Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Things We Said Today

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Things We Said Today

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Welcome back to Seattle Grace Mercy Death! Ever since Cristina gave the hospital that moniker, I’ve had a hard time calling it by anything else. But that’s not necessarily an insult. Because tonight’s episode was one of the best in recent memory and was definitely a Kleenex affair!

The best hours of Grey’s infuse tears with joy, and tonight added some snarky wit to boot! All doctors were present and accounted for, and the interns finally proved how they work best… intermingled with seasoned cast members. We had endings, beginnings, and Jackson Avery without his shirt… what more could we want?

Adele Webber: We open right where we left off, with Adele going into surgery, Bailey removing her wedding dress, and Ben wondering wherefore art thy fiancé. Bailey has to be reminded by Leah to notify her betrothed that she is going into surgery, so she has Leah make the call. The surgery reveals that Adele has an aortic aneurysm that has torn into her duodenum. Richard is beside himself, knowing that if he had continued to visit Adele, he may have noticed the symptoms sooner. Meredith arrives and assists Bailey with the operation, while they send Leah to comfort Richard in the gallery. And Leah shows her first signs of humanity as she keeps Richard calm by having him talk her through the procedure. Richard’s watchful eye also helps, as he is able to identify an option which helps make the surgery a success. After the operation, Adele awakens in recover, grateful that Richard is there.

Bailey’s Wedding: With her nerves on high alert last episode, the wedding is the furthest thing from Bailey’s mind as she operates on Adele. But when Ben arrives post-surgery, Bailey admits that for 20 minutes, while caring for Adele, she completely forgot about the wedding. But Ben proves that he is everything Tucker wasn’t when he reminds her that he too is a doctor, and would expect nothing less during patient care. He knows, being in Los Angeles, that they may only get five minutes every other month, but they both know how valuable those minutes are. After Bailey proclaims that she loves him “more than I can hold in my heart”, we fade to the two being pronounced husband and wife at their wedding. Leaving the altar, they jump the broom, and head to the five-hour delayed reception, where the mac and cheese cupcakes are sadly all gone. Seriously, I’m hungry for those now! Bailey notices that Richard has arrived, but is whisked to her first dance before she can ask after Adele. Meredith, realizing there’s only one reason Richard would leave Adele’s side, has her fears confirmed that Adele has passed away, from a post-surgery heart attack. Watching the wedded couple’s first dance, Richard imagines himself dancing with Adele to “My Funny Valentine” as tears role down his cheeks.

Owen/Cristina: The two are post-coital when we open, with Owen wanting to relish the moment and not discuss lawsuits or divorce. Their reverie is interrupted by a massive motorcycle crash, which Cristina dubs Bowling for Bikers as they all went down like ten pins. It’s a motorcycle club, Seattle Storm Chasers, led by Gasoline (played by Dale Dickey, also known as Patty the Daytime Hooker from My Name Is Earl). When nerdy Stuart is taken into surgery, admitting he was the first bike down, and Gasoline refuses treatment until she sees him, Owen worries that she’s going to hurt him. But it turns out all she wants to do is make sure she presents him with a club jacket patch in case he dies. A fellow biker explains that Stuart is the group’s account, but he’s become part of the family, and being part of the club is like being let out of a life-cage. Owen takes the words to heart, telling Cristina that they should go ahead with the divorce, since their marriage has only made them miserable. They quietly, with tears, sign their divorce papers and seal it with a kiss. Is this the end of Cristina and Owen?

Callie and Arizona: During the delayed wedding, Arizona takes the lead and gets the sexually frustrated couple a hotel room. But once in the room, Arizona puts the brakes on sex, first not wanting to take off her leg in front of her wife, and then admitting she’s not ready for sex. She’s fearful that Callie will run, and begs her to be patient. Callie reassures her that she’s not going anywhere, reminding her wife how she stood by her after their car accident (and reminding us of the musical episode). The two cuddle and agree on a good-old fashioned high school make out session. They may have missed Bailey’s ceremony, but I was truly happy to see them well on the road to a healed relationship. Who would have thought they would have one of the healthiest romances on the show?

Alex/Jo: Since they were drinking at the delayed wedding, Alex and Jo are unable to go to the hospital to help with the motorcycle victims. So Alex and “Hobo” Jo saddle up to the bar, one-upping each other with stories of their tragic childhoods. But while Jo has been wishy washy most of the season, the holiday break did her well and she is actually enjoyable in her banter with Alex, giving as good as she gets. She bests him with fake tears after he calls her a garbage eater, and then instructs him on how male tears are actually more effective. The two stage a tearful fight, procure a hotel room key, where they drunkenly raid the mini-bar and chase the room’s actual occupant away. We don’t see the two actually hook-up, but it’s clearly coming.

Avery/Stephanie & April/Shane: The other resident and intern couplings are slightly more awkward. April is flirty friendly with Shane and he panics, assuming she wants to jump his bones. It turns out she either doesn’t or doesn’t know she wants to, but the two end up sharing nothing more than wine. Avery and Stephanie make goo-goo eyes at each other all hour, mostly above their scrubs. And then they end up going at it in his car, even though he declares he doesn’t want to be gross or Karev. I’m not entirely sold on the pairing, as they have yet to have a real conversation, but I’m definitely on board with Stephanie’s request that he never put his shirt back on!

And while Meredith was largely just a supporting cast member this hour, she did have one beautiful moment… She climbed into Derek’s hospital bed and made him promise not to put her in a nursing home if she ever gets Alzheimer’s.

Did you feel the rollercoaster of emotions I did this hour? Almost everything worked seamlessly, and it just felt like one of the strongest, interwoven hours we’ve seen this season. And now that you have my TwoCents, share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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One Response to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Things We Said Today

  1. Arwen says:

    I just loved Meredith. She was so grounded, like an anchor for everybody to hold on to. She was exactly like I wished her to become: calm, unfazed (like one who has seen enough in her time:), thinking on her feet, and all this without loosing her human touch, like when she realized that Richard being at the wedding can mean only one thing.
    I also liked Gasoline a lot, she made quite a believable character, and a nice addition to the show.
    About Avery: I can’t help but think that he would be better of with anyone BUT April. Seeing him shirtless reinforced my belief that that April girl is not in her right mind…

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