The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Boom De Yah Da

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Boom De Yah Da

Original Air Date: Jan 6, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

This episode felt as though we’d hit the pause button during the holidays and now we’ve hit play again. Nothing has happened since the last episode, but plenty happened in this one.

A few highlights from the episode: the return of Wendy Scott-Carr, the introduction of TR Knight’s new political operator, Alicia and Kalinda finally get their friendship back on track and Alicia beats Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) – no, make that trounces him.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Not on the Good Wife.

THE FIRM: Hayden is up to something and it’s nothing good. Remember how he had set up a merger with a rival company and the partners outsmarted him? He’s still stinging from that and insists on mediation to get Diane and Will removed as name partners, five weeks before the deadline for them to repay their debtors. Diane and Will get a corporation to buy their debt in hopes that they can negotiate more time with the new debtor. So Hayden, who is disappointed when Cary turns against him, is now studying for the law and seriously has his nose out of joint.

ELI: Last we saw our razor-tongued political animal, all of Eli’s computers at campaign headquarters had been taken in an investigation. Diane and Eli set up a meeting with the new prosecutor who is – drum roll- Wendy Scott Card, who claims this is “nothing personal.” Yeah, right. She’s just going to forget who trounced her in the state’s attorney campaign. This starts to get ug-ly. She decides since Eli is a partner at the firm, so she’ll also confiscate the firm’s files. Now Diane can’t represent him. Point, Scott-Card.

So the Democratic party leaders decide Eli needs a back up, and that’s where we get a few short glimpses of Knight calling Eli an “old man.” Will they become enemies or allies?

THE CASE: The firm is representing a 15-year-old girl who contracted West Nile Virus when a bank left foreclosed properties in decline, including the pools. It’s a lot of back and forth with one side getting a point, then Will getting another. The firm needs this win, as it will add $3 million to settling their debt.

It really comes down to Alicia in Minnesota, who is trying to snag a court-ordered deposition with the company’s CEO. But Mr. Big Bucks keeps saying he’ll be there, then fails to show up. It’s a real cat and mouse situation with Alicia and Louis over several days. But when Kalinda arrives, she follows a lead and discovers the real reason the CEO is dodging their firm – he has cancer and the firm is about to go through a merger, which would crumbled if his health issues were known. Alicia plays her hand off-the-record and it works. The good guys win.

But you know how it is with Louis – Alicia wins the battle and then it turns out he’s playing a bigger game and wins the war. Yep, it happens again. As they’re leaving the disposition room, he causally says they’re going to be seeing more of each other because it’s his firm that bought the Lockhart/Gardner debt!

Did you catch the line about Kalinda saying it was like getting away with murder? If Eli crumbles, what does that mean for Peter’s campaign? How is Hayden going to get his revenge? Give us your TwoCents…

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