Last Resort – Recap & Review – Damn The Torpedoes

photo: abc

photo: abc

Last Resort
Damn The Torpedoes

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome back. Tonight’s episode provides the set-up for a possible coup in DC and a possible mutiny on Sainte Marina. The episode starts with Chaplin planning on taking the Colorado out to sea to escort the Chinese supply ship. A U.S. destroyer has orders to intercept and prevent the supply ship from reaching shore. Cortez receives orders from the CIA to immediately kill Marcus Chaplin.

In DC, a group is planning a coup against the president. Grace’s father, Admiral Shepard, has somehow broken out of prison and is involved in the coup. Several generals are also present. The House Speaker is given a copy of the executive order to assassinate the Pakistani nuclear inspector. Kylie provides the helmet cam footage from Hopper. The House Speaker would assume the presidency after the coup. (photo is House Speaker on left, Admiral Shepard in center)

On the island, Julian confronts Sophie with a test vial that shows there are rare Earth minerals on the island. He had someone else conduct a test. He offers to run the island in partnership with Sophie. He doesn’t want any harm to the island, but does want to profit from the minerals. He offers to allow Sophie to be his “conscience” while running the island.

COB and several sailors are planning a mutiny against Chaplin. Sam stumbles into the meeting, overhears the conversation, and flees. In the woods, COB catches up to Sam and the two get into a brawl. They eventually stop fighting and start a verbal debate instead.

Out at sea, Captain Thorne of the destroyer U.S.S. Patrick Lawrence is determined to stop the supply ship. Even though the destroyer is massively outgunned by the Colorado, Thorne believes Chaplin will not fire. I feel like if navy were serious about stopping the supply ship, they would’ve sent more ships to intercept. This felt like more of a PR trap to make Chaplin look like the “bad guy” for sinking an inferior armed ship.

On the Colorado, Grace suggests to Chaplin to reduce the torpedo payload by 80%. Not sure why Chaplin didn’t think of something like this. He seems to usually be on the ball with similar creative solutions. James says he has munitions training and can rig the torpedo. A modified torpedo would only damage the destroyer, not sink it. Chaplin agrees to the modification.

As time winds down, the destroyer fires guns on the Chinese supply ship. Chaplin orders firing torpedo 1, a fully armed torpedo, but Grace disobeys, waits several more seconds, and then says a modified torpedo in tube 3 is ready to go. The modified torpedo is fired, the destroyer is hit, but she remains intact and turns away.

Chaplin is pissed at Grace. She explains that she did it to protect him. She may have also done it because she had friends who served on the destroyer. Chaplin warns her that there will probably be another time in the future when he gives an order that she might disagree with, and he expects her to carry out the order.

In DC, the secret service is also in on the coup, but will protect the president from being mistreated even if overthrown. One of the generals wants to back out of the coup. He tries to leave the meeting, but is shot. Kylie is traumatized by the event, and is consoled by her ex-boyfriend.

Cortez walks into Chaplin’s cabin with a pistol. She decides not to kill him. She admits that she is the CIA mole, but tells Chaplin that she is not his enemy. It soon turns out that Chaplin was also hiding a pistol under the book (Bible?) that he was pretending to be reading when Cortez entered his cabin.

COB seems to have lured Sam into the dark side. Sam wants to know the details of COB’s plans before agreeing to help him.

Julian tells the Chinese envoy about the rare Earth minerals on the island.

Near the beginning of the episode, Sam had kind of confessed to Sophie that he had feelings for her, but that his feelings made him feel awful because it seemed like a betrayal to his wife. He asks her to leave him alone. Near the end of the episode, Sam apologizes to Sophie. Sophie tells him that as a Frenchwoman, she is not afraid of complicated feelings. Things aren’t always easy. But she still wants to be friends with him. Before they can speak further, Julian interrupts by honking his car horn and Sophie leaves with him.

The Chinese supplies make it to shore and Chaplin is treated like a hero. Chaplin accepts Sam back into the fold, not suspecting that Sam and the COB are possibly plotting against him.

What did you guys think of this episode? Would the Chinese envoy really care about the minerals on the island? Will Sam decide to stay loyal to Chaplin? Will the coup against the president be set into motion? Will it succeed? What happens to Chaplin and the Colorado if the coup against the president does succeed? Perhaps they everyone gets to go home and live happily ever after.


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2 Responses to Last Resort – Recap & Review – Damn The Torpedoes

  1. Jim says:

    Jung Lee is a fantastic, complex character. I don’t see him caring much about the rare earth elements (rare earth minerals aren’t really that rare). There was a noticable expression of contempt when Julian approached him. The envoy seems very aware he’s in a chess game and has reason to remain ambiguous.

    • vinchi2c says:

      I agree that the Chinese envoy likely doesn’t care much about the minerals. And even if he does, the next episode hints that he would still rather have Marcus Chaplin in charge of the island and take care of the minerals. Definitely saw that Jung (recently learned that his name might be spelled “Zheng” though is pronounced kind of like a ‘J’) dislikes Julian.

      Thanks for reading, Jim.

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