Castle – Recap & Review – Significant Others

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Significant Others

Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2013

Divina F – TwoCents Reviewer

The way Castle opens up tonight makes me forget that there was a hiatus. Actually, no. I didn’t forget. But within the first three minutes it’s obvious that the amount of awesome I’m being presented with is making up for my recent boring Monday nights.

Alexis is stuck at home with mono, Beckett is staying over because her apartment is being fumigated, and suddenly Castle’s ex-wife is moving in to nurse her daughter back to health. (And is it just me, or does Meridith actually shoot Caskett the evil smirk? It’s like Beckett is the first woman her ex-husband is dating. Trez weird.)

Meanwhile, Michelle Twohey – divorce attorney to New York’s upper crust women – is found dead in her car. I was really pleased with her death scene – 1. It’s rare to see the victim alive on this show. Usually we just find the bodies. 2. I had to download the hauntingly soulful Missy Higgins song “Secret” as soon as I heard it. – although my one gripe is that we’ve already had a victim killed by an ice pick. (Picky? Maybe. But since I remember it, it feels overdone already.) She had a piece of paper with an address on it, but it doesn’t seem to belong to any of her clients.

Michelle’s boyfriend doesn’t seem to have any useful information, but Ryan and Esposito track down the address and find out that she was looking into having some consulting work done by a forensic specialist.

Tamela Jones is on fire as Lanie in this episode. I really love when she gets to really showcase her best friend fierceness. In this case, she tells Beckett that she needs to do something about the ex-wife, because (best quote of the episode:) “This is Meredith we’re talking about; the deep fried Twinkie that Castle has ex-sex with every time she rolls into town.” She also finds trace amounts of another person’s blood on Michelle’s coat, belonging to an angry ex-wife (Ms. Peterman) who got into a physical confrontation with her after she lost her case.

Esposito tracks down the man their only witness saw fleeing the scene, a Herman Poquille. The guy has a rap sheet that the team likes, suspecting that perhaps the (ex)husband of one of Michelle’s clients hired him to kill her. Poquille claims he was on his way to meet her near the subway when he found her dead. He did photography work for her, catching unfaithful husbands. He didn’t want to accept this job, but she finally convinced him by dropping a mysterious “a life hangs in the balance”.
Ms. Peterman has an alibi, though. (One of my favorite minor characters solely because Nancy Lee Grahn delivers her dialogue while vindictively destroying her ex-husband’s favorite ceramic pieces, all while maintaining that snobbish upper east side grace.)

And if I thought the boyfriend was in the clear because he was the first suspect, I am immediately proven wrong when Ryan and Esposito (after being good friends by telling Castle what a huge mistake he’s made by allowing his ex to stay) discover that they guy wasn’t who he said he was. (However, I am not wrong on my Meredith vibe. Sauntering around the loft in her skimpy pajamas is definitely not innocent.) The boyfriend’s true identity is a former military intelligence agent. Looking at his financials, it seems as though he was paid to spy on her from a close distance.

Ugh. This is where it gets a little complicated and Cold Case. The lawyer who paid the spy was paying through a third party which he doesn’t have to reveal due to privilege, but Ryan finds out that he was representing a man (Billy Piper) who may have killed his wife in a Natalie Wood-esuqe cover-up. The wife was a client of Michelle’s. Michelle might have found something out, giving Piper motive to have Michelle 86’d. End tangent.

Esposito tracks down the spy – real name Noah Keswick – (Please enjoy the lovely double team chase/beatdown/capture by Ryan and Esposito. Best Action scene of season 5 so far? I think so.) He does spill everything he knows to Beckett, though, and whatever he says leads the team to discover that Michelle was definitely on to Piper because apparently there were two boat out on the water the night Mrs. Piper disappeared. And one of them happens to belong to Ms. Peter’s ex-husband. Coincidence? No way.

It’s obvious that the man is in on it, but the clincher of the episode – which I did not see coming at all! – comes when they find out that he was being investigated by the forensic accountant analyst Michelle was looking to hire. Why? Because Mrs. Piper became his wife after Mr. Piper tried to get rid of her. (Which he didn’t. He was the drunk one.) And she’s the killer!

With the case solved, I have to say that the only thing better than watching Castle squirm because he has his wife and girlfriend under the same roof is watching him squirm because they get long. (Maybe too well? Ill-intended or not, that little seed she planted about not knowing Rick well enough sure seems to have affected Beckett.)

Next Week: Under the Influence


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Divina Fuentes is an English Major with a shit sense of direction and very little ambition. She writes poetry and fiction and enjoys running in the rain with her doberman. Currently she resides smack somewhere in the middle of the Valley in California.
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One Response to Castle – Recap & Review – Significant Others

  1. Eurydice says:

    I think Meredith’s last zinger was a great way to give the story a different focus. So far, it’s been all about Beckett, and there isn’t anything more to say about why she is who she is and why she does what she does. And Beckett herself has been so fixated on her own issues that she hasn’t considered that Castle may have a whole lot of his own. So now the roles get reversed and it’s Beckett’s turn to do a little research – I can’t wait to see what she finds out.

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