How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Band or DJ

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
Band or DJ

Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

Last week, Barney and Robin went from not dating at all to being engaged. Kind of extreme, yes, but romance has always been a bit crazy on this show. Still, it means there are going to be some issues to deal with for all involved.

Marvin won’t sleep, and Lily and Marshall are both going crazy. That won’t stop Lily from helping to plan Robin’s wedding. What might stop her, though, is the fact that Ted has taken over wedding planning duties, much to her dismay.

Barney and Robin have been discussing their engagement, which eventually leads to the revelation that Barney hasn’t asked her father for permission to marry her. Said dad is quite the scary guy. He claims to be a new person, but he immediately shoots down Barney’s request. So that kind of makes the debate as to whether the wedding music will be provided by a band or a DJ a bit of a side issue.

While Barney changes his hair color to (unsuccessfully) appeal to Mr. Scherbatsky, Marvin keeps crying and Robin checks out her father’s Facebook page against the advice of her friends. There, she learns that her father is married. When she confronts him, he’s trying to get Barney to shoot a rabbit to prove that he’s worthy of marriage. Setting this aside, Robin angrily tells her father that, because he can’t actually tell her about things going on in his life, he can’t come to her wedding.

Lily and Ted keep fighting, leading to his admission that he’s not actually as thrilled for Barney and Robin as he pretends to be. She, in turn, reveals that she sometimes struggles with being a mom and says they should both accept their circumstances. This is one of those happy episodes, clearly. Though at least neither of them are in the line of fire when little Marvin finally gets over the constipation that was troubling him. Marshall on the other hand…I apologize if you were eating.

Despite being a Barney/Robin shippers who’s getting tired of Ted constantly going back to Robin, I can’t help feeling sorry for him, even when Barney proves his worth by (sort of) smoothing things over between Robin and her dad. But not to worry- a flash forward has his inadvertently meeting Cindy, the girl he dated who turned out to be a lesbian. (Hey, it’s Ted). With the wedding weeks away and the band dropping out, Ted needs to book someone fast. And Cindy’s ex-roommate happens to be a base player in a wedding band. Of course, she’ll end up being a lot more than just that.

Next Week: Ring Up

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