Emily Owens, M.D. – Recap & Review – Emily and…the Love of Larping

photo: cw

photo: cw

Emily Owens, M.D.
Emily and…the Love of Larping

Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In tonight’s episode, Emily decides that she’s in a rut and needs to shake some things up in her life. After Tyra suggests that Emily should have a one night stand, Cassandra sets Emily up on a blind date with a teacher named Scott. Does Will end up getting jealous over Emily’s date?

Also, a case of Micah’s ends up going terribly wrong and has him thinking about some things in his life. Finally, Emily takes care of a larper (Live Action Role Player). Read on for this week’s recap!

While Emily & Will are in the ER, they take care of a patient named Tom who calls himself King Paravell. Tom is a larper who has a regular desk job doing data entry. He insists that his name is Paravell, until he falls from his bed and tells the doctors he can’t see. Will thinks that Tom’s crazy and suggests he has conversion disorder. Emily doesn’t think he is, but says to do some tests to make sure there’s nothing neurologically wrong with him. While Tom is undergoing a scan, Emily answers his phone and talks to his fellow larper, Astral. After the scan, Tom undergoes a psych consultation and says he’s not crazy & just likes to larp. Astral comes in to visit him and tells the docs that she saw him limping. Emily pokes his leg and thinks that he could have a clot in his leg and eyes, so she suggests they try to dissolve the clots in a hyperbaric chamber.

During his time in the chamber, Tom tells Emily he feels different when he puts on his costume and whishes he was Paravell. Tom then starts breathing heavily, leaving Emily to think that the clot moved to his lung. Before Tom’s surgery, Astral tells Emily she cares about him, so Emily tells her to tell him that when he gets out of surgery. During Tom’s surgery, Will tells Emily he still thinks Tom is crazy. Emily tells Will that she understands Tom. After Tom makes it through a bumpy surgery, Astral tells Tom that she likes him and he’s the reason that she LARPs.

Another medical story dealt with a business woman named Diana. Diana came in with chest pain and it turns out she has reduced movement in one of the walls of her heart. The docs suggest that she do a cardiac cath so they can see how blocked her arteries are, but Diana wants to get discharged and see a doctor in New York. Later, Diana collapses and it turns out she had a heart attack. The docs found significant clots and need to do a bypass right away. Diana takes this as a warning sign and tells her husband she needs to make changes and slow down. She also suggests that they pick up and go when she’s done with surgery, After Diana’s husband learns her surgery went well, he tells Gina he only flew in to tell her he was leaving her and asks when it would be appropriate to tell her. Gina says 4-6 weeks.

The last case dealt with a woman who went in with stomach pains and found out she had ovarian cancer. Micah is her doctor and tells her she had to do a hysterectomy, then chemotherapy. She and her daughter, Stacy, don’t have that great of a relationship and tend to fight a lot. After the woman finds out that her cancer hasn’t spread & the surgery was successful, she & Stacy fight over getting her mom some lipstick. While Stacy is out getting her mom’s lipstick, her mother suffers cardiac arrest and dies. Micah tells her he’s sorry. Later, Micah finds out that Stacy is suing him for medical malpractice. After Micah has a, what he thinks is unsuccessful, talk with Stacy, he learns that Stacy dropped the charges.

After the drama with Stacy, Micah breaks up with Kelly. He tells her that he’s not where he should be & isn’t there with her yet. Seems like the writers are inching ever closer to getting Micah and Emily together.

After Emily tells Tyra that she’s in a rut and needs to shake things up, Tyra suggests Emily have a one night stand. Cassandra tells Emily that she’ll take care of it and tells Will she wants to set her up with a teacher named Scott. Will tells her that Emily would never go on a blind date. Later, Tyra mentions Scott to Emily. Emily tells her she’s not the blind date type. After Will tells Emily that she’s predictable, she tells him that she’ll go on the date. After Emily shows up to the blind double date, Will asks her if she came because he said she’s predictable. She says no. Will tells Cassandra he’s not sure that Scott’s right for Emily and Cassandra says he’s acting jealous. Will tries to hide this by saying he’s protective and Cassandra tells him Emily just wants to get laid. After Scott and Emily kiss on the dance floor, Scott starts to breathe weird and reveals that he has a peanut allergy. While they’re at the hospital, Scott asks if Emily wants to continue things over at his place. Emily says she just wants to be friends. The two then come to the conclusion that they have nothing in common. Later, Will tells Emily he couldn’t see her with Scott because he didn’t seem like her type. Emily thinks he’s jealous, which means that he likes her.

I’m not a huge fan of the love triangles, and my feelings about them are not changed with this show. Along with that, I found it to be a pretty subpar episode. What did you guys think? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Emily and…the Social Experiment

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