Justified – Recap & Review – Where’s Waldo



Where’s Waldo

Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to the second episode of the season. Last week really left a lot to be desired. There really wasn’t too much that made it interesting, especially since besides the very beginning there was nothing that actually happened with the Marshals, and I have to say I was looking forward to seeing Art.

Boyd seems to have dipped his hands into all illegal activity now and Ava is completely behind him in all that he is doing. He has a decent group of people that seem to be following him, at least Boyd seems to be able to trust them. Raylan seems to be going through a lot with Winona being gone… again. He seems to be saving money so that he is able to try and be a good father. Lets see how this week goes.

Raylan: He is still dating the bartender. He seems to be having some issues as he is taking a delivery with some guy that comes in wanting a beer.  As he is sitting in Art’s office they are talking about the man that Arlo killed. As they are attempting to watch out for someone that is cashing his checks, they end up chasing him down and almost end up in a shootout. They are looking for Waldo Truth. His wife comes out and says that she will hunt him down and has the family start calling around for him. When they finally find who they think to be Waldo they find out that it is not and that Waldo faked his own death. As Raylan is in the bar, the man from before walks in and ask to have a word with his wife as Raylan was just kissing her.

Boyd: He continues to have issues with sales dropping off. He does not want to have anything to do with the church. As he is at Audrey’s when Ava asks him to come inside and see what is going on. All of these kids are inside and they are singing and attempting to hand the notes for the church to everyone there. Boyd does not look as though he is amused by this and does not want to deal with that in a place that he is running business. Boyd comes to talk to Shelby about the church and finds out about all of the moves that they have made. Winn Duffy comes in and Boyd wants to become partners.

Ava: As she is trying to run the whore house, Ellen May comes into there to tell Ava that she is done working for her because she needs to save her soul. Ava almost has her convinced to stop believing in this so that she does not have to deal with the fact that Ellen knows about the murder of Del Roy.

Johnny: The man has an absolute knack for walking in on situations and getting dragged into them when he wants nothing to do with it, especially when he is dealing with Ava. He is there as Ava and Ellen May are talking and attempting to sort out why she is doing this and attempting to convince her that her sins are too great to forgive. Boyd also seems to always be treating him like dirt lately. I am not sure why that is as Johnny has been there for him through a lot, especially since Boyd is the reason that he ended up getting shot and why he cannot walk right anymore.

Art: We see Art for the first time this season. He is talking to a different Marshal. He is talking about all of his Marshals and all of his issues in the office. He seems to be having a problem dealing with the fact that they all have issues. He also seems to have some kind of an issue with the man that was stopping by his office as he kind of threw all of that in his face when all he wanted to do was to stop by and give him a birthday present and talk to him about his retirement. Later he lets us know that man is attempting to take over his job.

Colton: He seems to have good thing going in this show. He seems to be the more intelligent of Boyd’s flunkies, he was even able to figure out why their sales have dropped off and it had to do with the fact that they are selling Heroin all through the county.

Billy St. Cyr:  He is the preacher that is attempting to save the people of Harlan County. He is making an attempt at this for reasons unknown. There is something that seems off about him, he is getting all of these people off of drugs and out of their lives of crime but there has to be some kind of purpose behind it. When Ellen May is there with him, he manages to get into her head in an attempt to bring her into the light, but why? When she comes to talk to him this week he honestly seems be a good person outwardly but there seems to be another motive there. He is baptizing Ellen May as Boyd walks into the tent. Boyd tells him about what happened with his flock years ago. His sister doesn’t seem as innocent as he is and seems as though she is the corrupt one out of the two of them.

This week was a lot of bouncing around through different story lines. We still have no idea how these plots are going to end up connecting in the end, but it seems as though they do all seem to be loosely connected to each other. We still have to figure out what is going on with that bag and why everything is such a secret to Arlo and that is actually involved and knows what it is about. What did you think about this week?

Next Week: Truth and Consequences

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