Fringe – Recap & Review – The Boy Must Live



The Boy Must Live

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Holy moly, talk about information overload, the fans are getting quite a lot as we approach the season finale! This episode dives in and explains who the boy is and how he came about. We finally find out what also happened to September, our favorite Observer.

Our eyes are spared the shock that Olivia had to endure as she sees her father-in-law naked in The Tank, as he tries to open up his mind to the memory of September. In the meantime that Observer we love to hate jumps to the time of 2609.

I was happy to see the relationship between Walter and Peter has finally come full circle and Walter is remembering the finer points of the great memories that he had. He explains that when the boy touched him, he understood and remembered many of the things that were long forgotten. I am happy that the show rewarded us with such a wonderful relationship that has grown over the past five seasons.

By the time we reach 30 min into our program, I have to wonder what happened to our Olivia. She hasn’t said a word and seems to have taken the backseat in the investigation. Remember…she was/is a FBI agent!

Following Walter’s tank-memory, they find Donald/September in an apartment and he immediately connects with the boy. We learn he took the name Donald after Donald O’Connor in Singing in the Rain that he and Walter enjoyed watching. He then explains who the boy is: When Observers were created, all emotions were taken out so that intelligence would increase. But one showed that his brain developed differently and had the intelligence and the emotions. This boy is September’s offspring. September liked how humans loved their sons.

September suggests taking the boy back to 2167 when scientist thought they had to sacrifice emotion and prove that he can exist with emotion and intelligence. Then Observers would never exist or invade our world. Seems Walter and Sept were going to do just that when Walter got Ambered. Sept lost his ability to move thru time because of his interference. He became human as his punishment…which he is happy for. I must admit I am happy too, but it’s weird seeing him with hair. Ha!

Finally, Olivia talks!! She is excited with the thought that if they can get the boy through some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, then time will be reset and Etta will be back. I was kind of hoping for a man in a blue box to appear and yell Allons-y! But it was asking too much.

Walter learns that for the plan to work he would have to sacrifice himself. This did not make me happy in the least! Poor Sept came to tears as he talks to Walter about how they discussed this in the past. Remember the drawing of the white tulip? Sept explains that when Walter doubted himself, the tulip would give him hope and courage.

My question is; why did the boy get off the train? How will Walter sacrifice himself to save the world from Observers? Is the Observer we love to hate getting hate? Did I miss anything else? Tell me what you thought of the show.

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3 Responses to Fringe – Recap & Review – The Boy Must Live

  1. Christie says:

    It feels like the more answers we get the more questions we have. I don’t know how it can wrap up in two hours. What’s great is we get to see AltOlivia & Lincoln. I too wonder why Anna Torv has been given such a back seat this season. Maybe it will end with them back in Central.Park with no Observers coming.

    • karen says:

      Thanks for the comment, I wonder if Walter sacrafices himself in his current world, he would still be alive when it all resets itself. I would love to see it end where now that Peter and Walter have a great relationship (compared to season 1) they get to enjoy it and the grandchild.

  2. Bellaherna says:

    Agree Christie on all points!

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