Justified – Recap & Review – Hole in the Wall

photo: fx

photo: fx

Hole in the Wall 

Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to the start of season four of Justified. This season we have no idea what to expect. One thing that I know that we can expect is to see a lot more of Boyd Crowder. He has always been one of my favorites on this show. He has this spirit about him that radiates from this show. Last season we had Quarles there was a lot of back and forth that kept going on with him. There was also Limehouse who paled in comparison to Mags Bennett from the second season.

At the end of the last season we saw that Winona had decided to go through her pregnancy on her own without Raylan by her side. We can tell that he is still in love with her and really wants to be included in the baby’s life. Here is hoping that this season will be a lot better than the last. Lets see how this goes.

Starting out this week was a flash back to 1983. We see someone that landed on the ground with a bag and a bunch of drugs surrounding him. We jump to present day with a woman who knew Raylan from his past. She asks for his help with tracking someone down in Lexington. We see some guy come up with a bag of burgers and a woman turned him away when he attempted to get in. Raylan sees him as he gets back into his car, smashes his window and cuffs him, then calls the lady to let her know.

Raylan: His personality seems to be changing a lot. He has been changing a lot because of the issues with Winona and their unborn child. He put a man in the trunk because he was bothering him when he was trying to bring him in. He went up to his dad’s house and we could see that he has really changed, not a care in the world really. Even though the house had been broken into he really did not seem to care. He goes down to a hardware store to pick up a few things and the woman that was attempting to rob his house was there and drops a box of screws, even flashes him to try and get his attention away as they stole his car. They were planning on selling the car for scrap and having it crushed with the man locked in the trunk.  Raylan managed to get his car back without killing anyone and he even managed to get the fugitive that he is after. He visits Arlo in prison to talk to him about the bag in the wall. Arlo says that he knows nothing until he slips about it being in the wall when Raylan mentioned nothing about it. It seems as though Raylan is trying to make money for his upcoming child.

Boyd:  When we see him, he seems to have gone back his church ways for a moment and then starts talking about his Oxy business. He seems to be getting into that business in a big way. He seems to be making his push into all illegal business in Harlan. He is into drugs, whores and more it seems. This is going to be his year to be the big bad. He brings this new guy Colton along on a run to pick up money. He manages to get his money and realizes that his orders need to be clearer.

Ava:  With her changing into this king pin in Harlan, we can see her personality changing too. With her running the whore house she seems to be changing into a real piece of work. She seems to be embracing her role as first lady and seems to be genuinely caring for Boyd and wants nothing more than to be with him.

Johnny: He is the one that is supposed to be handling the drug end of everything. He is supposed to be keeping track of everything with the Oxy and was not aware that the business was coming down.  He gets yelled at by Boyd and we can definitely tell that there is some tension between the cousins.

Bob Sweeney: Another new guy that we are meeting. He seems to be a Harlan cop that is watching over Raylan’s house. He is also the one that helped out Raylan after his car got stolen. He seems to be the comic relief now in this season.

Colton: He seems to be a new guy. He is sitting at the bar having a beer and asking where Boyd is. He starts making statements about liars and that he needs to talk to Boyd, when he fights his way into the back, he and Boyd are hugging and laughing. Apparently he is one of his old army buddies from Afghanistan. He decides that he wants to be involved in Boyd’s business and is willing to do anything for him.

Arlo: With him in prison, I had not expected to see too much of him, but after Raylan came to visit him it seem to see that he knows what is going on. When we see him a bit later he managed to kill a man for asking about the bag that Raylan brought in.

This was a great start to the new season. I am extremely excited to see what is going to happen with Boyd. Raylan seems to be having a lot of different problems that will hopefully come to light as the season moves forward. What did you think about this week? Anything specific that you are looking forward to with this season?

Next Week: Where’s Waldo

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2 Responses to Justified – Recap & Review – Hole in the Wall

  1. jeffkeyz says:

    i wish this show were on PREMIUM cable.

  2. jeffkeyz says:

    “No…could be your last though.” Raylan is the coolest MFer ever.

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