The Office – Recap & Review – Lice

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Office

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Jim bites his lip accidentally a couple of times. And…that’s all that happens in the cold open. Yeah. Way to set the tone there, writers.

Pam is cracking under the pressure of having Jim away so much. Cece has lice so Pam stayed up all night disinfecting. Jim has a meeting with Dr. J. Yeah, that Dr. J. The basketball player one. I don’t know which Dr. J you’re thinking of.

The entire office ends up with the lice and Pam lets Meredith take the fall for it. Everyone but Dwight, Daryl, Nellie, and Kevin have it. Pam feels guilty for letting Meredith take the blame so she starts to ‘fess up, but Meredith is already shaving her head. Erin, who is familiar with lice since she was in orphanages and foster homes, suggests mayonnaise as a lice treatment. Pam offers to run out and get it. When she gets back, they all pair up to treat each other. Erin pairs up with Pete and they continue to be adorable together. Also, Pete is super hot with his shirt off. I’m just sayin’. Creed isn’t stoked about pairing up with Pam because he thinks she’s weird. Hello Pot, meet Kettle. He lets her treat him but bails on putting mayo in Pam’s hair, leaving her to do it herself.

Everyone’s walking around with a head full of mayo when Pam’s mom calls. Pam has to put her on speaker due to her hands being full of sandwich spread. Grandma says that Cece’s school called and she still has lice. Everyone knows that Pam is the cause now. Meredith orders Pam’s head shaved. Pam apologizes and then Dwight bug bombs himself. Twice.

While all that was happening, Jim was having a great time playing some one on one with Dr. J in his private gym. Definitely too busy to take calls from his harried wife.

At the end of day, Meredith asks Pam to go for a beer. They do and they have a great time singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the karaoke machine. I guess Meredith forgives Pam after all.

I don’t know about you, but my head was so itchy while I was watching this episode. I hate the thought of lice. Overall, I thought this episode was about as funny as lice, which was not at all. The cold open was incredibly weak. Your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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