Happy Endings – Recap & Review – Kickball 2: The Kickening

photo: abc

photo: abc

Happy Endings
Kickball 2: The Kickening

Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

Last night’s episode was originally produced for the second season and wasn’t aired last season because of scheduling conflicts. There are some noticeable differences in this episode, mainly the fact that Penny is single and looking for someone. Nonetheless, I’m glad ABC has finally decided to air this.

In this “lost” episode, Alex asks the gang to sign up for a kickball tournament to promote her store. Later, Alex finds out Jane is playing on an opposing team, pitting sister against sister. Meanwhile, Dave has the “yips” and is in fear of having an embarrassing incident occur. Read on for the recap!

Alex tells the group that she signed them up for the Northside Kickball Classic and is having her store, XELA, sponsor the team, since it is great advertising for her business. The group is not here for it and comes up with a bunch of excuses not to do it. After Alex says it could be the last chance they could do something like this together, they eventually cave in. Max assigns himself as player-manager and tells Dave that he’s kicking last because he still has the yips from the “incident”. The “incident” was when Dave accidentally kicked a kickball straight to Penny’s face. On their way to try on wigs, Alex and Penny run into Jane at Kaz’s Auto Body shop. It turns out that Jane signed up for their kickball team months ago and is honoring her commitment. Alex asks her to join them, and Jane says she likes to win, so that’s a no. Alex says this is exactly like when Jane stole her spot on “Babu The Green Monkey Funky Hour” and says team XELA will win.

Over at the first kickball game, Max is pessimistic about the team so he brings in another guy named Scotty to take Jane’s place, since Jane was the only good player on the team. After Dave strikes out, Alex gives out some inspiring thoughts and ends up kicking a home run for the team. The home run inspires the team, originally down 0-3, to win 4-3 and end up 1 win away from the championship game. Over at the bar, Alex tells the team that they have to cut Dave. The next day, Dave comes over to the dugout and finds that Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has joined the team (Brad knows Lance from his pilates gym). Dave then realizes that they have to replace someone on the team, and that someone is him.

Team XELA is down to their final out and Alex is now facing off against Jane. Jane takes off her jersey to reveal a Babu tee, which cause Alex to focus only on that and strike out. Over at the bar, the gang is pissed that the lost. Alex then realizes that the game was supposed to be about fun and she got drunk on winning. Jane then comes over to tell the group that she turned her team into the league for corking their sneakers with steel and got them disqualified, and that team XELA is now facing off against team Ivanov. She also says that she wanted to be ruthless with them, not against them. Alex feels terrible about the Lance thing, so she goes over to Dave’s and gives him some apology soup. She tells him that she realized that it’s about having fun with friends, not winning, and asks him to come back and play for the team. Dave says he actually wants his friends to win, so no, but he will be there to support them.

During the final inning, Ivavnov is beating XELA 3-0. When Scotty is on tap to play, he falls over, so Max asks Dave to step in. Penny tells Dave that hitting her with the kickball was an accident, and that he needs to stop putting pressure on himself & just have fun. We then go back to the opening scene where we see Dave actually kick the ball. The ball ends up hitting Penny, flying into the air, and being caught by the pitcher. Team Xela celebrates anyway. Well, not Penny. Penny’s on the ground crying “Why?!”

While this wasn’t the series funniest outing, I thought the episode had a couple big laughs. The kickball/dancing montage was hilarious, and the fact that Dave still hit Penny with the kickball had me rolling. What did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Favorite Lines:

Jane: “When I send $25, I expect a letter, Adolfo”

Jane: “You’re only as good as your weakest link. I’m talking about Yipsy-Ka-Yay mother failure over there”

Penny: “But you said you wanted to “taste the sweet nectar of victory because you were pretty sure it’d taste like blood, human blood”?” Jane: “Oh, it so does. Ohh”

Next Episode: The Ex Factor

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