New Girl – Recap & Review – Cabin

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New Girl

Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2013

Divina F – TwoCents Reviewer

Jess and Sam are going away for a romantic cabin weekend. So naturally, she’s nervous about being alone with him. To solve the problem, she invites Nick to bring Angie.

At first Nick is opposed, arguing that his and Angie’s relationship is not a conventional one. But since it’s free he’s in. Having watched Cabin in the Woods I was not expecting anything good to come out of this.

Back in the city, Schmidt is concerned that Winston hasn’t been allowed to fully be himself. His black self. I’ll admit that while I was happy to see Winston getting more of a storyline in the episode, the white guilt thing was cringe-worthy. At least Winston understood what was happening and basically made Schmidt look like an idiot. I did get worried when he manipulated Schmidt into driving to a shady part of town, presumably to score some drugs. (Although Winston was obviously mentally backpedaling at that point.)

The cabin belongs to Sam’s boss, and almost right away Angie has found a couple of rifles and doesn’t think twice about going outside to fire them. Jess accidentally shoots the transformer, so they’re left without power but decide to enjoy the weekend anyway, especially since Angie has also found some absinthe in the closet. They all drink – Jess a little too much, which leads Nick to go check on her as he is surprisingly the most sober. Angie misunderstands him when he says he’s going upstairs and tries to make a move on Sam, thinking that the whole reason the four of them went up to the cabin was to have a sexy switch party. Nick pretends to be blase about it but later – under the influence of more absinthe – admits that he was hurt. Once he sobers up again, he tells Angie that he has feelings for her and wants to meet her halfway between her rebelliousness and his secret yearning for a steady relationship.

The next morning she’s gone.

I’m not too sad to see her go. The premise of New Girl seems to rely on the main characters going through short term relationships that they will eventually learn from. Those of you in the Nick/Jess camp –  I don’t know where I sit on this, personally (I’m too tired to stand just now.) – are probably glad to see Angie go because in some way it might be building on the relationship that might become an actual relationship. Thoughts?

Either way, Jess and Sam are still together; however, I will say it doesn’t look like their relationship got any stronger in this episode. (Of course, Sam still gets points for rejecting Angie even while he was drunk.) I’m looking forward to seeing how much more they grow – or crumble – now that they’re a real couple.

Favorite Nick Miller quote:

“The last time I tried Absinthe, I tried to put my car in my pocket.”

Next Week: A Father’s Love


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Divina Fuentes is an English Major with a shit sense of direction and very little ambition. She writes poetry and fiction and enjoys running in the rain with her doberman. Currently she resides smack somewhere in the middle of the Valley in California.
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One Response to New Girl – Recap & Review – Cabin

  1. jeffkeyz says:

    Damn. No more Munn. 😦

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