Bones – Recap & Review – The Archaeologist In The Cocoon



The Archaeologist In The Cocoon

Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

In the second half of our double feature we find the remains of an archaeologist in a tree and he is cocooned in a web with worms that fall out onto the face of Bones. That was about the extent of the ick-factor in this episode.

Most of the episode deals with the competitive nature that Bones has and I don’t only mean at work, it seems she wants her daughter to hit the milestones much earlier than the other children too. This has Sweets concerned on her competitive pressure as a mom.

When the remains that the archaeologist was working on are brought to the Jeffersonian, Clark is put in charge to find out what they belong to, while Bones in charge of finding out what happened to the archaeologist. This freaks out Bones as she wants to deal with the old bones and now the competition between the two is fierce. The silliness between the two, well actually it was Bones that I hated watch be so jealous. I more enjoyed Edison giving her looks like she was a crazy person.

But Bones finally comes around and gives Clark credit for discovering the first inter-species remains. Seems the old remains were a similar hate crime like that of today. Bones also discovers the cause of death of the archaeologist with the help of Cam. She welcomes sharing the fortune. Bones decides that she won’t pass on failings to Christine.

What did you think of the episode? Did you miss an ugly slimy body to gross-out over? Did you like the lesson learned? Leave me your thoughts on the show.

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