The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Bakersfield Expedition

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Bakersfield Expedition

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2013

Kym – Senior Reviewer

There are some things a man doesn’t share with his girlfriend – and his “ComicCon makeup” is one of them. It’s true though – you shouldn’t share makeup – even if it’s better than what she’s got, I totally support Leonard not letting Penny borrow it. This week they’re going to Bakersfield ComicCon – as opposed to San Diego ComicCon that they just went to. He’s even taken a picture of them together with a newspaper showing the date – for when they don’t believe he has a girlfriend.

This is one of these moments when I wonder if Penny will ever really “get” Leonard.

On the road to Bakersfield, Sheldon has found a “hack” for Leonard’s GPS and it’s now his voice giving the turn by turn directions – along with random bits of trivia. It’s going to be a long drive. Unless they take a detour to Vasquez Rocks – where a lot of the “planet-side” scenes from the Star Trek series were filmed. They have their uniforms in the trunk – it would be a great photo-op for a group of geeks. Leonard is Picard, Raj is Worf, Sheldon is Data (how appropriate) and Howard is a Borg. That last one surprised me, but kudos on the costume that, according to Bernadette, he made himself. Unfortunately, while they’re taking their pictures – someone steals Leonard’s car, leaving them stranded on the roadside in their costumes – and without their phones. First they try to hitchhike – like the average person would stop for them. Leonard finally says they should just start walking and hope to run into a gas station. Sheldon asks if he thinks that he should be in charge just because he’s in a captain’s uniform and Leonard says yes. The ever logical Sheldon accepts this and they’re off – hiking through the desert in wool uniforms. Sheldon tries to inspire them to think of themselves as actually being a Star Trek landing party – stranded on a harsh and unforgiving planet – but is cut off mid sentence by a passing car throwing a soda at the “nerds”. Yeah, I hate this planet sometimes too. They finally end up at a diner in the middle of nowhere – where they’re told they should just have “Scotty beam them up” when Leonard asks to use the phone – duh – wrong version of the show. After the police report is filed and Howard’s mom helps arrange for a rental car only Raj still wants to go to the Con. Everyone else just wants to go home – where they find out what the girls have been doing all weekend.

In fact, the girls had their own plans for the weekend – starting with brunch – the only time it’s okay to have booze with breakfast apparently, although Sheldon doesn’t believe in it. He doesn’t like mixing meals like that. I’m not surprised. Surprisingly, it’s not just Penny that doesn’t understand the comic book thing – Amy doesn’t either. Bernadette’s the only one that seems to get it – that they’re in touch with their inner children. For the record – I get it too. I would love to go to a Con one day. And I think Bernadette’s got a great idea that they should read some comic books themselves – it really is kind of sad that they know so little about something that’s so important to the guys. And so they’re off to the comic book store – where they create quite a stir just by walking in the door. Stuart’s more than happy to make some recommendations though, as long as they don’t try to ask who the “best” superhero is. Personally, I prefer the anti-heroes, like Batman and Wolverine, but not because I “love a bad boy”, but because I like the more complex character development involved. But yeah, Thor is also kinda hot – so I’m not surprised that he was picked. After reading through the same comic book – they comment that it was “so dumb” and that they don’t understand how the guys get so into the stories and spend hours arguing about “things that aren’t even real”. Then they start arguing themselves about the properties of Thor’s hammer – and decide that they might have missed something and should read it again. That clearly doesn’t work – they’re still arguing after reading it again. In fact – they’re heading across the hall to dig into Sheldon and Leonard’s collection to read some more comic books to try to figure out who’s right about the hammer. So, there they are, sitting amongst a pile of comic books and a table full of take out – still arguing about who can or cannot pick up Thor’s hammer when the guys get home and stand, baffled, in the hallway listening to them argue. They decide that they must have crossed into an alternate universe during their trip and that they should investigate – but carefully – they might be hostile. Phasers are set to stun – if they vaporize Penny, Leonard’s sure he’ll never find a girlfriend that pretty again – when they enter the room as if they really were a Star Trek “away” party.

So, maybe Penny will eventually be able to understand Leonard after this week. All three of the girls have been “enlightened” to realize that comic books are more than most people think they are and not to be fooled by the fact that they’re “full of pictures”. I’m just a little disappointed that we didn’t see what happened after the guys went in though. I’m left to imagine their horror at the comic books strewn across the floor combined with their excitement to find that their girlfriends are getting into their hobbies. It’s a beautiful thing.

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2 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Bakersfield Expedition

  1. karen says:

    omg, i laughed so hard at this episode! I guess the Trekkie in me just loved seeing them in the outfits.

  2. mariatv101 says:

    Raj’s costume was my favourite. It was awesome seeing the most feminine out of the group dressed as manly Worf, and it worked, as long as he didn’t talk. Raj is my favourite character. How does he not have a girlfriend yet? I’d volunteer myself. We could communicate via tweeting.

    I’m glad the girls can understand the complexity of the comic book universe now, but I still get the feeling they don’t appreciate it, but at least they have made an effort. Although I can’t help but feel what Sheldon will probably feel about the situation. You don’t rifle through a man’s comic book collection without his permission!

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