Happy Endings – Recap & Review – Ordinary Extraordinary Love

photo: abc

photo: abc

Happy Endings
Ordinary Extraordinary Love

Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In last night’s latest episode, Max is sad that he can’t meet a nice guy because he doesn’t fit into a specific category, so Jane & Derek decide to scour the city with Max so he can find out who he is. Meanwhile, Brad starts to think that Jane doesn’t think he’s man enough, so he & Dave decide to “man it up” and fix a light dimmer.

Also, Alex welcomes a huge pop star to her store, and when she tries to use her to get publicity for her store things get a little crazy. Read on for the recap!

After Jane mentions that she sold 4 cars at the dealership that day, Penny says it’s cool how cool Brad is with Jane being the main breadwinner. When Jane asks Brad to call a guy to fix their light dimmer, Brad takes this as her thinking he’s not man enough to fix it. Dave offer to help install it with him so they can “man it up”. Later, Jane comes by and tells the guys she thinks it’s great that they’re installing the dimmer themselves. Dave takes this as sarcasm, so the guys want to show her they can do it…right after they get tools in the morning.

Dave & Brad finish installing the dimmer, but a spark occurs and the power goes out. Brad thinks that the circuit breaker broke. When Brad accuses of Dave of not knowing what a circuit breaker is, Dave thinks Brad is questioning his manhood so he calls himself more of a man than Brad. The two then have a ma-am, which includes arm wrestling, naming sharks, and a pissing contest. Brad tells Jane that the only reason he did all this was because she was making him feel insecure about his manhood. Jane tells him not to get freaked out that she’s making mad coin, and that the manhood stuff is all in his head.

Max is sad that he can’t meet a nice guy because they always come to him, so Jane suggests he got out more. Max goes out to a bar that night and tells Jane & Derek that no one spoke to him. Derek tells him that it was twink night at that bar, and no one spoke to him because he’s not a twink. Max wonders what category he fits into, so Jane suggest they go out and find Max’s identity. Jane maps out every gay subculture gathering in the city and says they’ll hit them all until they find out what Max is.

They try out ostrich, ginger snaps, sitcom gays, and accidentally end up at a lesbian bar. Max believes he doesn’t fit into any of the subcultures they saw, so he gets ready to shave his chest (with greek yogurt) so he can go to power seal night. Derek says that Max is lucky not to be in a category. Jane tells him not to bend to fit into other people’s groups, but to make his own. So Max empties the bar and makes it Optimistic Red Velvet Walrus night. After the gang comes in to support him, Max meets a guy named Alan.

After Alex gives a restaurant name (and one of her dresses) to someone, Penny tells her that someone is a huge pop star named Winnie McCray. Penny suggests that they tip of the paparazzi so Winnie gets photographed in the dress and makes Xela dresses huge. While they’re waiting behind a car for Winnie to come out, Alex says she feels bad. Penny tells her that Winnie probably wanted her to leak it so the paps would come. When Winnie comes out, her date, Kyle, is overwhelmed and leaves. Winnie McCray goes crazy (I’m really sorry, it was too easy) and suffers a meltdown, breaking a photographers camera and screaming on top of Penny’s car.

Later, Alex says she just wanted good publicity, so Penny says she’ll go outside the now paparazzi swarmed store and spin the story. She tells the paparazzi the dresses are the story and asks what is it about the dresses that makes good girls go bad. Alex capitalizes on the scandal by selling Winnie related shirts. Winnie comes into the store and says she knows they called the paparazzi. She also says she really liked Kyle. Penny tells her she saw a PR opportunity and just went with it, and that they didn’t mean to hurt her. Winnie wishes she had privacy to date. Since Alex called the paparazzi again, Penny decides to pose as a decoy so Winnie can escape. Alex takes Winnie to “Stake Me Home Tonight” so she & Kyle can have a date.

I’m a little bit conflicted on last night’s episode. The Max storyline, though a little cliché ridden, was hilarious and heartfelt, while I felt the Dave/Brad man-off wasn’t that funny and brought the episode down a little. What did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Favorite Lines:

Penny: “Oh my god, I’m gonna die!” Alex: “Me too! I mean we all are, but why are we talking about that now, it’s sad”

Alex: “Honestly, I haven’t been too interested in music since Smash Mouth left the game”

Alex: “I’m just trying to run an honest Christian establishment”

Alex: “Look at KFC. Sorry guys, but you are always going to be Kitchen Fresh Chicken to me”

Max: “I guess no one will ever love me. Now I know how webisodes feel”

Dave: “I am a scruffy power bottom because I have a goatee and I do lots of glute exercises” Derek: “You’re reasoning is wrong, but your conclusion is correct”

Next episode: Kickball 2: The Kickening

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