TwoCents and Five Questions with Max Greenfield (New Girl)

what the schmidt?

what the schmidt?

Max Greenfield, Actor

Max Greenfield is no stranger to television. Before starring as Schmidt on New Girl, he had recurring roles on such shows as Veronica Mars, Raising the Bar, Ugly Betty, and Greek. He guest-starred on many other shows and has appeared in various TV and feature films. But no character has been quite as memorable as Schmidt. Whether he’s throwing one of his parties or putting money in the Douchebag Jar, he keeps his roommates, and the audience, in stitches. During a recent conference call, Max talked about what’s coming up for himself and for Schmidt in 2013; including his first nomination for a Golden Globe as a supporting actor!

TheTwoCents: What were you doing when you heard of the Golden Globe nomination, and how does it feel to be recognized?
Max Greenfield: Well, it feels wonderful especially in such a kind of odd category, where they have people from movies and miniseries and dramas. And all of a sudden they’re like well, the nominees are Ed Harris and Schmidt from New Girl. So, to hear that was kind of— I don’t know, it felt really nice. It always feels nice to be recognized for the work that you do, and especially in such a kind of cool and big awards show like the Golden Globes, it’s going to be a lot of fun just to participate in an event like that. ​As far as where I was, it was five in the morning and I was very much asleep.

TTC: In the last episode Schmidt and Cece seemed to have smoothed over any hostility. So I wanted to know, is there any chance of them to get back together? And do you want to see them together?
MG: ​I think there’s always a chance. And personally, yes, I’d like to see them back together. You try to play the character and make it as personal as possible and at this point, Schmidt is working so hard to get back with her that I think I personally kind of want to just win already.

TTC: You’ve had some really pretty hilarious moments on the show. Is there a certain scene or a line that stands out to you as a favorite?
MG: I guess I quite enjoyed the flashback scene this year, how Nick and Schmidt met in college, where he just showed up in his dorm room, and Schmidt was eating Ramen.

TTC: My first question is, I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your new film, They Came Together, that you filmed this past summer?
MG: Oh my God. I’m very excited about this. David Wain and Michael Showalter wrote it. David directed it. It stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd who were about the biggest dream I could ever ask for to go work with. I would find myself in scenes with them and I would be like, just watching. I realized—I was like, you probably should pay attention to where you’re supposed to be in the scene and not just be going, “How are they doing this?” They just were two of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with. I played Paul’s brother, and it’s just one of the funniest movies. I had such a good time on it. It was a real blast.

TTC: So, working on this film and, of course you work on New Girl, so what would you say—I don’t know if you would have a preference. Do you like working on TV shows better or working on film better?
MG: I don’t know. A lot of it’s all the same. I think the best days are the days where everything is clicking and it’s working and you’re having fun and you’re with the people that you really enjoy working with, and those days—whether it’s on a film or TV, are just heaven.

New episodes of New Girl return tonight at 9PM ET on FOX. The Golden Globes air this Sunday, January 13, at 8PM ET on NBC, hosted by Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.

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