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photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Jan 06, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

During the last episode, Daniel became CEO of Grayson Global after successfully convincing the board to vote against Conrad. Daniel dumped Ashley after finding her with another man (which was actually a Victoria setup). Marco joined ranks with Daniel as NolCorp was absorbed by Grayson Global. Victoria called Emily, asking her for help with Daniel.

This week, Daniel is falling into his new job as CEO. He is approached by Helen Crowley (the creepy woman from the Initiative) and is encouraged to dig closer to home to find out secrets that will help him and Grayson Global become more powerful. Daniels follows her suggestion, and enlists Nolan to help him build a program to search through the Grayson Global computers for some of these secrets.

The Ryan brothers continue to boss Jack around at the Stowaway. Declan is becoming frustrated with how they treat Jack and digs into their packages in the storage room. He finds drugs hidden in bags of coffee beans. Declan and Jack involved the police and later, when the police raid the Stowaway, the drugs are no longer in the storage room. The police do find drugs and a gun aboard the “Amanda”, where Declan has been staying. Instead of letting Declan take the blame, Jack confesses that the drugs are his and is arrested.

The Grayson’s invite Judge Barnes (who is in the running for Supreme Court Justice) and his wife (Patricia) to spend a weekend with them at the manor. Patricia is the chairwoman of an organization that works to help those who have been wrongly convicted of crimes and is planning a big fundraiser. Victoria believes their involvement will help restore Conrad’s image.

Emily has a copy of a letter written to David Clarke while he was in jail. The letter says that Judge Barnes had failed David. It insinuates that the judge was aware of improprieties in the jury and overlooked them. Clarke believed that Barnes knew that one of the jurors still believed David was innocent. Barnes, he believed, then passed that information on to the Grayson’s. The juror was later recused. Emily believes that the letter was written by James Palmer (Barnes’ clerk), who was killed just after the letter was sent. After Victoria enlists Emily’s help in dealing with Daniel, Emily attends dinner with the Barnes at Grayson manor. Emily grills the Barnes about the case. It clearly unnerves Patricia, who quickly leaves dinner with a headache.

Aiden and Emily go out to lunch. At the restaurant, Emily and Aiden pretend to have a fight (because Daniel is also dining at the restaurant). Aiden loudly tells Emily that the only reason she agreed to be with him is to get closer to Daniel. She storms off, “dumping” Aiden. Aiden tells Daniel that she broke up with him. One of the best parts of this episode is when Emily is walking away after the fight. She overhears Aiden and Daniel talking. She then gets an amazingly beautiful and evil smile on her face. This is the Emily we know and love. Later, when Nolan visits Emily, he expresses his regret about the breakup. He says, “BT dubs. I was so sorry to hear about your breakup with Remington Steel. There really wasn’t enough room in your sidecar for both of us”. When he finds out that it was all an act, he calls the “fight” a “fake up”. This is classic, sarcastic, campy Nolan! Loved it!

Aiden uses information that Nolan provides him and calls Helen Crowley. When they later meet, he realizes she is from the Initiative and confronts her about what they did to his sister. She wants to use him for something, but doesn’t tell him what. She tells him that she will bring him an offer the next time they meet, unless he tells someone about the meeting. If he does, his sister will die.

At the benefit, Emily speaks one on one with Patricia, while Patricia is covering up bruises on her face with makeup. She shows the letter to her and tells Patricia that the letter kept Amanda alive and gave her hope to make it through some bad times. When Patricia, introduces Judge Barnes to the audience, it is clear that Emily had gotten through to her. She talks about James Palmer and reads the letter to the crowd. Patricia then tells everyone that the verdict rendered in the David Clarke trial was from a tainted jury. She announces that she wrote the letter and takes off her blazer to show that she is a victim of domestic violence.
The episode ends when Daniel shows up at Emily’s house unannounced. After a short conversation, Daniel and Emily share a kiss. Victoria watches from her manor, approvingly. However, Aiden sees this happen from inside and is not so happy. When Emily goes back inside, Aiden is no longer around.

This week seemed a little less chaotic to me and felt a little more like Season One (which is a good thing!) I’m not sure how I feel about Daniel and Emily being back together, even though I think Emily is doing it to move forward with her revenge plans. At one point, I really wanted them back together, but I have started to actually like Aiden. The PDA didn’t bother me as much this week. It wasn’t as excessive as last episode. Do you want Daniel and Emily to reconcile? How do you feel about Marco and Nolan? I also wondered where in the world Padma was this week. Marco was around a bit, but we didn’t see her and she was only referenced to very briefly. Anything else that you liked/disliked about this week’s episode? Further questions you may have?

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10 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Power

  1. oirish44 says:

    I do NOT want to see Emily and Daniel back together, in a serious way. I like Aiden, as well, but still in my heart of hearts want her and Jack together. Jack ‘seems’ to be IN love with Amanda now, at least he seemed sincere with the “I love you”… stuff. Amazing that he ends up in jail for the drugs on the boat… Obviously the Ryan boys are on to Declin… The Barnes thing was a little odd… Just don’t want to see Ems back with Daniel!! He reminds me of a spoiled pretty-boy-wuss, and he’s in way over his head with Grayson Global, way unqualified to be CEO. I also thought about Padma during last night’s show. Marco is a strange one… in real life, if I were Nolan I wouldn’t give him the time of day, let alone trust him, period. Had to record and watch later last night as we are totally addicted to Downton Abbey now too (Season 3 began last night)… same nights, same timeframes… glad to have the DVR! Just keeps us up a lot later, tryng to watch everything!

  2. ttckeithg says:

    Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t want Emily and Daniel back together. I really do want Emily to be with Jack as well. Although, Jack has been on my nerves a bit as of late. He was better last night when he decided to step up and take the blame for the drugs (for now – I’m hoping he has a plan to get rid of the Ryan’s.). Completely agree about how to deal with Marco, btw. He feels very snakey. I’m curious as to what the writers will do with him going forward.

    I love Downton! I taped it last night, so I will see tonight. I can’t wait! At the end of last week I had a Downton marathon – all of both seasons – in preparation for this season.

    • oirish44 says:

      Hey! Glad you taped Downton! Wish someone would ‘review’ it as well! Gosh, I sure hope too that Jack has some sort of ‘plan’… because that really through me when they carted him off to jail. Yikes… wasn’t expecting that. Now Declin is going to be there alone running the Stowaway with those Ryan guys. And Amanda and baby are off at Emily’s… I wonder where this sub-plot is going….

      • ttckeithg says:

        I was not expecting Jack to get carted off, either. Was pretty shocked about that. I hope Emily gets involved and gets him out some how. I really would like to see those two back together, but I’m not sure how that would happen with Amanda still in the picture. UGH. I, too, am wondering where this sub-plot is going. I hope they get there quick, though! 🙂

        • karenb says:

          If last season is the timeline yardstick, then episode 13 should have the sinking of the Amanda that we saw in the season premiere. Hopefully that is the end of the Stowaway storyline… yawn.

          • oirish44 says:

            As I recall, wasn’t there also a ‘body’ floating nearby the sunken boat??

            • oirish44 says:

              Karen… also just love your ‘avatar’… so cute!

            • karenb says:

              Yup… It can be Declan or either of the Ryan brothers, and I wouldn’t blink twice.

              And, if I recall correctly, the body also had a pocket watch. Have we seen anything pocket watch related lately?

              • ttckeithg says:

                You’re right, Karen! I’m hoping that is the end of the Stowaway storyline. I’m over it!! And yes, there was a body. I agree with Karen. I wouldn’t be too upset if it were any of those three. And I think you are right about the pocket watch. I don’t recall seeing one with anyone lately, though. Will have to keep my eyes open! 🙂

              • oirish44 says:

                I don’t recall off hand, a pocket watch either. Could it have anything to do with Em’s or Aiden? Or Nolan? Just trying to think who we’ve seen at some time in the past, with a pocket watch. What’s his name, the writer/journalist may have used one… although he’s still in prison I guess. Sorry, can’t remember his name now. If the pocket watch was ‘obvious’ in that scene, then it must be significant… if we could just remember who we’ve seen with a pocket watch in the past!!

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