Bones – Recap & Review – The Diamond In The Rough

photo: fox

photo: fox

The Diamond in the Rough

Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

The first of a double feature Bones, starts out with Sweets watching a ghost-hunter-like show and getting quite excited as the host finds a glowing apparition…I mean skeleton. Yes, Sweets is still living at the Booth/Brennan household which is ok with me. There have been some fun conversations/situations that I quite enjoyed.

Most interesting in this storyline is Angela’s itchiness to leave this job and get back to doing real artistry work. She is tired of all the death and ugliness that goes with it and wants to look and art that is beautiful.

An interesting tidbit of information that we learn as Sweets tries to convince Booth and Bones to go undercover, is that Booth can dance…thanks to his mom. Sweets teases that he was a gigolo because he was paid to dance with the ladies. But the part that was fun to watch is how excited Bone became at the prospect of going undercover. She enjoys that part of the job a lot and Sweets helps her convince Booth that this is something they need to do. Welcome back Wanda and Buck!

As for the dancing part of the show, I am glad they went the silly route and not the serious. Bones is quite funny as she tries to dance and has not an ounce of dance talent in her. It’s like those people we watch at the tryout of American Idol…you know, that we laugh at! The one thing I did like is B & B getting frisky in the janitors room, even after the janitor comes in. Ha!

As for Angela, if you don’t like your job then get the heck out! Heck, Hodgins has more money than he knows what to do with it, so it’s not like she HAS to work. So I hope this character isn’t faded out completely, but I do hope she leaves and does real art that she likes to do but comes back to do special stuff. But I did have a problem with how she just decided to get up and leave work in the middle of the day and not tell anyone. Cam finally stopped her, but let me tell you…most employers would fire you.

Hodgins still holds King of the Lab title as he finds a way to knock all the crystals off the remains.
This was just an OK episode for me, how about you?

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2 Responses to Bones – Recap & Review – The Diamond In The Rough

  1. Sunshine says:

    It was just ok for me too. The story line was boring and Bones’ clothing choices were a horrific bore. It’s time stick Emily is some spanx if need be and stop with all the dowdy clothing.

    • karen says:

      Bones always did have an eclectic style of clothes, but too me… It looks as though some baby weight is still around. And I understand full well how hard it is to get rid of! 🙂

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