Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Awakening Conscience

photo: abcfamily

photo: abcfamily

Switched At Birth
The Awakening Conscience

Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

After last week’s second season set-up episode, the plots gain some movement this evening. Characters looked to the past and the future for inspiration, but one started over, surprisingly, from the beginning.

Last year, all of the characters came together to form their new blended family. But now, we’re at a point we’re the family dynamic is fluid; it’s the external people who make the waves. And nobody is as much of an outsider these days than Angelo, largely by his own doing.

Regina: Just when she thinks things are going swimmingly with Angelo, he drops the bomb about Lana (played by Annie Ilonzeh). Regina is incredulous, accusing Angelo of throwing everything away with his carelessness. Granted, they weren’t married when he got Lana pregnant. Additionally, he didn’t seemingly know about the baby until after the court case. But Angelo’s biggest downfall has always been his timing, hasn’t it? Regina even meets Lana in a very uncomfortable elevator ride, but doesn’t disclose her connection to Angelo. After confiding in Kathryn, she tells Bay about the baby (is Daphne ever going to find out?), and is surprised to learn Bay already knew. Regina realizes that Angelo may have only confessed because he’d been caught, and her hurt feelings only multiply.

Daphne: Daphne is ready to go with her food/taco truck. She wants to take her business to a rock concert (munchies being the unspoken word), but John suggests she start with his car wash. At the car wash, he suggests she raise the prices to cover overhead and her time, but mostly to make a profit. At the end of the day, she’s made a couple of hundred dollars, but is upset when Travis is offended by her offer of a free meal. Having nouveau riche guilt, she decides to take the truck to East Riverside, her old neighborhood. John is against the idea of her just giving away food, but Daphne is determined. She sets up her truck as a “pay what you can” establishment (like Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen). She has a massive line, but Javy (played by Erick Lopez), a local guy she met earlier, reads her the riot act for her pity party and tells her to leave. When she keeps going, he cuts the power to her truck, saying that her free meals are keeping customers from his uncle’s restaurant. Daphne vents to John that everything their family has is because of dumb luck (being born athletic, in his case), but John reminds her that what you do with your dumb luck is what counts. She wants to do more with her turn of luck, which reminds him of Kathryn.

Toby: Toby is getting his kiss on with Nikki, but is a bit bothered that she won’t do anymore. He also doesn’t seem to love it when she invites his mother (!) to record with the band. But when Emmett shows him that a topless, purple-haired Nikki photo has been posted to their website, he gets all huffy with his girlfriend. To Nikki’s credit, she refuses to apologize for things that happened before they ever met, and for the past that she’s moved away from. Toby has a good enough relationship with his mother that he confides in her about the photo. Kathryn, besides pointing out that a topless photo of a then-14 or 15 year old is illegal, reminds him that he made some pretty dumb mistakes in his past (fake ids, stolen tests, gambling debts) and is just lucky nobody had a camera to document his follies. After his mom promises she’s not joining their band, Toby takes her words to heart and seeks out Nikki for a rightful apology.

Bay: After some minimal parental convincing, Bay is now an official Carlton student in their pilot program for hearing students with deaf family members. But while she’s proud of her signing ability, she quickly realizes how novice she is when she and fellow hearing student Teo (played by Stephen Lunsford) have trouble keeping up in class. She also runs afoul of Natalie (played by Stephanie Nogueras), who is decidedly not impressed by Bay’s babbling attempts at humor. During a rough volleyball gym class, Natalie is aggressive in her game play, but Bay takes it too far (or is just caught by the teacher) when she lobs the ball at Natalie’s back. With Emmett’s encouragement, Bay tries to make amends with Natalie (but –wow- is Bay bad at apologies), but it’s to no avail. Natalie tells her that Carlton is the one place that deaf kids don’t have to acclimate in a hearing world, and now the school is being rebuilt to accommodate the hearing students. To Bay’s stunned silence, Natalie tells her that she will never belong there.

Oh, and John is officially running for state Senate, with Kathryn doing all the behind the scenes work. And the kids decidedly don’t really care! I was surprised to hear the couple jokingly refer to themselves as Bill and Hillary, since it’s been discussed that they are republicans. I guess Nancy and Ron doesn’t have the same ring to it?

Episode Title Art: The Awakening Conscience by William Holman Hunt

So what do you think will happen? Do you think Lana’s baby will turn out to be Angelo’s? I’m still not sold on it, based on the timing of when she showed up, but she also has yet to be truly revealed as a character. Toby and Nikki are sweet, but I’m not sure where their relationship is headed. Will we see more of Javy? Or is Daphne still going to end up with Travis? And while Bay swears that she and Emmett are not back together, he’s still quite attentive to her in a more-than-friends kind of way. But I do like seeing him at Carlton, having a life outside of following Bay to Mexico!

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