Parenthood – Recap & Review – Small Victories

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Small Victories

Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2013

Jules – News Editor

The Bravermans are once again dealing with a lot this week, with heartbreak at the top of the list. It felt like we spanned the drama gamut tonight being hit from all sides and I’m pretty pooped. Luckily, there was one story that was on the lighter side to break up the emotional punches, which is just the way I like it.

Tonight is about small victories because sometimes small wins are better than none and yet, I’m not sure we really got any real victories (except for one), but hey, one is better than none, right?

Drew/Amy: If you saw the promos from last week, you knew what was coming. It was only time until this show tackled teenage pregnancy and now here we are. Drew’s reaction when Amy told him was priceless. Amy immediately sets up a meeting at Planned Parenthood to get a confirmation and then a consultation, but it seems she already has made up her mind that there’s only one option and it’s not to keep the baby. Drew has always been the emotional one and he’s clearly torn between being supportive and wanting to keep the baby. At this point I’m having flashbacks to Friday Night Lights and Becky and Luke and their differences. Anyway, Drew goes to Amber for support and she’s totally there for him while his heart is just breaking. When Drew and Amy sit in the waiting room waiting for her name to be called, it was one of the longest scenes without any dialogue. And when it’s all over, the emotional disconnect from Amy seemed unlike her, but then, we really don’t know her and yet you can sense Drew still just breaking inside. And he does breakdown, in front of his mom, but you know she’ll give him all the support he’ll need. Drew doesn’t get a lot of big stories and Miles Heizer just knocked it out of the park I think with this one. His emotions were just so real. More Miles, please!

Julia/Joel/Victor: After last week’s baseball bat incident, it seems the tension between Julia and Victor are unrepairable and we are heading towards a very predictable end to this story. Victor’s now refusing to eat, which later leads to Julia knocking him on the ground when she tries to take away a container of candy. Things hit a high point when Victor calls the police and to come respond to a child abuse case. No one gets in trouble, but when trying to talk to Victor is impossible, it seems Julia is ready to give in, while Joel’s not willing to give up as easily. The case social worker ends up coming to talk to them (because the police were called) to say they are doing their best they can and will offer any help she can provide. I’m surprised they haven’t been talking to her before. At one point the social worker asks if the troubles with Victor mean they might not go through with the adoption. Joel immediately denies any changes, but Julia says she’s second guessing her abilities if she can do it. I’m interestied in seeing where this does end up because Joel and Julia have mostly been on the same side with everything else until Victor.

Jasmine/Crosby/Renee: Life with Renee is off to a rocky start for Crosby. She’s using the bathroom too long and making food that Crosby just doesn’t like. Things look up when Renee got a job offer, but it’s not good news since she turns it down thinking she can wait for the right fit. Crosby’s definitely not happy with the news and with Jasmine’s brother also hanging around, he just can’t seem to get a break. I understand where Renee’s coming from and it seems Crosby might be getting there, too. He’s definitely looking like the bad guy after Renee’s speech about losing the job she loved and had meaning in her life. And I do believe there will be a happy ending here at some point.

Max: In between all the heavy hitting drama, was a lighter arch and it came courtesy of Max hitting puberty. This show has always been able to tell Max’s Asperger’s with great truth and honesty and this week I think they did it again. There were just enough bursts of humor to balance the story itself and the rest of the episode, from Kristina shouting “Skittles” to the very uncomfortable talk Max has with Zeek in the kitchen about pubic hair and ejaculation in the presence of Camille and a horrified Kristina. Alongside these lighter moments did come some truths. Adam seems to be doing a good job having “the talk” with Max, but when Adam starts talking about girls and sexual feelings, Max stops to say he’s not ready to have that talk yet. That really hit me. Adam and Kristina know it won’t be easy for Max as he gets older, but at least they can claim a small victory (however it may come) in that Max is now showering and not stinky anymore.

Almost as an afterthought, but there was some Sarah, Hank and Mark stuff, but I’m kind of over this triangle. Sarah needs to make up her mind because the guys are just not going to let up until she does.

And with that I think we are all drained out with what happened. With only two episode left for the season, there’s still some stories to finalize from the future of Victor, Drew’s aftermath, Renee’s future and of course, the love triangle. Also, I think Max had my favorite line of the night with “I wish people could shed their skin like lizards.” What did you think of the episode and what do you hope for the last two episodes of season four? Share your TwoCents below.

Next week: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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4 Responses to Parenthood – Recap & Review – Small Victories

  1. Sydney says:

    I don’t think that the baby was Drew’s. I think that’s the biggest reason why Amy shut him out when he was being so sweet. Deep down, she knew that it was the guy from camp’s baby, yet she just wanted someone to support her (which she knew Drew would do since he is so tender-hearted).

    • Susan says:

      You know I immediately wondered about the baby not being Drew’s. Her reaction would make more sense that way. On the Victor situation, I hate to say it but I would have to empathize with Julia. I have worked with children similar to him and it is very challenging and complicated. Those kids will undermine any possibility of a good situation and they see destroying the situation as an opportunity of having the control they don’t normally have over their lives. They would rather be the one pushing away than risk it not working.

  2. karenb says:

    I didn’t have any doubt the baby was Drew’s… She’d been with him for a while now, if it was the other guy’s she would’ve been much further along. I took Amy’s distance to be in line with her character… she only got back with Drew when he played the aunt-cancer card, she didn’t seem truly vested in the relationship. Now, with her mixed emotions and feelings, she simply just pulled away emotionally.

    I still can’t believe that Julia’s whole household hasn’t been in counseling this whole time. They didn’t bring a naive toddler into their home. It was a fully realized person that needed to be integrated into their family.

  3. jules says:

    I; too, didn’t have any doubt that baby was Drew’s. How they got together seemed like a precursor to this happening and I never imagined them to stay together through the season.

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