Revenge – Recap & Review – Sabotage

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2013

Jules – News Editor

Another week and just another ordinary day in the Hamptons and just another day of sabotage. There’s a lot going on as multiple people have plans for some revenge and sabatoge of their own. But even the best plans go awry and it seems one might be in danger.

We start two days into the future with Aiden and a gun and a pool of blood around someone with a double infinity tattoo on their wrist. So what happened? Cut to two days earlier.

Emily and Victoria Scheming: Even after Helen Crowley told Aiden not to tell anyone about her, he tells Emily right away. Later Emily meets with Daniel to invite him and his investors to a wine auction for a children’s charity group she’s a part of. While at his office, she overhears a phone conversation Daniel has with Helen about acquiring a new company, Stonehaven, which she promptly tells Victoria about.

Victoria thanks Emily for the tip and asks her to invite Jason Prosser (Dylan Walsh) – a Grayson Global competitor – to attend her event. After some questioning, Emily agrees to welcome him. Emily is also able to wrangle in another last minute guest when dinner with Daniel has Helen Crowley calling him again about the potential purchase. Emily finagles a word with her to convince her to come to the auction saying that it will help Daniel look good at Grayson Global. Helen just gets creepier to me every day and her sitting in a dark room with just a phone watching Daniel and Emily was just creepiness.

Executing their Plans: At the auction, Daniel and Jason (and Nolan when the price was lower) duke it out over the final bottle of wine, which Daniel gets with a winning bid of a million dollars. This better be some amazing bottle of wine for that price.

Helen shows her face at the end of the auction when Aiden corners her about seeing his sister. She does end up giving a small donation instead while also taking the opportunity to bug Daniel in person about the acquisition that Daniel’s not so sure about.

Aiden gets on an elevator with Helen, that subsequently breaks down and then invaded with gas that promptly knocks them out. And that’s just the beginning. They wake up and are now tied up with black sacks over their head being confronted by a hidden figure with a gun and a voice manipulator. After some moments, Aiden gets free, shoots the hooded figure, gets Helen loose (who tries to unmask her assailant before Aiden pulls her away) and they escape before another person gets them. Of course we know Emily was shot (but she was wearing blood squibs and Nolan was her partner in crime. All that work to make Helen think that some other secret group is after her. Helen admits that she has her suspicions as to who’s after her, but doesn’t tell Aiden.

Elsewhere after the auction, James and Victoria are having a nice chat when she lets it slip that Grayson Global is about the acquire Stonehaven, but also lets it slip that it’s not public knowledge yet. Yeah, you see where this is going.

Later that evening Aiden calls Emily about how the plan worked. He’s still not happy about Emily seeing Daniel, but she insists she’ll keep it clean. Seems Emily and Daniel get to enjoy the million dollar wine that is actually awful. Apparently it’s gone bad!

The Stowaway: Jack’s in jail and tells Amanda about the whole situation with the Ryan brothers. She wants to get Nolan or the Graysons to bail him out, but he won’t it. Later, Declan visits Jack in prison asking him why Ryan brothers want the bar so much. Do we know why? Just for revenge? Meanwhile, Amanda talks to Charlotte about the situation, who thinks that it’s time her father owes her a big favor.

Speaking of her father, Conrad is approached by a returning Ashley, who believes all the stuff she knows about the Graysons and their lives is more than worth his while to hire her back since clearly she has no other skills except being a call girl. Conrad won’t have it, but does see her as an asset for his next endeavor to run for office.

Charlotte and Amanda go to Conrad to ask for help and he turns them down, saying it won’t look good. On her way out, Amanda steals a watch on Conrad’s desk and uses it as collateral to buy a gun.

Amanda confronts Nate and is about to pull her gun (as I would suppose) when Ashley comes in and wrecks the moment. Damn, I thought it was going to be the end of him. Ashley says Jack is upstairs and it appears Conrad made a deal with the judge to get Jack out. Apparently, this good gesture is a good thing as Conrad thinks it’ll help restore his public image while he plans to run for office.

NolCorp: Daniel confronts Nolan about the holes found from the early days of NolCorp and this Carrion project. At the same time, Padma invites herself back to the company, as does Marco. Is it just me or is it weird they both came back at the same time? Nolan approaches Marco about the intel Daniel brought to him and is convinced Marco told him about it, although Marco maintains his innocence. After the auction and Padma indicating that Marco is being too harsh on her, Nolan once again confronts Marco about being a pain ever since he’s return. Nolan even reveals an email from Marco to Daniel’s personal email about Carrion, but Marco maintains it wasn’t him. But it doesn’t matter, Nolan kicks Marco out of the business (again).

And then the end! Padma is seen speaking to Helen about Carrion.

Finally, at least one answer about Padma’s existence. I was beginning to think she was there to be annoying (like the Ryan brothers), but it’ll be interesting to see what Helen’s plan is for Nolan or if she has one. Was a bit confused about how it plays into Helen’s world, but I’m pretty sure Emily doesn’t know about this. Still sick of the Stowaway storyline, but at least Jack isn’t behind bars and I just thought of something, does Emily even know what happened to them? Anyway, there’s my TwoCents, share yours below!

Next week: Collusion

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9 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Sabotage

  1. Julia says:

    Padma has always been acting suspiciously, which is too bad, because I liked seeing Nolan happy. (Then again, an unhappy Nolan probably means more snarky comments.)

    As for the old wine gone bad – was that supposed to be a metaphor for Emily and Daniel?

  2. oirish44 says:

    Wow! Since ‘some of us’ have been suspicious of Padma… we were rightly so!! I’m not surprised! At least we know now, who this girl REALLY works for! Arrrgh! Now, wondering where Marco has his loyalties? Heck maybe he’s more honest than we think? Or… he and Padma were giving each other some ‘interesting’ glances in the end… so maybe they’re both working for the ‘Initiative’??? More later…

    • jules says:

      I’m still a little suspicious of Marco, but I think it’s because maybe he’s a bit suspicious (and or jealous) of Padma. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one who figures her out.

      • oirish44 says:

        Perhaps Marco WILL figure her out, I think he is definitely suspicious of her already. Otherwise, how long will it take Nolan to figure?? Didn’t Nolan ‘dismiss’ Marco though, and tell him to get lost? I knew the minute Nolan pulled up that email, that Marco didn’t send it, and that it was probably Padma.

        • jules says:

          Nolan did tell Marco to get lost, but if Marco is indeed not a bad guy he’ll find a way back I’m sure, especially if he does figure Padma out.

  3. ttckeithg says:

    Finally got to see this episode! Wow, we sure were right about Padma! Too bad for Nolan. I really want to see him with someone and be happy. And maybe Marco really is a good guy? Too early to tell!

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