.4 lbs and went to straight to NICU (not that I think it was called NICU way back then, lol)…

  4. Davia says:

    I honestly LOVED the episode! Though I felt as though the Coop/Char/triplets storyline was a bit far fetched and rather long drawn out (I found it to be rather annoying that Charlotte has been pregnant for the entire series) I was happy (and relieved!) that all 3 babies were born and are happy and healthy. I felt that Violet could’ve been…well, I’m not that big of a Violet fan, but I did appreciate Sam’s speech to her about her life not being over. I enjoyed seeing Sheldon finally find happiness, even if it is only temporary. I find Amelia to show the most strength, being there for Charlotte’s birth, despite her own tragic and traumatic experience. I was glad to see her change her mind about wanting more babies. Addison of course was just, perfect. I had this feeling that after the Jake-centric episode that Henry’s storyline was left unfinished; now we know why. I cannot blame Mildred for her decision, because what if(though its far fetched for Jake) Jake was a violent guy? She had to do what was best for Henry. I liked seeing Addison fight for her son; though we know it was of NO question whom she would choose. Though I still say that “Jaddison” is a bit unrealistic and far fetched(because let’s face it, NO man is that perfect and neither is any relationship), I found Jake’s plea to the judge to be quite chivalrous. I found the end to be quite fitting, with Addison FINALLY getting her happily ever after. As far as the finale goes…seeing as I’ve seen the AWESOME preview for the series finale, I would like to see Cooper and Charlotte embracing parenthood. I’d like to see Violet find peace and enjoy her life with Lucas. I think that Sheldon should be happy with whatever time he has left. I’m not going to predict Sam’s fate, but I know understand the reason behind Shonda’s decision to not have Addisam be endgame. As for Amelia and Addison, I agree wholeheartedly with you; though I’d love to see Amelia and James’ relationship blossom more. All in all, it was an excellent episode and a fabulous review.

  5. ketchikan9 says:

    I know it’s a tv show, but I’d never would have been able to say no to Faran Tahir.

  6. We watched the birth scenes last night at our Birth Network meeting for childbirth educators, doulas, lactation consultants, etc. As annoyed as we were with the size of the preemies and the appearance of the umbilical cords LOL, we were REALLY impressed with the words from Addison about there being risks to everything but that the breech delivery would be less risky than a CS for the last baby…and for Charlotte. As a doula I was also moved by the scene were Amelia moved into position to provide counter pressure for Charlotte. Seeing that look of relief on Charlotte’s face reminded me of why I love doing what I do. All in all we agreed that it was a wonderfully handled and fairly realistic unmedicated birth. (And of course she went unmedicated since she’s an addict!)

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